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ACTIONs to protect Back Country. HEARING TOMORROW

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  • Greg Buck
    I pasted two messages together. One is about the hearing tomorrow. The other is about contacting legislators Greg Buck Campaign for Sustainable Economics
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2009
      I pasted two messages together. One is about the hearing tomorrow. The other is about contacting legislators
      Greg Buck
      Campaign for Sustainable Economics

      Individuals & Organizations: Please endorse
      "Position on Economic Growth" www.steadystate.org/PositiononEG.html

      Agriculture that works with nature http://www.permacultureactivist.net/
      Sustainable Footprint Community http://directory.ic.org/20729/Sustainable_Footprint
      Clearinghouse for Actions Against Interstate 69 in Indiana

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      From: Rhonda Baird <ifa.director@...>
      Date: Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 12:06 PM
      Subject: [inforestnews] ACTION: TOMORROW Back Country Hearing
      To: inforestnews@yahoogroups.com


      Tomorrow is the hearing on whether or not to permanantly protect roughly 3,000 acres of Back Country Area in Morgan-Monroe and Yellowood State Forests from commercial activity.
      TODAY: Legislators need to hear from you!  If you have not already called them, call Rep. Bischoff today at 1-800-382-9842. Rep. Leonard and Cherry, Senators Young, Mishler, and Walker are all serving on the committee. Please tell them you support HB 1550 and want to protect the area permanently. Tonight, IFA is having an organizing meeting at the Eco-Center (323 S. Walnut) in Bloomington, IN starting at 6 pm.
      TOMORROW: People are carpooling to the hearing from Bloomington -- meet at the Lowe's parking lot on the west side of town at 7:30 am. We will leave promptly at 7:45 am to travel up to the State House. If you are traveling separately, please leave plenty of time to park and walk into the state house. The meeting is at 10 am in Room 404.
      What to expect: There are several items on the agenda, but this issue is listed first. It will be up to Rep. Bischoff as chair to organize the testimony. Rep. Pierce and Rep. Foley will have an opportunity to speak. Others offering testimony for and against the bill will also speak. Even if you do not speak, your presence in the room, is important.
      Afterward: After the Hearing, we have the opportunity to meet at the EarthHouse Cafe (237 N. East St., Indianapolis) to debrief.
      I appreciate all of everyone's time, energy, and enthusiasm in protecting the BackCountry Area. I am excited to see what happens at the hearing.

      Rhonda Baird
      Indiana Forest Alliance

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      Tell your legislators to protect Indiana's Back Country from commercial logging!
      From:  Citizens Action Coalition (alert@...
      Sent: Tue 10/27/09 3:39 PM

      Dear Greg,
      Protect Indiana's Back Country areas!
      The Back Country areas of Morgan-Monroe and Yellowwood State Forest, over 3,000 acres, are once again under attack. These areas are currently designated as wilderness areas which would allow single-tree selection cuts. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has plans currently to log these areas. However, the Division of Forestry continues to maintain that this is an area of special habitat and have held it up as an example of forest that is not subject to commercial activity. These areas are heavily used by the people of the State and the Region for hiking, trail running, bird watching, hunting, and back packing.
      On October 29, 2009 at 10 am, the Natural Resources Summer Study Committee will take another look at permanently protecting these Back Country Areas from commercial activity of any kind. The bill HB1550, authored by State Rep. Matt Pierce (D, Bloomington) and co-authored by Rep. Ralph Foley (R, Martinsville), is simple and straightforward. No commercial activity would be allowed in the area. While the rest of the forest in the state system is seeing a 400% increase in commercial logging -- this area has not been cut since before its designation as a wilderness area. For more information on the value of the Back Country areas please visit the Indiana Forest Alliance Facebook.
      You can help to protect this area by contacting Representative Bob Bischoff (D, Lawrenceburg), the chair of the committee, and urge him to support the protection of this area from commercial activity and recommend passage of HB1550. Please also take a moment to thank Rep. Pierce for his continued leadership on protecting Indiana's environment and also thank Rep. Foley for his co-authorship of the bill.
      The switchboard number is 1-800-382-9842, or if you choose, you can e-mail Rep. Bischoff, Rep. Pierce, and Rep. Foley here:
      Rep. Bob Bischoff: h68@...
      Rep. Matt Pierce: h61@...
      Rep. Ralph Foley: h47@...
      Thank you for your support in this matter, and thank you for continued support of CAC. We cannot do the work without you.
      Kerwin Olson
      Program Director
      Citizens Action Coalition
      Our postal address is
      603 E. Washington St., Ste 502
      Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
      United States

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