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  • DC Williams
    Apr 24, 2011

      http://forum-network.org/lecture/how-hippies-saved-physics an hour video by MIT physicist describing content of his upcoming book that explains physics history especially in the 1970’s as it relates to psi stuff like Uri Geller and remote viewing principles, frames the story about my nemesis Jack Sarfatti’s role as well as Ira Einhorn who was framed for murder to knock him out of circulation because he was ready to bring Tesla’s technologies knowledge to US industry after his visit to then communist Yugoslavia per cooperation of then Marshall Tito.


      How the Hippies Saved Physics | W. W. Norton & Company http://us2.startpage.com/s/white/graphics/star.gifhttp://us2.startpage.com/s/white/graphics/star.gif  

      How the Hippies Saved Physics Science, Counterculture, and the Quantum Revival
      books.wwnorton.com/books/detail.aspx?ID=20543 -

      I ordered the book whose theme is discussed in the above video and will be released in June this year





      [from about 2/3 way down the page, to my surprise, I see…]

      Sunday, October 17, 2010

      Listserve and The Unicorn - Part Seven   (from archives at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ira-einhorn )

      And finally... this 7 part series comes to an end with a comment by our loved DC Williams. David is a stellar human with a fantastic charm.

      From DC Williams....

      "The only policy that will enable this corruption and skullduggery to be resolved is
      by a "Truth Commission Amnesty" program analogous to what happened in South Africa
      after the end of apartheid where instead of prosecuting as war criminals the
      perpetrators of apartheid genocidal policies, those who accepted corrected ethic,
      renounced their previous actions, and agreed to work together for the good of the
      nation -- these people were pardoned and were able to apply their positions of power
      and influence towards creating a better nation in the future.  In America, not only
      should the nonviolent victims of the drug war now imprisoned be pardoned, but also
      the murderous corrupt perpetrators of the bogus drug war must also be given the
      chance to change the errors of their ways and acknowledge the truth of their
      misdeeds and reapply their talents and skills to solving today's global social
      and environmental problems before it is too late to save all life on Earth from
      otherwise impending destruction not only from accelerated climate change and the
      dangers of nuclear conflagration but from the increasing ozone layer depletion that
      1988 Project Earth climate modeling predictions deemed on-target as of 1997 say
      will destroy all the oceanic phytoplankton (over half of Earth's oxygen supply) by
      solar irradiation by the year 2008.  http://www.projectearth.com  To solve this
      emergency we must quickly move away from fossil fuel power towards the suppressed
      and available new-energy ("free-energy") technologies such as cold fusion, LENR,
      ZPE, rotating magnetic systems, oscillating magnetic systems, etc etc, that can
      provide power without fuel by mechanisms demonstrated but yet to be fully
      understood due to corporate media and government scientific suppression.  We need
      a New Manhattan Project, but an open public one, to quickly implement this new
      energy economy as per Science and Technology in Society and Public Policy list
      posts at url below.  Very important we also need to revive on a global emergency
      scale level the USDA 1941-45 Hemp for Victory program to grow this most useful
      and bioefficient plant everywhere possible on Earth as soon as possible for its
      economic value and its superior bioefficiency per acre for biofuels applications
      to replace fossil fuels, to save the forests and heal the atmosphere reducing
      carbon dioxide and reoxygenating it to enable the ozone layer made from atmospheric
      oxygen to be replenished in time.  This is an essential Global Emergency Alert
      Response.  David Crockett Williams, C.L.U.

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      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werner_Erhard  (mentioned in the video at top as a major funder of the new physics research into psi phenomena in the 1970’s)




      In 1970, Erhard became involved in Mind Dynamics.[15]:383 Founded by Alexander Everett, Mind Dynamics seminars included teachings based on Rosicrucianism and Theosophy, as well as the methods of Edgar Cayce and Jose Silva, founder of Silva Mind Control.[15]:383–384 Erhard subsequently trained as a Mind Dynamics instructor with Everett, and took over the San Francisco Mind Dynamics franchise, teaching classes in San Francisco and soon also Los Angeles.[15]:384 The two directors of Mind Dynamics eventually invited him into their partnership, but Erhard rejected the offer, saying he would rather develop his own seminar program – "est", which he announced on 13 September 1971, at his last Mind Dynamics course in San Francisco.[15]:384


      I took the Mind Dynamics course in April of 1972.  Another graduate of the Mind Dynamics course, in 1971, Dr. O. Carl Simontonm MD used what he learned to pioneer the medical discipline of psychoimmunology to train patients on brain rhythm control and visualization techniques to activate the body’s immune system for healing diseases, especially cancer, and has founded a series of cancer clinics based on this knowledge.  http://www.simontoncenter.com