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Your Vote Counts! Don’t Give It Away! "Participate for Peace!" Nov. 1-11, 2006

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  • Timothy Baer
    Participate for Peace! ~ November 1 - 11, 2006 Your Vote Counts! Don’t Give It Away! Before you vote for any Congressional candidate … Demand that they
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      "Participate for Peace!" ~ November 1 - 11, 2006

      Your Vote Counts!  Don�t Give It Away!

      Before you vote for any Congressional candidate �

      Demand that they publicly declare that they will work to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq, stop war and military occupation funding, and oppose any assault on Iran or North Korea.

      Over a thousand Hoosiers have taken the Voters for Peace Pledge.
      You too can pledge to Vote for Peace at:

      See the number of Pledge signers in your Congressional District at:

      All of those who have been mistakenly claiming that Senator Richard Lugar is running �unchallenged�, should check out:

      Lugar has opposition. Vote to put this career warmonger out of business.

      An informed and involved electorate will make the change happen.

      See below for important links to candidate records and ratings, and to actions for the coming week. Please READ CAREFULLY!

      As always, see the calendar of anti-war / Peace events and opportunities for south-central Indiana, and beyond.

      Participate!  The time for ACTION is NOW!
      To End the War, and prevent future wars, we must work together.

      1. Get Out the Peace Vote!
      2. �Sit Down for Peace, Justice, and Accountability� by Cindy Sheehan 3. As Election Day Approaches: 4 Important Things to Keep in Mind
           ~ UFPJ
      4. A List of Peace Candidates ~ DemocracyRising.US
      5. Vote Early
      6. Help Get the Green Party on Future Indiana Ballots In Indiana
      7. �U.S. Military Adopts Desperate Tactics� by Dahr Jamail
      8. Calendar of anti-war / Peace events and opportunities for Bloomington, Indiana and beyond.
      9. Contact information for Indiana Representatives and Senators


      1.) Get Out the Peace Vote!

      Election Day is just a week away and now is the time to take last minute actions for peace!

      We need candidates to see the strength of the peace vote in this last week so we are asking you to organize a peace visibility event in your community anytime between today and Election Day.

      Gather a few peace-voting friends outside the campaign headquarters of a candidate in your area, at a busy intersection, or at a community event. Hand out Vote For Peace flyers or make large signs that say you are a Voter For Peace! Be sure to post your event on the VotersForPeace event listing so that other peace voters in your area can attend.

      Then send a picture of your event to
      Action@... so we can feature you on our website!

      PLEASE NOTE: Bloomington, Indiana will hold a �Voters for Peace� event on Wednesday, November 1. See the calendar below and JOIN US!

      If you cannot organize or attend a visibility event, please call the campaign offices of your candidates for federal office and tell them how many people have signed the VotersForPeace Pledge in their district.

      Remind them that they can win the votes of Peace Voters if they change their position on Iraq and future wars of aggression!

      Most importantly, remember to vote on Tuesday, Nov 7th! You can use this link to remind your friends to vote, too!

      Visit the Peace Majority Report for peace ratings of all federal candidates.

      Go to Vote-USA.org to find state-by-state information on voting poll locations and ballot candidates.

      We need to put pressure on candidates who have yet to support withdrawal from Iraq. We need to impress upon our candidates that we do not want a pre-emptive strike against Iran or North Korea. We need to let the press know that we are united as Peace Voters and committed to making our voices heard! We can only do this with the energy and commitment of our pledge signers. Please consider taking one of these actions today!

      Linda Schade
      Executive Director

      6930 Carroll Avenue, Suite 240
      Takoma Park, MD 20912


      2.) "Sit Down for Peace, Justice, and Accountability"
             by Cindy Sheehan


      I usually end my articles with a call to action, but today, I begin with one. Maybe readers get bored with my pieces before the end and don't get to the action part, which is the most important part.

      Gold Star Families for Peace is calling for an action in front of the White House on the days of November 6th to November 9th to perform a Gandhi-like sit down for peace and justice. Join us to sit down for all or part of the time we will be there. We might as well face it, the White House is where the power is. Congress has spent 6 years invalidating themselves and creating a Unitary Executive Branch that pats Congress on the head for being obedient and circumvents the Supreme Court and goes whining to the same agreeable Congress when the Court (in rare cases) slaps Georgie on the wrist. The potential Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) has already said that if the Democrats take back the House, impeachment proceedings will not be forthcoming.

      Who's going to sit down with us to hold the war criminals in power accountable for their war crimes and crimes against humanity and peace?

      � (On October 17, 2006, George Bush) signed HR6166 into law.

      � (On that day) 10 soldiers were killed defending the war machine's right to garner obscene profits while the soldiers were being told that they were spreading "freedom and democracy" to Iraq. While they were dying for this supposed "freedom and democracy" their commander in chief and Congress were busy taking away ours. Who's going to sit down with us for these 10 young people to make sure their deaths do count for freedom and democracy?

      HR6166 is the Military Commissions Act which allows everyone from George on down to the actual torturer to inflict inhumanity on our fellow human beings with impunity. The Act also allows George to decide who is a terrorist who does not deserve the right to Habeas Corpus, and who is not a terrorist who does deserve the right to Habeas Corpus. (see
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hr6166 )

      Who's going to sit down with us to say: "I demand my rights to Habeas Corpus and I repudiate torture in all forms."

      Where were the massive demonstrations against this bill? Where was the outrage when King George the Illigitimate Pretender to the Throne signed it into law?

      Where are we the people? May I assume by the relative silence that the majority of Americans approve of torture and suspending Habeas Corpus? When does silence begin to equal complicity? Who's going to sit down with us to say "I am not a war criminal like BushCo?"

      We the people, over two-thirds of us who disapprove of BushCo and their destructive foreign and callous domestic policies, need to stand up to be counted. Such memorials to our children who have been killed in Iraq as Arlington West and Eyes Wide Open are excoriated by the reich as "political," but they serve the purpose of showing we the people what 2768 actually looks like. 65% of America is just an abstract number.

      Who's going to sit down with us to show our blood-thirsty administration and Congress what a majority of America looks like?

      George has condemned our irreplaceable young people to early graves and almost 700,000 innocent Iraqis have been slaughtered due to his policies. This number is staggering and heart rending to me. I met a young man in an airport that was in tears. He is a member of the First Cavalry (like Casey) and his unit is heading back to Iraq at the end of this month. He was just told that they would have to stay there for 18 months! He said he feels like he was just sentenced to a year and a half in prison for the crime of having enlisted to serve his country. Who is going to sit down with us for my young friend, Carl, and the tens of thousands of Carls who have been sentenced to similar fates?

      While we the people have been naively pinning our hopes on the mid-term elections, 68 of our children have been killed in Iraq this month and untold numbers of innocent Iraqis have met similar and unjust fates. 68 families have been violently torn asunder so far this month, with no end on the horizon. 68 flag draped coffins will be coming home in a veil of secrecy, as if their civilian leaders are ashamed of them, to 68 devastated families while the war profiteers on all levels of society are rubbing their blood-stained hands with glee. 68 funerals, that George will never attend, while BushCo are planning the next wars using our children (not theirs) as pawns in their evil game of death for profit. How can we justify our comfortable complacency when 68 mothers will never be comfortable again? Who's going to sit down with us so no other mothers, Iraqi or American, white or brown, Christian or Muslim, end up with the same sorrow-filled fate?

      We at Gold Star Families for Peace wonder why our children died?

      They all took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies "foreign and domestic" and our leaders are busy decimating the same document, after they also took an oath. Who's going to sit down with Gold Star Families to help us bring closure to this war and help us make our loved ones' death count for the Noble Cause of peace?

      There is no Noble Cause for war and other people's children are dying while our emperor without clothes, courage, or honesty is fiddling with our nation's freedoms, treasure (or lack thereof) and he is dishonorably mis-using our honorable babies who would never sign up to fight wars for the war machine if they knew what they were really getting into. Who is going to sit down with us to show the war machine that we intend to throw a monkey wrench into its ravenous cogs?

      We the people do have recourse, but we can't sit on our duffs waiting for bereaved families to do most of the dirty work. It is up to us, we are the ones we have been waiting for, not the blood-thirsty Congress where most of the members are benefiting financially from the fiascoes in the Middle East. We know we can't count on the blood drenched administration to help us...George has said over and over that the troops aren't coming home while he is President.

      Who's going to sit down with us to make sure that Congress does the right thing and institutes impeachment proceedings so our young people can finally come home from the nightmare in the desert and so the people of Iraq can go about the business of rebuilding their own country and their demolished lives?

      Please, please, please....join GSFP in front of the White House. If there ever was a time to end our complacency and commitment to politics as usual and the status quo of wars for profit, it is now.

      There are people all over the world counting on us to do our parts for true democracy and for world peace.

      Who's going to sit down with us for true democracy and world peace?

      The time is now. The person is you!

      Cindy Sheehan is the mother of Spc. Casey Sheehan who was KIA in Iraq on 04/04/04. She is the co-founder and president of Gold Star Families for Peace, and author of three books, including the newly released book: �Peace Mom, A Mother's Journey Through Heartache to Activism�

      For more information on the sit-in go to Gold Star Families for Peace
      http://www.gsfp.org/ or email: CampCaseyMom@...  


      3.) As Election Day Approaches: 4 Important Things to Keep in Mind ~ UFPJ

      1) Now is the time to send a strong antiwar message to every Congressional candidate.

      We want people in Congress who will respond to the call of the people of this nation. It is time to end the war in Iraq and to bring all of the troops home! Candidates will be out in full force this next week ... and we should be out there as well.

      � Collect more signatures on the Voters for Peace pledge. Nearly 150,000 people have already signed this pledge -- let the candidates in your area know that voters around the nation are demanding peace.

      � Organize a Vote for Peace Vigil in a busy part of your city or town, and post the details on our calendar.
      Click here to find scheduled vigils around the country.

      � Bring your signs and banners and questions to any candidates forums in your district. Click here for tips and a list of suggested questions to ask.

      � Show up at any fundraising or press events that candidates might be at -- and be sure to raise your banners high so the cameras can see your message.

      � Send letters to the editor and call radio talk shows. The Congressional election will only be getting more media attention leading up to Nov. 7th and what we have to say about the war should be in the discussion.

      2) You can help get out the vote for peace.

      Our movement has played a critical role in making sure that the war in Iraq is the number one issue in this year's election. More candidates have been forced to speak out against the war. And in the few days before the election, it will be vital that our movement remind people how important their vote is. We encourage you to organize your own get-out-the-vote operations, or join the efforts of strong antiwar candidates: Send email, do phone banking, hand out literature, knock on doors. Do what you can to get antiwar voters to turn out in large numbers on November 7th.

      3) Every vote must be counted on Election Day.

      In every district, volunteers are needed to ensure that our elections are fair, and to document cases of fraud or abuse. United for Peace and Justice is not organizing or endorsing any of these efforts, and there are probably others that we have not identified. Click here for a list of 8 projects designed to help protect our votes.

      4) Our work continues beyond November 7th

      Whatever the results on Election Day, we need to strengthen the work of the antiwar movement. United for Peace and Justice encourages everyone to call the winner of your local Congressional races on Wednesday, Nov. 8th, and set up an appointment with him or her for as soon as possible. Every person going to Congress in January -- whether they are incumbents or first-termers -- needs to know that the antiwar movement is not going away and will not be silenced. Let's not wait until the new session of Congress opens next year. Let's tell them on day one that they must take action to end the war and bring all the troops home, now.

      In the coming weeks we will be sending you more information about the ongoing efforts to pressure Congress and other important antiwar initiatives, including a massive national campaign around the 4th anniversary of the war this coming March. Mark your calendars now. On March 17-19th, we will be in Washington, DC, in a tremendous mobilization against the war and occupation in Iraq!

      Help us continue to do this critical work: Make a donation to UFPJ today.
      http://www.unitedforpeace.org | 212-868-5545
      To subscribe, visit


      4.) A List of Peace Candidates

      Just one week remains before midterm elections on Tuesday, November 7, and an increasing number of close races will determine the balance of power in the House and the Senate.

      War is the key issue. The occupation of Iraq could continue for decades with escalating debt, more lives lost, and impaired national security. Meanwhile any provocation may lead to a U.S. attack on Iran, one that is likely to ignite a regional or even broader war.

      Tell lawmakers you want peace. More than 144,500 voters have signed the Voters For Peace Pledge to withhold support from war candidates. Here's how you can use the Pledge to influence lawmakers.

      1. If you haven't already done so, sign the Voters For Peace Pledge.

      2. Gather 10 additional Voters For Peace Pledges and ask each of them to gather 10 additional Voters For Peace Pledges

      3. Call your Senators and Representative about your commitment as a Peace voter. Tell them you signed the Pledge.

      4. Use the Pledges gathered in your congressional district to pressure candidates. Numbers are available at:

      5. Last but not least, vote for a Peace Candidate on Tuesday, November 7.

      It's not always easy to identify a Peace Candidate. Some candidates avoid talking about the war issue, aware of public discontent and wary of revealing a pro-war stance. Some candidates are changing their position at the last minute in an effort to win votes.

      Take every opportunity to ask candidates tough questions about Iraq and Iran, and check voting records and public statements before deciding how to cast your vote. The link below may help you identify peace candidates.


      Your actions today can deliver a clear message to lawmakers and change the course of history.

      Start by telling your family, your friends, and your co-workers about your decision to be one of the Voters For Peace, and keep telling others until we elect Peace Candidates on Election Day.

      Sincerely,Carol Kramer
      Political Coordinator
      Democracy Rising

      P.O. Box 18485
      Washington, D.C. 20036


      5.) Vote Early

      Vote early to help ensure that your vote is counted.

      Indiana, as in many other states, allows for early voting. The County Clerk�s office is the place for early voting, in most counties.

      In Monroe County, use the Clerk's Office Annex in the Curry Building on 7th Street behind the Justice Building.
      Monday though Saturday 8 am to 4 pm up to and including Saturday, Nov. 4.

      In Brown County, the Clerk's office is in the Brown County Court House.

      Remember to take your photo ID.


      6.) Help Get the Green Party on Future Indiana Ballots In Indiana

      Cast a Write In vote for Bill Stant.

      Bill is the Green Party candidate for Indiana Secretary of State.

      Tired of the Corporate Duopoly? Here's a choice that speaks for the future.

      Express your outrage by exercising your Writes!

      Give the Green Party a chance!

      If Bill Stant garners only 2% of the vote, the Green Party will be a recognized party on future Indiana ballots.

      The party against the war
      The party for environmental stewardship
      The party for single payer health care
      The party for developing a sustainable economy
      The party not tied to corporate interests
      The party that can envision a new future

      Please pass this email on. With your help this can work!



      7.) �U.S. Military Adopts Desperate Tactics�

      by Dahr Jamail and Ali al-Fadhily
      Inter Press Service
      October 31, 2006


      FALLUJAH, Oct 31 (IPS) - Increased violence is being countered by harsh new measures across the Sunni-dominated al-Anabar province west of Baghdad, residents say.

      "Thousands have been killed here by the Multi-National Forces (MNF) and Iraqi allies, and the situation is getting worse every day," a member of the Fallujah city council speaking on condition of anonymity told IPS. "We have no role to play because the Americans always prefer violent solutions that have led from one disaster to another."

      The violence appears to be affecting the civilian population far more than it is stifling the resistance. The suffering of people in Fallujah increases by the day, and the number of resistance snipers appears to be increasing in response to the U.S. use of snipers against civilians.

      General Hudhairi Abbas, former deputy police chief of Fallujah was killed two months ago. Colonel Ahmed Dirii was killed soon after, and last week the police leader of al-Anbar, General Shaaban al-Janabi, was assassinated in front of his family house in Fallujah.

      There are now no police patrols on the streets of Fallujah, and the only policemen around remain inside their main station.

      Meanwhile, attacks against occupation forces have increased in frequency and severity. On Eid recently, four U.S. Humvees in a convoy were destroyed by roadside bombs.

      Ramadi has been facing electricity and water cuts for about two weeks now. Most residents believe this is punishment for the popular support for Iraqi resistance.

      "We would rather starve to death than accept this occupation and its Iranian allies," a 20-year-old student told IPS. "We will not let the blood of our brother martyrs go unpunished."

      Despite the punishing tactics of the occupation forces, people appear unwilling to cooperate with local officials or the U.S. military against local fighters.

      "Iraqis believe firmly that U.S. ambassador (Zalmay) Khalilzad is the actual ruler of the occupied country despite the repeated comedy of transfers of sovereignty to Iyad Allawi, Ibrahim al-Jaafari and now Noori al-Maliki's governments," a senior leader of the Arab National Movement in Iraq, speaking on condition of anonymity, told IPS.

      "Yet, that does not mean that the U.S. embassy has real control, as long as there are resistance fighters who are firmly holding the Iraqi streets in Sunni areas, and militias with their death squads controlling the rest of the country as well as the huge oil market." Resistance fighters recently came out to show their strength in Ramadi, the capital city of al-Anbar province. Dozens of cars loaded with armed men went around the city.

      "The Americans are too busy trying to take care of their own security to care about Iraqis."

      (c)2006 Dahr Jamail.

      See the complete article at:

      More writing, commentary, photography, and images at:


      Visit Bloomington Peace Action Coalition's website for lots of usable information. BPAC.info lists dozens of links to other activist organizations and news /commentary resources, as well as archived articles, and information on BPAC 's campaigns, and past and future events.


      (News resources are listed by rolling down the left-hand column of the homepage.)


      8.) Calendar of anti-war / Peace events / opportunities for Bloomington, Indiana and beyond

      GET INVOLVED in anti-war / Peace activities in the Bloomington, Indiana area and in Washington, D.C.

      See the following listing of events and activities for Bloomington and beyond.

      We need you! Pray and work for Peace.

      Wednesday, November 1:
      "End the War/ Voters for Peace" Demonstration

      "End the U.S. Occupation of Iraq! Bring the Troops Home Now!"

      October 2006 has been the bloodiest month in Iraq since 2004, for both Iraqi civilians and U.S. soldiers.

      With more than 49,938 * Iraqi civilians directly killed; between 420,000 and 790,000 excess Iraqi civilian deaths; 2,816 ** U.S. soldiers dead and 21,419 ** U.S. military wounded since March 2003, this illegal, immoral war and military occupation in Iraq MUST END NOW!

      * see
      http://www.iraqbodycount.net/ ** see http://icasualties.org/oif/

      Take a stand for Peace. Join us!

      Indiana�s 9th District needs a Congressional Representative committed to these essential points:

      A timetable for complete U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq.
      + No permanent U.S. bases in Iraq.
      + An Iraqi-led peace process.
      + Reparations and reconstruction to address the destruction caused by the U.S. war.
      + No "preventive" war against Iran or any other nation.


      + If you have not been to the Wednesday Demonstration in a while, this is the time to come back! If you have never been to the Wednesday Demonstration, this is the time to come!
      + If you have friends who are opposed to the war, this is the time to ask them to come to the demonstration with you!
      + If you signed the Declaration of Peace pledge, this is a way to keep your promise to take action.
      + If you have not yet signed the Voters for Peace pledge, please consider doing so at:


      Sponsored by Bloomington Peace Action Coalition

      Time: 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.
      Location: Congressman Mike Sodrel's office, 812 South Walnut Street (where S. Walnut and S. College merge), Bloomington, Indiana

      Wednesday, November 1:
      �Aristide and the Endless Revolution� Free film showing
      A Nicolas Rossier film, �Aristide and the Endless Revolution,� was �Best Documentary� winner at the 2006 Pan African Film Festival, and has been acclaimed as �Taut, well-balanced, insightful� (The New York Times) and �Powerful, cogent, absorbing!� (Boston Globe).

      Time: 7:00 p.m.
      Location: Monroe County Public Library Auditorium
      303 E. Kirkwood Ave., Bloomington

      Wednesday, November 1:
      Indiana�s 9th District Congressional Candidates Debate ~ WFIU Radio
      Know your Candidates. Find out who is calling for U.S. troops out of Iraq, and who is not.
      Listen to a �live� debate of Congressional candidates from Vincennes, Indiana. Learn and vote!
      Time: 8:00 p.m.
      Location: WFIU ~ 103.7 FM (in Bloomington, IN); 100.7 FM (in Columbus, IN); 106.1 FM (in Kokomo, IN); 95.1 FM (in Terre Haute, IN)

      Thursday, November 2:
      'Shortwave Report' ~
       WFHB Radio
      News from around the world (picked up on "shortwave" radio) and delivered locally via WFHB, every Thursday at 11:30 a.m.
      See the complete WFHB programming schedule,
      Time: 11:30 a.m.
      Location: WFHB ~ 91.3 & 98.1 FM

      Saturday, November 4:
      Peace Vigil ~ "War Is Not The Answer!"

      sponsored by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (Brown County branch)
      Time: 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
      Location: Brown County Courthouse, Main and Van Buren Streets,
      Nashville, Indiana

      Saturday, November 4 � Sunday, November 5:
      2006 Midwest Socialist Conference ~ Chicago, Illinois

      With forums on the Democrats, War and Imperialism.


      With the release of the newest Lancet study showing that more than 600,000 Iraqis have been killed as the result of the occupation of Iraq, along with Bush's comparison last week of events in Iraq to the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam�opposition to the Iraq War is growing.

      The Democrats look to take advantage of this �and the broader Republican meltdown�in the November elections, and look to retake the House and may even win control of the Senate. But a closer look shows that the Democrats have no plans to end the Iraq War, let alone U.S. war plans against Iran.

      What you will find at the 2006 Midwest Socialist Conference:

      * Two days of discussion and debate on today's movements, and the
      questions facing radicals and the Left.

      * Special plenary with Ahmed Shawki, editor of the International Socialist Review and board member of the National Council of Arab Americans on "Confronting U.S. Empire" and Mart�n Sanchez, Venezuela's consul general in Chicago on "The Struggle for Self-Determination in Venezuela."

      * Sessions at the 2006 Midwest Socialist Conference take on the questions related to the war and the 2006 elections, and the politics of organizing a movement here at home against U.S. Empire.
      Forums include �The Democrats: The World's Second Most Enthusiastic Capitalist Party,� �Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism� (on how the capitalist system drives nations to war), �No to Racism: Fighting Islamophobia,� �U.S, Empire in the Middle East: Targeting Iran?� and 23 sessions.

      * Haymarket Books fair with dozens of titles on everything from imperialism and the struggle for immigrant rights to the German Revolution. Including forums with authors like Paul D'Amato.

      The conference will be held at the University of Illinois-Chicago, at 750 S. Halsted in Chicago.
      All workshops and registration will be in Stevenson Hall.
      The closest CTA train stop is the UIC-Halsted stop on the Blue Line.

      For Conference schedules, speaker information, costs, and more, see the Conference website:

      Monday through Friday, November 6 - 10:
      'Democracy Now!'
      on WFHB
      Listen to Pacifica Radio's 'Democracy Now!' The War and Peace Report, hosted by independent journalist, Amy Goodman. Now being broadcast every weekday at noon on Bloomington's Community Radio. See and hear Democracy Now's current and previous broadcasts at:
      Time: 12:00 noon
      Location: WFHB ~ 91.3 & 98.1 FM

      Monday through Friday, November 6 - 10:
      'Free Speech Radio News'
      on WFHB
      Listen to the news coverage/ reports you won't hear on National Public Radio. 'Free Speech Radio News' is broadcast every weekday at 5 p.m. on Bloomington's Community Radio, followed by the Jim Hightower Report and the Daily Local News at 5:30 p.m.
      See complete WFHB programming schedule,
      Time: 5:00 p.m.
      Location: WFHB ~ 91.3 & 98.1 FM

      Monday, November 6, 2006
      Monthly information sharing and planning meeting

      Help organize and implement our �End the Iraq War and Occupation� campaigns, activities, and events.

      Everyone is welcome and needed! Join us!

      Time: 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
      Location: Monroe Co. Public Library, Room 1-A
      303 E. Kirkwood Ave., Bloomington

      Monday, November 6 � Thursday, November 9:
      �Sit Down For Change, Stand UP For Peace� ~ Washington, D.C.

      When: November 6th  through November 9th
      Where: Layfayette Park across from the White House, Washington, D.C.
      Time: 10:00 a.m. � 10:00 p.m. Daily

      We need 5000 folks to surround the White House. Think about it, 100 from every state. Now that�s representation. Can you be there? As Cindy said ...�make history with us.�

      Nov. 6th: Day of Action (Details will be finalized soon.)

      Nov. 7th: Layfayette Park. We will be making calls to get out the vote today. We will be monitoring the election results. More events being planned. Speakers, etc.

      Nov. 8th: Layfayette Park. Did the Dems take back the house? Did they get the Senate? Or are the Republicans still in power? Either way we still have a war to end. We must raise our voices on this day to those in Congress to let them know that we will not be ignored any longer. Special events and actions being planned.
      *We will be delivering the Don't Attack Iran petition to the White House.

      Nov. 9th: Actions in solidarity with Military Families at the Pentagon amongst other actions.

      Sign up and let us know you are coming

      Share a Ride to DC Message Board

      Share a Room Message Board

      Please donate to help support this action

      Read Cindy Sheehan�s essay �Sit Down for Change and Stand Up for Peace� at:

      Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the State becomes lawless or, which is the same thing, corrupt. ~ Gandhi

      For up-to-date information on the action, go to:

      �For our children, our grandchildren and the world, it is imperative to put our bodies on the line for peace and accountability.

      The time for fear is over; the time for courage has begun.

      Show BushCo that we are not afraid of them anymore and that we want our country back and our troops home from Iraq. Our state has not only become �lawless� it thinks it is above the law.

      Show the irresponsible Congress that, no matter if they call themselves Republican or Democrat; we are holding them responsible for this nation�s troubles, too.

      Come to DC and �Sit Down for Change, and Stand Up for Peace.�

      We will be waiting for you and your grandchildren will thank you.� ~ Cindy Sheehan

      Tuesday, November 7:
      Vote for Peace!

      If you haven�t done it yet, DO IT today!

      Wednesday, November 8:
      �Truth in Recruiting� meeting

      Get involved with this active group countering military recruitment in our schools and community.
      They have been successful in getting hundreds of �Opt Out� forms turned in from area high school students and their families, keeping personal information out of the reach of military recruiters.
      Help �Truth in Recruiting� in their next phase of getting true alternatives to the military presented in high schools.

      Time: 1:30 p.m.
      Location: Encore Caf�, 316 W. 6th Street, Bloomington

      Wednesday, November 8:
      "End the War/ Voters for Peace" Demonstration

      "End the U.S. Occupation of Iraq! Bring the Troops Home Now!"

      Take a stand for Peace. Join us!

      Indiana�s 9th District needs a Congressional Representative committed to a timetable for complete U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq;
      + No permanent U.S. bases in Iraq;
      + An Iraqi-led peace process;
      + Reparations and reconstruction to address the destruction caused by the U.S. war;
      + No "preventive" war against Iran or any other nation.

      Whoever wins the Congressional races, let them know that you demand an end to war, militarism, and imperialism.


      Sponsored by Bloomington Peace Action Coalition

      Time: 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.
      Location: Monroe County Courthouse Square,
      corner of Walnut Street and Kirkwood Ave., Bloomington

      Wednesday, November 8:

      Iraq: Then and Now ... A Robert Greenwald double-feature film presentation

      "Uncovered: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War" (2003)
      "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers" (2006)

      Documentary Film Showings

      At 6:30 p.m.:

      In his documentary feature, "Uncovered: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War", filmmaker Robert Greenwald chronicles the Bush Administration's determined quest to invade Iraq following the events of September 11, 2001. The film deconstructs the administration's case for war through interviews with U.S. intelligence and defense officials, foreign service experts, and U.N. weapons inspectors -- including a former CIA director, a former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and even President Bush's Secretary of the Army. Their analyses and conclusions are sobering, and often disturbing, regardless of one's political affiliations.

      Since this film was first released in November 2003, the issues addressed have become well known, and the arguments made by the experts in the film have been proven. Most recently, by the Downing Street Memos .

      This is an important film documenting exactly how the Bush administration hoodwinked the American people into supporting an unnecessary war. A war that has claimed tens of thousands of lives, and continues today.

      At 7:40 p.m.:

      "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers" is the story of what happens to everyday Americans when profit is the only objective in a war zone.

      In his new documentary (released Sept. 2006), acclaimed director Robert Greenwald (Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, Outfoxed, and Uncovered) takes you inside the lives of soldiers, truck drivers, widows and children who have been changed forever as a result of corporate greed in the reconstruction of Iraq. "Iraq for Sale" uncovers the connections between private security companies making a killing in Iraq and the decision makers who allow them to do so.

      The film showings are FREE and open to the public.

      "Uncovered" running time is 60 minutes.
      "Iraq for Sale" running time is 75 minutes.

      Sponsored by Bloomington Peace Action Coalition

      Time: 6:30 p.m.
      Location: Monroe County Public Library Auditorium
      303 E. Kirkwood Ave., Bloomington

      Saturday, November 11:
      Peace Vigil ~ "War Is Not The Answer!"
      sponsored by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (Brown County branch)
      Time: 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
      Location: Brown County Courthouse, Main and Van Buren Streets,
      Nashville, Indiana


      9.) Contact information for Indiana Representatives and Senators

      United States House of Representatives from Indiana

      Congressman Mike Sodrel - Distrist 9 (R)
      1508 Longworth House Office Building
      Washington, D.C. 20515-1409

      DC Phone: 202-225-5315
      DC Fax: 202-226-6866

      Bloomington Office:
      Phone: 812-330-1543
      Fax: 812-330-1546

      Congressman Peter J. Visclosky - District 1 (D)
      2256 Rayburn House Office Building
      Washington, D.C. 20515-1401

      DC Phone: 202-225-2461
      DC Fax: 202-225-2493
      Email Address:

      Congressman Chris Chocola - District 2 (R)
      510 Cannon House Office Building
      Washington, D.C. 20515-1402

      DC Phone: 202-225-3915
      DC Fax: 202-225-6798
      Email Address:

      Congressman Mark Edward Souder - District 3 (R)
      2231 Rayburn House Office Building
      Washington, D.C. 20515-1403

      DC Phone: 202-225-4436
      DC Fax: 202-225-3479
      Email Address:

      Congressman Stephen E. Buyer - District 4 (R)
      2230 Rayburn House Office Building
      Washington, D.C. 20515-1404

      DC Phone: 202-225-5037
      DC Fax: 202-225-2267
      Email Address:

      Congressman Dan Burton - District 5 (R)
      2185 Rayburn House Office Building
      Washington, D.C. 20515-1405

      DC Phone: 202-225-2276
      DC Fax: 202-225-0016
      Email Address:

      Congressman Mike Pence - District 6 (R)
      426 Cannon House Office Building
      Washington, D.C. 20515-1406

      DC Phone: 202-225-3021
      DC Fax: 202-225-3382
      Email Address:

      Congresswoman Julia Carson - Distict 7 (D)
      1535 Longworth House Office Building
      Washington, D.C. 20515-1407

      DC Phone: 202-225-4011
      DC Fax: 202-225-5633
      Email Address:

      Congressman John N. Hostettler - District 8 (R)
      1214 Longworth House Office Building
      Washington, D.C. 20515-1408

      DC Phone: 202-225-4636
      DC Fax: 202-225-3284
      Email Address:

      United States Senators from Indiana

      Senator Richard G. Lugar (R)
      United States Senate
      306 Hart Senate Office Building
      Washington, D.C. 20510-1401

      DC Phone: 202-224-4814
      DC Fax: 202-228-0360
      E-mail Address:

      Senator Evan Bayh (D)
      United States Senate
      463 Russell Senate Office Building
      Washington, D.C. 20510-1404

      DC Phone: 202-224-5623
      DC Fax: 202-228-1377
      E-mail Address:

      * * * * * * * * *

      Timothy Baer
      Organizer, Bloomington Peace Action Coalition
      Local organizer, The Declaration of Peace Campaign
      (812) 988-1917

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