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GOP Hard-liners Continue their Push for Iran War

These links are awesome! First, a major takedown by the foreign minister of Iran:
Timothy King
Mar 10

Fwd: This Is a Declaration of War

Yes, wake up people and know this to be true: "This project has been set up with criminal precision. After all the CIA and the Pentagon have had a lot of
JoAnne Lingle
Mar 6

Israel asking for $475M extra for missile defense

Sometimes like this I wish I was back in the USA. I would organize a march down Meridian Street South from the Canal all the way to the Circle with signs that
carl R
Mar 4

Cathy meets Fernando in Cuba

I would be happy to talk in WL. In couple of weeks I'm doing a program at Sun morning service - about 20 minutes.  Am having hard time writing only 20
Cathy McGuire
Feb 21
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