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Back from Casey 2, Daniel Elsberg says next 911 is end of our democracy

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  • Cathy McGuire
    Hello all, We do not have the luxury of dropping out for months or years. We all need breaks, but they should be very short ones. Yes, I get tired of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2005
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      Hello all,
         We do not have the luxury of dropping out for months or years.  We all need breaks, but they should be very short ones.  Yes, I get tired of standing out there week after week.  But, I'm sorry it is necessary.  We got tired of always being at the courthouse so now we protest in a different spot in TH each week.  That at least gives us some variety. 
         I listened to Daniel Elsberg and former ambassador and former colonel (I can't spell)
      for three days.  Elsberg says when (not if) the next 911 happens they will declare martial  law and that will be the end of the great experiment of democracy in the U.S.
      This means we few don't have much time to educate our communities before the next terror attack.  So it means we double up what we are doing.  I know some on this list already work at a paying job (I do too)  and come home to work long hours on the computer and in meetings to plan the next action.  I am always astounded at the amount of time Tim Baer and Carl put into this.
      Some of you, like Bob Baldwin, can not leave on a moment's notice due to the nature of his work.  But I have to ask why didn't more people on this list go?? Why didn't more people on my Terre Haute list not go?  Sorry folks, but many of you are not doing as much as you can.  This is a critical moment in history.  Part of successful organizing is attending national events so you can learn more from the horse's mouth and to learn new organizing ideas from other organizers.  Sorry to say most of the people who went to Crawford had also participated in Casey 1.
      Each of you could have notified your local news media that you were going there.
      That gets one more story into the local press.  People pay more attention if a local person attends an event.  I'm not bragging, but the event received huge play in the TH Trib Star because I sent an announcement out to the press saying FYI I will be in Crawford, Tx for Thanksgiving.  Here's how you can reach me there.  And they did.
      Today, I am notifying the tv press that I am back and hopefully will get more coverage.
      The next holiday event at Camp Casey will be at Easter.  All I can say is, be there.

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