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FW: Two Illinois nuclear meetings Thursday Dec. 4th

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  • greg buck
    Please pass the word. Hoosiers remember that we are down wind from several nuke plants in Illinois.-- Greg BuckSustainable Footprint Community seeks volunteers
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2008
      Please pass the word. Hoosiers remember that we are down wind from several nuke plants in Illinois.

      Greg Buck
      Sustainable Footprint Community seeks volunteers & residents

      http://www.permacultureactivist.net/   &   www.ARCulture.org
      Nuclear Energy Information Service http://www.neis.org
      Valley Watch (coal fired electric plants) http://www.valleywatch.net
      Endorse "Position on Economic Growthwww.steadystate.org/PositiononEG.html
      Freewheelin' Community Bikes http://web.mac.com/gracex3/Freewheelin_Community_Bikes/Welcome.html

      Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 11:00:59 -0600
      From: neis@...
      To: neis@...
      Subject: ACTION ALERT-- Two Illinois nuclear meetings Thursday Dec. 4th

      Two nuclear meetings in Illinois Dec. 4th
      December 1, 2008

      Greetings All --
      The nuclear Industry is on the march in Illinois this week.  We hope you will be able to attend one or both of these meetings to greet them.  Background materials on both issues are available from the NEIS website; and from the previous e-mail Alerts we sent to you:


      Illinois Nuclear Power Issues Task Force
      will hold its first meeting on
      Thursday, December 4, 2009
      9:00 a.m.
      State of Illinois Building Room 501
      Clark and Randolph Street, Chicago

      An official agenda has not yet been released, but expect that this will probably only be an organizing meeting to set their work plan, meetings, tasks and membership.  It is not yet known how long the meeting is scheduled to last; or whether the public will be allowed to participate. 

      This Task Force is mandated to study five broad but critical issues:
      (1) the decommissioning of existing or retired plants, including waste storage or disposal issues;
      (2) waste storage and movement within the State, including any economic potential;
      (3) the re-processing of spent nuclear fuel;
      (4) critical security issues, including, but not limited to, facility security requirements, personnel security requirements, the complementary and overlapping requirements imposed by the federal Department of Homeland Security, the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and other agencies, key metrics, and audit programs to ensure ongoing security compliance; and
      (5) the existing moratorium on new nuclear power generation in the State, looking at the structure and process for new generation, and how nuclear generation can play a role in the future power needs of the State, including looking also at greenhouse gas emissions and potential regulations to constrain carbon output.
      What You Can Do:
      1. Make plans to attend the meeting/hearing.  A strong public turnout is needed to insure that the Task Force gets that message that the public will be involved and watching, insists on being an active participant in the process, and will not accept a perfunctory political whitewashing of these issues.  Please let NEIS know if you plan to attend.
      2. Get on the Task Force announcement list Contact Sen. Michael Bond's Springfield office staffer Nicole at:  nedwards@..., or call her at (217)782-7353.  Ask to be put on the service list for all Task Force correspondence and announcements
      3. SIGN and CIRCULATE the Safe-Energy petition!  The petition supports both the continuation of the nuclear construction moratorium AND implementation of the state Renewables Portfolio Standard legislation of 2007.  The petition is available on the NEIS website at: 
      4. Get your organization to formally endorse the Petition Principles.  The environmental community will either hang together on these energy issues, or it will hang separately.  We need to show a unified display of strength to this Task Force.  NEIS is prepared to discuss the policy implications of the Illinois Nuclear Issues Task Force with your staff and Board of Directors.  Please contact us if you are interested. An endorsement form can be downloaded from the NEIS website.
      5. Help us get ready for 2009!  Over the course of the next year we will need to hire and bring in costly expert witnesses to testify before this Task Force.  We estimate needing to raise between $5000 and $10,000 for this purpose.  Please consider making a special tax-deductible contribution to NEIS or becoming a supporting member today to help us with these costs online using your credit card and our secure server.  This can also be done using PayPal on the NEIS website at: www.neis.org    Hundreds of supporters donating as little as a dollar a month will make a great difference.


      The Dept. of Energy (DOE) has scheduled a public meeting on
      the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) for Illinois:

                  Thursday, December 4 at 7:00 p.m.              
                  Holiday Inn Bolingbrook               
      205 Remington Blvd.
      Bolingbrook, IL

      The public will have the opportunity to provide comments, both at the meeting, and through the mail and online.

      The public comment period officially ends December 16th.  An extension of the comment period has been requested by environment groups past the 60-day period which began on October 17th.  Not all GNEP docs have been posted online; and the 960-page doc itself is quite intimidating for a 60-day comment period.

      Comments can be left at www.regulations.gov or mailed to Francis Schwartz, GNEP PEIS Document Manager, Office of Nuclear Energy NE-5, DOE, 1000 Independence Ave. S.W., Washington, DC  20585  (see below for specific instructions on posting comments; they are complicated).

      Attending the Illinois Meeting:

      •    from Dec. 3rd-5th, NEIS will be hosting Dr. Ivan Oelrich, vice president of the Strategic Security Program for the Federation of American Scientists, an organization which opposes reprocessing of irradiated “spent” fuel. 
      •    MEMBERS OF THE MEDIA/PRESS: if you are interested in an interview or meeting with Dr. Oelrich, please contact NEIS by e-mail; we will provide contact and background information to schedule an interview.  Dr. Oelrich will also be available for comments at the DOE meeting in Bolingbrook one hour before the start of the meeting.


      GNEP/DOE resources:

      •    http://www.gnep.gov/
      •    http://www.gnep.energy.gov/pdfs/GNEP_PEIS.pdf
              (all 960+ pages; at 32 MB file size in .pdf)
      •    a majority (i.e., not all) of GNEP reference docs is now available online at http://www.gnep.energy.gov/peis/references.html
      •    The DOE GNEP website now has a 22-page index to draft PEIS references:

      Resources for the public in opposition to GNEP:

      NEIS attaches in Word a talking-point paper done by Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear on reprocessing reactor fuel

      Materials from the last GNEP scoping are available on the NEIS website at:

      A 30-minute interview program from 2007 produced by NEIS in collaboration with CAN-TV Chicago about the failings of reprocessing reactor fuel can be viewed at:

      For good analysis and info on the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership visit these sites (from NIRS Alert):
      [Note: some of these documents are from previous rounds of GNEP development, so disregard dates. The talking points remain the same; check back on these sites as some may update materials prior to the hearings.]
      •    Alliance for Nuclear Accountability: http://www.ananuclear.org/Portals/0/documents/ANA GNEP release corrected .pdf
      •    Physicians for Social Responsibility: http://www.psr.org/site/DocServer/GNEPTalkingPoints.pdf?docID=4381
      •    Nuclear Information and Resource Service: http://www.nirs.org/radwaste/reprocessing/reprocesshome.htm
      •    Union of Concerned Scientists:            http://www.ucsusa.org/nuclear_power/nuclear_power_risk/nuclear_proliferation_and_terrorism/ucs-comments-on-the-scope-of.html
      •    http://www.ananuclear.org/Issues/GlobalNuclearEnergyPartnership/tabid/75/Default.aspx.

      Submitting comments to the DOE:

      To Comment Electronically on the Internet. Visit www.regulations.gov. >From the home page of regulations.gov, under "More Search Options" in the right column of the web page, select "Go." This loads a new web page titled "More Search Options." In the middle column is an option to "Search by Agency." Type "DOE" and select "Go." The left column of the new page lists options to "Narrow Results." Under "Comment Period," select "Open" and this will display all DOE documents available for public comment. Select DOE Global Nuclear Energy Partnership Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement. You can view the document in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or HTML format.
      To submit comments on the GNEP PEIS, select "Send a Comment or Submission" under the title. On the "Public Comment and Submission Form," enter your name, address, and other requested information. This information will be used to compile the distribution list for the Final GNEP PEIS. You can type your comments in the "General Comments" box provided on the comment form. There is no limit to the number of characters that you can type in this box. You also can attach electronic files with your text comments. To view the file types accepted by regulations.gov, select "Learn More" below the General Comments box. You can attach as many files as you wish. Regulations.gov will show a message when you have successfully uploaded a file. Individual submissions are limited to 10MB (10,000KB). To submit files greater than 5MB, please compress the attached file(s) using file compression software or submit each attachment separately using multiple submissions. After completing the form and including any attachments, you must select "Next Step," under "Action" at the bottom of the web page, in order for your comments to be submitted to DOE.
      Check the DOE-GNEP website for instructions for submitting by other methods.

      *               *               *               *               *

      Taking on the nuclear industry in 2009 will require a great deal of resouces.  Please consider making a year-end, tax-deductible contribution to NEIS now by clicking the link at the end of this message.  Take advantage of our new secure auto-charge system to make regular automatic contributions monthly or quarterly.  For as little as a dollar a month, automatically charged to a credit card, you can help prevent future nuclear accidents and promote a sustainable energy future.  Try it now; discontinue it if you choose later.
      Make a secure donation for a less-nuclear world HERE!
      We thank you in advance!  Stay well, happy holidays.
      --Dave Kraft--

      David A. Kraft, Director
      Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS)
      Mail & Street Address:  
      3411 W. Diversey, Ste. 16
      Chicago, IL 60647 USA
      (773)342-7650; -7655 fax
      SKYPE: davekhamburg
      Make a secure donation for a less-nuclear world HERE!

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