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RE: [ipjn] Trib-Star article on statewide rally

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    Cathy, Do you have or can you get extra paper copies? Let me know about the Indiana Statesman too. Thanks. Sheila ... From: ipjn@yahoogroups.com
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      Do you have or can you get extra paper copies? Let me know about the Indiana Statesman too. Thanks. Sheila


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      Taking a stand: Vigo County Clerk Pat Mansard was the only Wabash Valley politician visible at the anti-Iraq War rally in front of the Vigo County Courthouse on Saturday afternoon. (Tribune-Star/Jim Avelis)

      Note from Cathy McGuire:

      The online edition left out a wide picture of the demonstration taken from the rear that included in the far right side of the photo someone holding a large easily read sign that said 2000+ US Deaths Too Many and a picture of Anne Feeney singing.  Also they are wrong about number that attended.  There were at least 125 by our count. I am delighted about the photo making the point about the Democrats not being a part of our work against the war and not showing up in public for demonstrations.  I'm sure the point was not lost on the local Dems.




      By Karin Grunden/Tribune-Star

      Debbie Birchfield pulled an index card out of her coat pocket Saturday and glanced at a quote she'd scribbled from a movie about the Vietnam War.

      “There's nothing to win and no way to win it,” the line from “Garden of Stones” reads.

      Birchfield feels the same way about the war in Iraq - a conflict in which she has personal stake. Her son, a member of the Indiana National Guard 1438th Transportation Co., has been serving in the war-torn country since December.

      “I feel this war is definitely wrong,” the Terre Haute woman said Saturday, one of about 80 people at a end-the-war rally outside the Vigo County Courthouse. It was her first time to protest.

      Polls show U.S. residents are split on whether it was a mistake to send troops to Iraq. A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll ending Oct. 23 showed 49 percent felt it was a mistake; the same percentage felt it wasn't.

      That's compared to a March 2003 poll, when 75 percent of respondents believed the war was justified.

      “At first everyone assumed the war in Iraq was the war on terror,” but as more information has surfaced, a growing number believe otherwise, said Dale Klooster of Lake Village in northwestern Indiana as he stood along Third Street.

      “Once people are aware, they feel duped.”

      Saturday's rally, organized by four anti-war groups including the Indiana Peace and Justice Network, drew people from around the state, including Bloomington, Evansville, Hammond, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Munster and Valparaiso.

      Cathy McGuire of the Terre Haute-based “Stop War on Iraq” estimated about half those in attendance were locals.

      The demonstration drew at least one local politician. Pat Mansard, Vigo County clerk, said she was there to promote peace.

      “I don't see anything patriotic about sending our young people off to kill and be killed in an immoral war,” she said.

      As protesters lined Third Street holding “Honk for Peace” signs, some passersby weighed in with a tap of their car horns. Others displayed peace signs or gave a “thumbs up.”

      There was the occasional driver - or passenger - who offered a different finger. One man yelled “traitors” from his pickup truck. Another screamed “Go George Bush” as he drove his car north along U.S. 41.

      There were plenty who outright ignored the rally, which bothered Nick Egnatz, organizer of the Northwest Indiana Coalition Against the War in Iraq.

      “They do not want to confront this issue, which is costing American lives,” he told the crowd gathered at the Vigo County Veterans Memorial Plaza.

      About 30 miles south of Terre Haute, friends and family of Spc. Norman “Kyle” Snyder gathered earlier in the day for a memorial ceremony in Sullivan. Snyder, 21, of Carlisle was killed March 26 when a roadside bomb exploded in Afghanistan.

      Snyder's mother, Donna Shots, said she understands the U.S. military action in Afghanistan but is not so sure about the invasion of Iraq.

      Though she has serious doubts that the operation will end successfully, she believes protesting is disrespectful to the men and women of the military.

      “It makes me angry,” said the woman whose philosophy is: “if you don't like [the U.S.], leave it.”

      “I have to keep reminding myself we live in a free country and we're able to protest and demonstrate because of the men and women who've given their lives in sacrifice.”

      Back in Terre Haute, Anne Feeney, a nationally known peace and labor activist from Pennsylvania, led a few songs during the two-hour rally.

      Members of the crowd clapped, hummed and mouthed the words as Feeney sang: “If you've been to jail for justice, you're in good company.”

      “We need to materially disrupt the conduct of this war,” Feeney said through a bullhorn before she began the song. She encouraged protesters to become more involved, telling them to stop supplies from reaching Iraq and participate in acts of civil disobedience.

      Announcers read names of 48 Indiana military personnel killed in Iraq, ringing a bell for each of those who died since February 2003.

      Janet Melton of Chalmers, near Highland, listened from the edge of the Veterans Memorial wall.

      Earlier, Melton told the crowd about her own experience of worrying for months that her daughter's name would be added to that list.

      Though her daughter returned safely from service in Iraq last year, Melton said she would continue to speak out about her opposition to the

      Garnering cheers from the crowd, she told fellow protesters: “I'll never stop protesting this war ‘til they all come home.”

      Karin Grunden can be reached at (812) 231-4257 or

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    • Cathy McGuire
      I ll send you a paper copy. The turkey Statesman didn t show for the rally. I just can t believe they didn t show after the nice story they did on us
      Message 2 of 3 , Nov 1, 2005
        I'll  send you a paper copy.  The turkey Statesman didn't show for the rally.  I just can't believe they didn't show after the nice story they did on us promoting it.  But they didn't.

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