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Fw: I-69 Dead End or Full steam?

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  • Greg Buck
    ... From: Michael Redman Date: Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 12:20 AM Subject: [No I-69] I-69 Dead End or Full steam? To: No I-69
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      Date: Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 12:20 AM
      Subject: [No I-69] I-69 Dead End or Full steam?
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      Date: November 23, 2009 10:34:20 PM EST
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      Subject: I-69 Dead End or Full steam?

       Thank you to Bill Boyd for an excellent letter to the editor in the Greene County paper!

       Greene County Daily World
       Letters to the Editor
       Monday, November 23, 2009
       It's a dead end ahead for I-69

       To the Editor:

       Contrary to the story that it's full steam ahead for I-69, there are some cold-hard facts that need to be understood. INDOT's plan to start at Washington and build north to U.S. 231 depends upon completion of on-going studies, which are still not finished, nor has it been submitted for approval by the Federal Highway Administration.

       INDOT and the Governor are in a big hurry, that's why they have blanketed Greene and Daviess counties with every engineering firm they can garner political contributions from. But in their rush, they are trampling the property rights of those in their path while at the same time ignoring Federal guidelines for conducting a proper study.

       The studies for the section between Oakland City and Washington are even further from completion.

       The Governor and INDOT both know they do not have the money to complete the highway from Crane to Evansville. INDOT finally was forced to admit that their cost projections were wrong when they announced the project was now expected to cost $3.1 billion. They have been touting the $700 million that was set-aside in Major Moves since the funding was passed in 2005. INDOT's been spending those funds ever since, so there's not much left. Only enough to start, but not nearly enough to finish.

       Greene and Daviess counties, as well as every other county in the state are hurting badly, along with every farmer with crops in the field, yet the Governor continues to spend money on an unneeded highway. A wiser and cheaper alternative exists, the common-sense I-70/U.S. 41 option. Why is the state spending all this money on new terrain I-69 when it is cutting budgets, services and jobs across the board in Indiana? Why is this highway so important that it is to be "... the largest undertaking of its kind in the United States next year?"

       The Governor has hired a firm reported as being based in New York. This firm Parsons-Brinckerhoff is actually owned by a London based firm -- Balfour Beatty. Their Web site states they are a leader in the development and "operation of infrastructure" to meet the needs of communities around the world. Translated, this means a Toll Road, an idea the Governor has floated before.

       Attempting to build this project using thinner asphalt in lieu of concrete, narrower medians, and worse yet, eliminating intersections is simply poor judgment on the Governor's part. It also flies in the face of the whole purported reason for the highway, which was providing greater "personal accessibility" for area residents and creating economic opportunity. Guess what, no intersection, no development.

       Daniels tells us that maybe in 20 years or so we might see something, maybe. But will any of our current elected officials be around when the promises don't develop? Don't look for them, they've cashed-out and are gone, leaving destroyed lives and family farms in their wake.

       INDOT has a history of sending residents of Greene and Daviess counties I-69 Christmas gifts. This year many will be receiving eviction notices courtesy of the Governor and INDOT. Given in the holiday spirit of course. With INDOT's track record they might even deliver them on Christmas Day. What Joy INDOT doth bring.

       The only sign you'll likely read at Crane and Washington is "FREEWAY ENDS" if this folly of a road continues. Gov. Daniels wants to leave this highway as his legacy, but the only record that will be made into Daniels' history book is that he was the most liberal spending Governor this state has ever seen.

       What happened to "the Blade"?

       William A. Boyd



       Thomas & Sandra Tokarski
       Citizens for Appropriate Rural Roads, Inc.
       PO Box 54
       Stanford, IN  47463
       812-825-9555    800-515-6936
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