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Minutes of IPJN Teleconference of 29 Nov. 2005

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  • Eric Brooks
    Following are the minutes of the IPJN teleconference of 29 November 2005 at 8:00 PM. Please don t hesitate to send your corrections or additions to the list.
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      Following are the minutes of the IPJN teleconference of 29 November 2005
      at 8:00 PM. Please don't hesitate to send your corrections or additions
      to the list.

      Prepared by Eric.

      Present (alphabetically):

      1. Acceptance of the Agenda
      Some additions were put forth and the agenda was accepted as documented
      in the notes below.

      2. Structure Proposal
      The structure proposal distributed by Frank and Sheila was unanimously
      approved with some discussion on the issue of consensus vs. voting, and
      on the question of individual members.

      On the issue of consensus, it was raised that consensus had been
      working, and some didn't see a reason to fix what wasn't broken. Others
      countered that voting was a good way of breaking the log-jams that occur
      in consensus, and that voting allows people who can't participate on the
      call to particpate in the decision making. In the end, the decision was
      to try to use consensus in general with voting as the final decisive
      form of taking a decision where consensus was not working or taking too

      On the issue of individual members, it was specifically said that this
      was viewed as a way to include specific people that would be valuable to
      have on the board, but that the goal was not to be an organization with
      individual members but a coalition of organizations.

      Eric to draft a simple mission statement to kick off discussion, to be
      provided prior to the next teleconference.

      People are to be informed that they have to pay their dues of $25/year
      in January. Per the new structure, a waiver is available where requested
      where there is a lack of funds, at the descretion of the IPJN board.

      3. Midwest Peace Summit

      An organizing committee for the Midwest Peace Summit is coming together
      with Jack's excellent leadership. Ten people have been invited to
      particpate on a core organizing committee, and nine of the ten have
      agreed. A teleconference is planned for next Monday evening. At that
      time subcommittees will be formed to divide up responsibilities and work
      to ensure this is a statewide effort. The Summit will be primarily in
      the same building as the 2005 Summit, except that there will be a larger
      room available for the keynote speaker. There was some discussion on the
      need for a budget, and the role that some of the participant
      organizations in the host city could play. There is a definite desire
      to share the decision making and the responsibility, and to reach out
      early to potential new participants so that people feel involved in the
      decision making. There was some discussion of charging to attend. There
      won't be any cost to attend.

      It was proposed that there be joint facilitator/coordinators for the
      sessions to avoid a situation that happened at the last Summit where a
      facilitator/coordinator could not be present and the session didn't
      happen despite people traveling long distances to particpate. This was
      taken as a good suggestion.

      There was some discussion regarding whether the geographic focus of the
      Summit organizing effort. Some folks felt the organizing should focus on
      Indiana. Others felt it was important to try to outreach to other areas
      like Louisville to include as many people as possible in the
      conversation about the struggle for peace and to get the benefit of the
      experiences elsewhere, as well as to share our experiences. Some felt,
      too, that it was important for the long-term growth of the Summit to
      establish this regional goal.

      It was raised that there needs to be outreach to the African-American
      community early to ensure this community's involvement. Jane to approach
      Tony H. and Thomas Brown. Question of the NAACP was raised.

      There was a question of assigning someone from the IPJN to liason with
      the Summit organizing committee. I don't have this issue's resolution in
      my notes.

      All told, there was a lot of support for the Summit and commitment in
      IPJN to work to help it to be even more successful than it was last

      4. Eyes Wide Open Exhibit

      The IPJN is going to facilitate getting the Eyes Wide Open Exhibit as
      prepared by the American Friends Service Committee to tour Indiana.
      Highland has had an exhibit already. One is planned for Lafayette.

      5. IPJN will look into bringing Anne Wright to Indiana as a speaker.
      IPJN/Sheila and Frank/ to get more background on Anne, and make a
      decision on this.

      6. Louisville peace activists put together an effective and dramatic
      peace exhibit where they had a t-shirt with the name of each soldier
      that died up to the point where the 2000th soldier was killed. The put
      the t-shirts up along the highway and the exhibit stretched for more
      than a mile. They are offering this exhibit to other areas. Sheila was
      contacted by Sam Avery regarding this and will follow up.

      I've condensed a long and complex discussion in these minutes. Please
      add missing issues/decisions/discussion that you feel is important, and
      correct anything I've gotten wrong.

      In peace.

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