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Action calendar for Bonney campaign through June

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  • greg buck
    Our new calendar can help us develop power in our efforts to stop the extension of Interstate 69. On April 26, with short notice, we got over 400 signatures at
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2008
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      Our new calendar can help us develop power in our efforts to stop the extension of Interstate
      69. On April 26, with short notice, we got over 400 signatures at Earth Day Indiana in 
      Indianapolis. I estimate that I got about 150 to 190 during five hours. I also passed out 
      five voter registration forms to new and updating voters. I am proud of this effort but feel that
      with more advance notice we would have done even better.  

      To improve our planning we created a calendar of some possible events to rally around. 
      To find the calendar go to
      Then scroll down to 'Files.'
      Click open 'Events.'
      Whether canvassing as an individual or as a group at any event(s), please post your likely
      and upcoming actions to Greg Buck <ecothink@...>. This helps to make the best
      use of your time and to motivate others. 
      Here's some of our latest upcoming actions:
      Clark Sorenson (sp?) will be asking for signatures on Saturday May 3 at a farmers' market
      in Bloomington
      And Pam Raider will be seeking signatures in Nashville (Brown County) at their parade in
      the morning on Saturday May 3.
      Also, I'll be canvassing at art events in Downtown Indianapolis on Friday May 2 and
      probably at the Orchard in Bloom festival in Indianapolis on Saturday May 3. 
      Clark probably needs help. Pam <psage9@...> and I can use help.  
      Petitions may be downloaded from http://bonneyforgov.com/signatures. htm
      Voter registration information and the registration forms are at
      http://www.in.gov/sos/election s/votereg.html . Voter registration forms need to be
      filled out by those who 
      1. moved to a new precinct and
      2, are registering for the first time in Indiana. New registrants must submit a copy of an
      accepted identification document.
      Please remember to
      1. see to it that the petitions get made out correctly (e.g., only one county per voter
      registration form, as you can see in the upper right corner of the front) and
      2. ask motivated parties to be signature gatherers.
      It is very handing to have several clipboards ready so that more than one form can be
      completed simulatneously. Otherwise, many people will just pass by while you just work
      with one person.
      Steve would like the petitions mailed to him on June 15. His address is at
      http://bonneyforgov .com/signatures. htm . The absolute deadline for turning petitions
      in to their respective county election offices is Monday June 30 at noon.

      Greg Buck

      Recommended websites:

      Communities Directory http://directory.ic.org/


      Please endorse this
      Position on Economic Growth www.steadystate.org/PositiononEG.html

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