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Yahoo!'s Dirty Little Human Rights Secret

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  • greg buck
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2006
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      Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2006 11:09:00 -0800
      Subject: Yahoo!'s Dirty Little Human Rights Secret
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      Tell Yahoo! to stop helping human rights abusers.

      �Yahoo! sold its soul and is a national disgrace.� - Nicholas Kristof, The
      New York Times, February 19, 2006

      Dear Gregory,

      Everything about the Internet company Yahoo! screams fun � from the name
      itself to the bright purple colors, to the endless array of online services
      and distractions. Around the world they are associated with creativity,
      innovation and the free flow of ideas.

      I think that�s why it is so shocking to learn that Yahoo! has colluded with
      the repressive Chinese government to help identify Internet dissidents who
      were subsequently thrown in jail.

      I urge you to join me today by expressing outrage at Yahoo!�s participation
      in human rights abuses in China.

      The details are shocking. Investigations by Amnesty International and others
      show that:

      � At the Chinese government�s request Yahoo! routinely censors search
      engine results
      in China -- without disclosing that the censorship has happened.

      � Yahoo!-disclosed private user information has allegedly been used to
      persecute at
      least three political dissidents in China.

      � In one case, that of journalist Shi Tao, information turned over by
      Yahoo! was
      submitted as evidence in a trial that ended in a 10-year prison
      sentence. A primary
      piece of evidence was a private email Mr. Shi sent to the United
      States from
      his Yahoo! email account.

      We don�t really know how many voices have been silenced through Yahoo!�s
      collusion, or how many people have been rounded up. What we do know, and
      why we need your help, is that Yahoo! cannot hide behind the supposed
      realpolitik of working in China.

      Recent examinations of four American Internet technology companies operating
      in China� Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft, and Cisco -- suggest that Yahoo! has
      most actively aided repressive forces in China, by helping to jail political

      New York Times columnist and consistent voice for human rights Nicholas
      Kristof concludes �Yahoo! sold its soul and is a national disgrace.�

      Yahoo! is not immune to public condemnation. Your demands for change will
      get the Internet giant�s attention.

      Amnesty demands that Yahoo! use its influence to secure prisoner of
      conscience Shi Tao's release and to stop any actions that could undermine
      human rights in any country in which it operates.

      Every voice makes a difference. Please take action today.

      Thanks for all you do.


      Bill Schulz
      Executive Director

      Copyright 2006 Amnesty International USA
      5 Penn Plaza New York, NY 10001
      Tel: 212.807.8400

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