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Bicyclists vs. the IMF/World Bank - Caravan/Prague

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    ... Bicyclists vs. the IMF/World Bank - Caravan/Prague Coming to DVD A bicycle caravan -- with the theme, Money or Life -- travels 500 miles across Europe to
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      Bicyclists vs. the IMF/World Bank - Caravan/Prague Coming to DVD

      A bicycle caravan -- with the theme, "Money or Life" -- travels 500
      miles across Europe to join protests in Prague against the International
      Monetary Fund and World Bank. The goal is to create a mobile utopian
      community which will be a living counter-example to the values of these
      powerful financial institutions. The landscape is beautiful, and
      bicycles possess their own poetry. But it's not always easy functioning
      without money. The authorities have their own ideas about policing the
      intersection of utopia and everyday life. And then there's the matter
      of shutting down the IMF/World Bank meeting!

      Caravan/Prague, a feature-length documentary, is a first-hand account of
      this journey and the historic 2000 Prague protests. Filmmaker Zack
      Winestine rode the entire trip with the caravan, filming from his
      bicycle as events unfolded. He recounts his hopes, fears, and
      questions, conveying the experience of participating in a community
      trying to bring about change that is both visionary and concrete.

      The film is being released to DVD on August 14 by Cinema Libre Studio.
      Extras include an extended scene, trailer, DVD-Rom feature with
      extensive information about economic globalization, and a short film
      about the 2001 FTAA protests in Quebec City. The film will be available
      through all internet DVD retailers (including Amazon).

      Zack Winestine has directed short films, documentaries, and music
      videos. His first feature film, "States of Control", played at film
      festivals worldwide and received both domestic and international
      distribution. He has also worked for many years as a Director of
      Photography on independent features, music videos (for groups such as
      the B-52's, ZZ Top, Harry Connick Jr., and Public Enemy), and
      documentaries. A formative early experience was his work as assistant
      to the Director of Photography on Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining".

      Stills and trailer for the film can be found at www.caravanprague.com.

      For further information, please contact:
      Andy Schreiber
      Cinema Libre Studio

      Zack Winestine

      ......_\ \>,
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