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5862The Roots of Lee Hamilt on’s Six Figure Earnings

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    Oct 16, 2013

      Lee Hamilton will be speaking at a public forum tomorrow in Bloomington.  For details:

      http://www.iu.edu/~iaunrc/newsevents/upcoming_events/conversation-about-iran-lee-hamilton  ~ B.B.

      9/11 Commissioner’s Turkey Baste: Chicken or the Egg?

      Sunday, 3. October 2010

      The Roots of Lee Hamilton’s Six Figure Earnings

      We all know the relevance and importance of a solid and sound background check when it comes to our elected and appointed officials and commissioners. Of course we all want to know about that big ‘conflict of interest’ factor. Okay, not all of us, especially not our MSM stenographers, but a few independent researchers and journalists here and there, and the rest of us among the ‘active and inquiring’ crowd. So let’s call this ‘chasing the chicken’ for now.’ Are you with me so far? Just hang in there and you’ll find out what I’m talking about, or at least I hope you will ;-)

      Equally or even more significant is the need to follow up into post facto profiteering and connections of those assigned or elected for particular official posts. As in business, there is more than one method of payment and reimbursement for public figures serving interests other than the public, and in some cases interests totally in conflict with those of the public. Think of Former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, and his post official position as a registered foreign agent for Turkey and his $35,000 a month payment. Or think about Former Defense Secretary, William Cohen, who went from heavily in debt and with negative net worth to multi millionaire in less than two years after leaving his public post. Unfortunately even fewer people, reporters and researchers, bother to cover and report on these important cases. Now, let’s call this ‘chasing the egg’ for the sake of what’s coming next.

      HamiltonFortunately one independent reporter researched and reported on one such case, call it ‘chased the egg,’ on one of the 9/11 Commissioners, a Former Representative, Mr. Lee Hamilton, which I happened to come across yesterday. It was truly interesting to see how many ‘honorary’ positions Mr. Hamilton has been given, handed, by our government alone, just check out a few here:

      -Co-chair of the Department of Energy Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future with Brent Scowcroft

      -Serves on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board & the FBI Director’s Advisory Board,

      -Serves on the US Department of Homeland Security Task Force

      - Serves on the CIA External Advisory Board

      The White House, the CIA, and the FBI must have been extremely well-served by Hamilton’s performance as the commissioner to grant him this many prestigious quasi positions. No? For me, the most interesting aspect which was covered by CounterCurrents.Org had to do with Hamilton’s position with and current salary from the Woodrow Wilson Center, and his questionable corporate ties, particularly with BAE (continued)

      More: http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/2010/10/03/911-commissioner%E2%80%99s-turkey-baste-chicken-or-the-egg/