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Empire, Resistance, and the War in Iraq: Conf. for Historians and Activists

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  • greg buck
    Invitation found in Heterodox Economics Newsletter. http://l.web.umkc.edu/leefs/htn22.htm#Conferences,_Seminars_and_Lectures#Conferences,_Seminars_and_Lectures
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2006
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      Invitation found in Heterodox Economics Newsletter.

      Empire, Resistance, and the War in Iraq

      A Conference for Historians and Activists University of Texas, Austin
      February 17-19, 2006


      We invite you to attend the first scholarly conference in the U.S. to
      examine the origins of and opposition to the war in Iraq in historical
      perspective. Speakers will examine the history of resistance to U.S. empire,
      the history of international peace and justice movements, the relation of
      gender to imperialism and war, and the defense of civil liberties and
      democratic institutions in wartime. In addition, speakers will discuss the
      Iraq war in long-term historical context.
      We encourage audience participation, and each session includes questions,
      answers, and discussion.

      On Sunday a diverse panel will present their thoughts on what historians and
      activists can learn from each other. Following their presentations, we will
      have an open discussion on what we as historians and activists can do on our
      campuses, in our communities, and in this country to contribute to and build
      anti-war consciousness and activity.

      Click here for detailed schedule.
      The conference is in the Thompson Conference Center with the exception of
      the Friday night keynote, which is in the LBJ Auditorium in Sid Richardson

      Registration for the Historians Against War Conference

      Early registration before February 1 is $40 (or $25 for students or
      low-income/unemployed), payable either on- line through PayPal (easiest for
      us) or by check. On- site registration is $45 (or $30 for students or low-
      income-unemployed). Registration includes admission to the entire
      conference, including the Friday and Saturday night plenaries, and all the
      panels. It also includes a coffee break, lunch, and afternoon cookies on

      To register online, go to:


      This hotel is holding a block of rooms, and is located about three blocks
      from the conference center.

      Rodeway Inn
      2900 N I H 35
      Austin, TX 78705
      (512) 477-6395
      $69.95 per night

      Historians Against the War is a network of history teachers, scholars, and
      activists seeking to bring historical analysis to bear on U.S. foreign
      policy and its social/political impact. To find out more, visit the HAW
      website at www.historiansagainstwar.org

      Greg Buck
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