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FW: VFP Impeachment Update

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  • Lori Perdue
    I don t mass forward much, and I send out petition sites even less. Please take a minute to participate in this historic effort to put impeachment back on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2008
      I don't mass forward much, and I send out petition sites even less.
      Please take a minute to participate in this historic effort to put impeachment back on the table and make it part of the Congressional Record.
      In Peace and Solidarity,

      There is no military solution.

      ~General David Petraeus, Commander Multi-National Force - Iraq

      Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 14:24:11 -0400
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      Subject: VFP Impeachment Update

      We are closer than ever to impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney!  Representative Dennis Kucinich is sponsoring an online impeachment petition - sign it today!  He will be delivering it to Congress on Friday!
      Deadline to sign it is tonight at midnight!


      Last Friday, Veterans For Peace Board President, Elliott Adams, testified at the Judiciary Committee Hearing on Presidential Misconduct.  The hearing also heard testimony from Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Elizabeth Holtzman, Bob Barr, Bruce Fein, and others.   > read Elliott's statement

      C-Span Video of Entire Hearing [ Panel 1 | Panel 2 ]


      Elliott Adams Statement at the House Judiciary Committee on Presidential Powers

      July 25, 2008 

      Ex-SLC mayor to Congress: Impeach Bush

      Kucinich Gets Hearing - Just Don't Call It an Impeachment Hearing

      Bush critics get an unimpeachable forum

      Big Crowd Gathers For House Judiciary Hearing On Bush 'impeachment'

      Mr. Chairman and members of the Committee -

      Upon leaving the Constitutional Convention of 1787 - Ben Franklin was asked: 'Well, Doctor, what have we got-a Republic or a Monarchy?' Dr. Franklin replied: 'A Republic, if you can keep it.'

      Honorable Representatives in that single sentence is the essence of what this hearing is about today - 'if you can keep it.'

      In the armed forces we took an oath, the same oath congressmen take, 'to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.' Now as veterans we still take that oath very seriously. Which is why we are here on the Hill some of us gray haired and getting long in the tooth, but still defending the Constitution.

      Veterans For Peace has members from every war our country has fought back to and including World War II. VFP is 23 years old, has over 120 chapters spread around the country, has an NGO seat in the UN, and a small share in the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize. Our members help 85,000 Iraqis get safe drinking water, gave 54,000 free phone cards to patients in 148 VA hospitals, help Agent Orange victims both US veterans and Vietnamese civilians, aided Hurricane Katrina victims, supports schools and orphanages in Afghanistan & Vietnam, bought appropriate body armor for soldiers in Iraq when the government could not supply it, and have worked extensively in Central America for democracy and fair elections.

      But many of our members have set aside all these other important works to defend our democracy by working for impeachment.

      There can be no question about whether criminal offenses have been committed by officials of this administration. The only question now is, what, if anything, each member of Congress is going to do about it.

      This is not about impeaching a few administration officials. This is about maintaining the structure of our government. All future presidents of both parties will start where this presidency leaves off. For Congress to continue to allow the usurpation of power and the flagrant violations of the Constitution to go unanswered is in itself be a violation of law.

      While there is no need for re-enumerating the long lists of impeachable offenses committed by officials of this administration, I can not escape the visceral pain and indignation that we, who served our country in combat, feel when we find our own government condoning and/or committing war crimes and/or crimes against humanity.

      It is appalling as a veteran to hear a discussion that justifies any form of torture. In the Army we were taught not torture, not only because it is illegal, but especially because it ruins the integrity of the intelligence gathered. Simply put, any victim of torture will eventually just try to say what ever it is the torturer wants them to say.

      For us veterans, when it was our time, we volunteered our very lives for this republic. Now, Congressmen, this is your time, and I hear there is not enough time! I hear it will not be good for one party or the other party! and I hear there is not enough political will around you!

      When our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence they were not worried about political will, or how much time there was, or about any parties' political future, they were just worried they were going to be hanged by the neck. But they did what was right. Now it is your time stand up.

      Einstein said - 'The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.'

      Veterans For Peace, 216 S. Meramec, St. Louis, MO 63105, 314-725-6005


      Veterans For Peace appreciates your generous donations.

      We also encourage you to join our ranks.


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