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    Oct 14, 2013
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      Bill Moyer, who served as Chief of Staff for LBJ, is the pot calling the kettle black when it comes to sabotaging democracy.  This is particularly true in regards to his personal role in covering-up the JFK assassination.  Much like Lee Hamilton and the cover-up of 9/11, Moyers has done his part to withhold information from the public.  Both he and Jack Valenti, who served as liaison to the media during President Kennedy's visit to Dallas, were instrumental in having the History Channel's episode of the Guilty Men, which implicated Johnson in the assassination, banned.


      Since then, E. Howard Hunt, in his deathbed confession, fingered Johnson and others high up in CIA as the key planners behind the assassination.  (I believe he conveniently left out some other names, such as Allen Dulles, and George H. W. Bush.)


      If anyone wants to complain about conspiracy theories, go ahead.  Government secrecy is a fact.  Our government wouldn't keep secrets if it was telling the truth.  This is the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination and the murderers of our President, like the murders on 9/11, have yet to be brought to justice.  Until they are, I refuse to go along with the charade, even when promoted by well-liked liberals.


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