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Vote on Iraq War Funding Nears: CALL CONGRESS NOW!

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  • Timothy Baer
    Greetings all,CQ Today is reporting that a House vote on the Iraq - Afghanistan war supplemental may well take place next week. The full article follows
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      Greetings all,

      CQ Today is reporting that a House vote on the Iraq - Afghanistan war supplemental may well take place next week.  The full article follows below.

      An updated Question & Answer piece, including tables on the requested war funding, is available on the website of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, http://vcnv.org

      In Solidarity,

      Jeff Leys
      Voices for Creative Nonviolence

      Therefore, it is indeed critical that phone calls begin now to Representatives and Senators to express opposition to any additional funding for the Iraq war—and especially so if the funding does not have concrete, date-certain timetables for complete withdrawal from Iraq with the provision that the funds can only be used for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.
      It is critical that phone calls and lobbying—both legal and extra-legal civil disobedience—be on-going at the offices of Representatives and Senators with the message being simple:
      Vote against any additional funds for the Iraq war.
      You can contact your Representative and Senators via the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at
      (202) 224-3121.
      You can find out your Representative’s and Senators’ direct contact information by visiting the website of Contacting Congress: http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/

      CQ Today

      House To Take Up Supplemental As Early Next Week

      Democratic leaders said Tuesday the emergency supplemental bill for war funding would be unveiled in the House next week after discussions involving Democrats from both chambers.

      Despite concerns from within the party and from GOP leaders, House and Senate Democrats have been meeting in recent days in what some aides are calling a "preconference" strategy to coordinate the much anticipated release of the bill and speed its path through both chambers. Democrats are considering bypassing the House Appropriations Committee to expedite floor consideration.

      A senior House aide said that the current plan is to hold three separate votes in the House: one for the war funding, one for domestic items, and one for a series of Iraq-related war policy provisions. These votes, which likely would all be called "amendments," would then be joined together and sent to the Senate as a package.

      President Bush has threatened to veto the spending bill if it exceeds his request of $108 billion or if it contains language prescribing a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

      Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid , D-Nev., said on the Senate floor Tuesday that the House would pass the supplemental next week, queuing it up for Senate action.

      Reid said that his intention was to clear the supplemental bill by Memorial Day, but explained that the schedule would be difficult to meet.

      The supplemental bill is "likely" to be on the House floor next week, a senior House Democratic aide confirmed, but added there are "still many items to be worked out."

      Democratic leadership will meet later Tuesday to further discuss strategy for the bill.

      The "preconference" negotiations, which some Democratic aides depict as normal inter-chamber discussions, are seen by many as an attempt to render the regular conference process impotent or even unnecessary.

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