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Fwd: Update from the Occupied Fine Arts Building

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  • Linda Greene
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2012

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Hugh Farrell <farr.hugh@...>
    Date: April 11, 2012 4:12:26 AM EDT
    To: Hugh Farrell <farr.hugh@...>
    Subject: Fwd: Update from the Occupied Fine Arts Building

    I just forwarding this, but yes, please come.  Many of the texts
    released by participants in the occupation are also posted on
    rififibloomington.wordpress.com, but they haven't compiled everything.
    I was just sent another one, which I'm attaching too.  And I don't
    think the communique written by the assembly is included there either.
     But here's the update email I got:

    Hello to all who came to today's mass assembly!

    In case you did not know, a group of concerned students, faculty,
    community members, etc. have been occupying the auditorium (015) in
    the Fine Arts Building since 6:00pm on Tuesday.   We have successfully
    held the space and created a physical location for discussion, debate,
    organizing, and fun.

    Many of us here are very tired and are in great need of people to come
    in the AM to relieve our tired bodies (by 7am to prepare for potential
    classes, but if you cannot make it this early, please come when you
    can.  It is essential that you come in the morning to help us hold
    this space if you were not already here to hold the space last night.
    Without you, all of this could end up to be futile.  This indoor
    occupation is a fantastic opportunity to create dialogue and action on
    the IU campus and in the Bloomington community.

    Please come and share your ideas and help us keep this space.  Without
    your help, we will lose this great opportunity to continue to create

    Strength through Solidarity.

    -an occupier.
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