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update from DC

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  • Lori Perdue
    Hello All, Sorry for the gap in communications. I have been stricken with a terrible case of the common cold and have tried to sequester myself from people as
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2009
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      Hello All,

      Sorry for the gap in communications. I have been stricken with a terrible case of the common cold and have tried to sequester myself from people as much as possible in the past couple or three days. I'm trying not to be the carrier monkey that infects the movement.
      I did gather the gumption to attend the first part of Hillary Clinton's Sec of State confirmation hearing yesterday morning, standing on line for a couple of hours to get into the hearing.
      I heard some very carefully parsed words about the direction of diplomacy, but some broad strokes in the application of diplomacy. Meaning, that she was careful not to say she would hold broad talks, but would be dedicated to using "diplomacy as the vanguard of our foreign policy."
      I find myself guardedly hopeful that Hillary will move a more peaceful agenda forward. I tend to be intolerant of Senate's uber-polite rhetoric and co-operative backslapping/stabbing, and am apt to be grumpy when they engage in it at the level they did yesterday morning, but did find a few hopeful nuggets of Foreign Policy Planning in the hearing.
      Hillary was very careful not to voice unfettered support for Israel, and to express distress about the humanitarian crisis it has spawned. She did make a statement about increasing diplomatic efforts in the M.E.
      But, her prepared statements and careful answers were just that, prepared and careful.
      Our own Senator Lugar cut to the issue of the Clinton Foundation and it's possible problems and potential scandal.
      It has a feeling of being very carefully planned and controlled, and I think we should approach her with an equivalent grain of salt. Despite all that, I hope she does a good job, I have no doubt she will be confirmed Thursday.

      In news on the Hill, Rep Barbara Lee is introducing legislation challenging funding for continuing to hold troops in Iraq because the "SoFA" (which is not a true Status of Forces Agreement) is simply a pact between the Bush Administration and Iraqi Parliment. It brings up some issues of funding (or in our case, stopping funding) that could be a place to push the IN Blue Dogs, we have three at my last count, a full third of our total delegation and more than half of our Dem Legislators. And any attempt for Congress to take back War Powers is a good thing, if you ask me.

      http://www.truthout.org/011409J           check out the story at this link and let me know your thoughts.

      I am sucking it up...day four of the galloping sniffles...dosing up on cold remedy and taking my butt to a reception for the Congressional Progressive Caucus. We have NO members in the Progressive Caucus, so I intend to question members about how best to approach the Blue Dogs.

      Will check back in at the earliest possible time and make some sense of a direction to push and be EFFECTIVE.

      Any word on a possible Conference call?

      In Peace and Solidarity,


      "When you put your hand to the plow, you can't put it down until you get to the end of the row."

      ~Alice Paul, Suffragist and Author of the Equal Rights Amendment

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