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  • Dave Lambert
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      Friends and allies,
      Attached is a remembrance of Eric Wrinkles by Deacon Mal Lunsford. Today is the 1 year anniversary of Wrinles' execution.
      Chris Hitz-Bradley

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      This is very moving. Thank you for sharing this. Would it be okay if I send this to the IICACP listserv?
      Take care.
      Chris Hitz-Bradley

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      Subject: One Year

      Dear Friends:

      One year ago this morning we lost a good friend, father, brother, client or just someone we knew.  I woke up this morning at about twelve-thirty, and that is just about the time, one year ago, that we were called back to the execution chamber. 

      I went to bed last night at nine o’clock, thinking about Eric Wrinkles, and that’s the way I woke up.  Finally, at a bit after three o’clock I got up; trying to find sleep is a wasted effort.

      How did this man affect so many people from such diverse backgrounds?  Because of the “Oprah Show” he became known all over the country and much of the world.

      I think of Eric often and of those who were there, especially that last night, our gathering at the cell, in the waiting room, the tears, the feeling of sadness, frustration and of our mutual loss. 

      Eric still has an effect on the row; the men still talk about him and what he did for them all.  If it had not been for Eric and the information he gathered while being locked away, these men would now be locked up in solitary confinement at MCC, Westville.  Eric gave us the tools needed to sway the senate committee to not do as the DOC wanted.

      There are only thirteen men left on the row and not all of them have the death sentence any longer.  When will our barbaric state and our elected representatives ever learn that this is wrong?  There is talk now that the death penalty is too expensive.  If a financial issue can get a moral issue abolished, so be it!  Just stop the killing.

      I often think of those who do the killing and how it must affect them and I pray for all involved in these killings.  I still see the moment of death. There is no joy, no sense of accomplishment, no satisfaction of a job well done, only somberness, sadness and quiet. 

      Shirley and I still serve on the row.  I had thought that once Eric was murdered I would give this up.  Eric must have sensed this because he asked me to please not quit.  I had my right ankle replaced in April and I can walk without pain again.  As long as my health allows me, we will continue to serve. 

      Father McNally still serves and is there every week.  We now have two more deacons serving, John Bacon and Brian Nosbusch, so Shirley and I only go in every third week.  I’ll soon turn seventy-five years old and I’m slowing down.  But I would sure like to see the death penalty abolished and see the last man leave the row alive.

      To say that Eric Wrinkles touched my life is an understatement.

      God Bless you all and have a Merry Christmas.  Maybe now I can go back to sleep.


      Deacon Mal

      A saint is a sinner that never quit trying.

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