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Fw: Cisco Grants, 2009 Events and Opportunities

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  • Jim F Zito
    FYI.... Important info about Cisco Grants for Non-Profits and Free events sent from Supervisor Cortese s office. ... Jim Zito, D8CRT This communication
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2009

      FYI....  Important info about Cisco Grants for Non-Profits and Free events sent from Supervisor Cortese's office.

      Jim Zito, D8CRT

      This communication constitutes an electronic communication within the meaning of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 USC 2510, and its disclosure is strictly limited to the recipient intended by the sender of this message. This communication may contain confidential and privileged material for the sole use of the intended recipient and receipt by anyone other than the intended recipient does not constitute a loss of the confidential or privileged nature of the communication. Any review or distribution by others is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient please contact the sender by return electronic mail and delete all copies of this communication.

      ----- Forwarded by Jim F Zito/PEI/PEC on 01/31/2009 10:05 AM -----
      Dear Friends and Fellow Community Advocates,

      Happy 2009!  I hope this will be a great year for everybody!

      This semi-annual e-newsletter is to announce a number of fun community-building projects all over Northern California, and an opportunity to apply for a grant from Cisco Systems.  Read on for details.

      Have a great year! Hope to see you all soon!
      Dean McCully

      Cisco Silicon Valley Impact Grants

      Applications open Feb 1 - March 1.

      Every year, Cisco Systems makes $15,000 grants to about 80 standout programs executed within a 50 mile radius of Cisco's main campus in San Jose, California.  Emphasis is on 3 areas:  Health, Access to Education K-8, Adult Vocational Programs.  If you are associated with a nonprofit organization involved in any of those areas, and if your nonprofit groups' services are provided within 50 miles of north San Jose, you might be eligible.  Applications open Feb 1, 2009.  Feel free to spread the word to other eligible nonprofits.



      Check out this who's who of past recipients:


      Let me know if you have questions about the grants.

      Day in the Sky V - Watsonville Municipal Airport, Watsonville, CA

      Saturday April 18, 2009
      Host: Shared Adventures and EAA119

      On April 18, for the 5th straight year, Shared Adventures, Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 119, and the Watsonville Municipal Airport team up to host "Day in the Sky", a very special flying event for children with special needs.  We recruit about 3 dozen volunteer pilots who make 150+ flights and take 500+ children with disabilities & family & friends for 30 minute flights over California's Central Coast.  We host a simultaneous 1000+ person festival at the airport complete with booths hosted by many assistive technology and accessible events groups, games, music, face painting, even a free BBQ at noon.  Everything is free.

      If you are associated in any way with any organization serving persons with disabilities of any age, come on down and host a (free) booth to strut your organization's stuff.  Or just come down and volunteer.  The looks on the kids' faces as they get off the planes will blow you away!  Also, know pilots?  Send them our way and we'll get them signed up to fly with us.


      Aquanfest II and People Paddle for the Planet - Leo J Ryan Memorial Park, Foster City, CA

      Saturday-Sunday June 13-14, 2009
      Host: Aquan Sports & dozens of environmental groups

      Aquan Sports of San Carlos takes over Foster City's Leo J Ryan Memorial Park to host the biggest watersports festival in the Bay Area.  Thousands of attendees join us to try out the latest kayaks, surf paddleboards, windsurfers, and every form of human-powered watercraft.  Dozens of environmental groups simultaneously join us to showcase their offerings for educational enviro-fun around the Bay Area.

      We also host "People Paddle for the Planet", a human-powered watercraft-borne fundraiser for environmental causes.  Hundreds of people paddle around the Foster City Lagoon to raise money for their favorite nonprofit groups, maybe even yours.

      If you represent any "green nonprofit", let us know.  We'll get you signed up to host a (free) booth to show off your offerings, recruit volunteers, and raise money for your cause.


      Day on the Beach #17 - Cowell's Beach, Santa Cruz, CA

      Saturday July 18, 2009
      Host: Shared Adventures of Santa Cruz

      Shared Adventures of Santa Cruz hosts its seventeenth annual day on Cowell's beach, the rocking-est beach party in Northern California.  More than 200 people with disabilities of all ages go kayaking, outrigger canoeing, scuba diving, floating, beach wheelchair racing, etc   Last year's event saw 1200+ people join us on the beach to rock out to live bands while enjoying the free food and camaraderie.

      Join us and help hundreds of fellow volunteers build the 7000+ square foot wheelchair platform on the beach, and help hundreds of people with disabilities have the times of their life.


      Take Flight for Kids II - Reid Hillview Airport, San Jose, CA

      Saturday August 7, 2009 (date tentative -- might change)
      Host: Valley Medical Center Foundation & EAA62

      Silicon Valley sister to Day in the Sky Watsonville, our 2nd annual Take Flight for Kids is expected to involve more than 150 organizations hosting a 2000+ person ground festival at San Jose's Reid Hillview airport, while 3+ dozen pilots take more than 500 children with disabilities & family & friends flying over the Bay Area.  The ground festival attracts the likes of an F18 nosecone from the USS Hornet, the SJ Fire Department's Shark Engine, The Tech Museum, 4H with lots of animals, A Schmahl Science Workshop, flight simulators from NVIDIA, California Dictionary Project with free dictionaries, wheelchair basketball demos, radio controlled helicopters, solar cookers, horse therapy, Red Cross, AMR Ambulance, dog & cat rescue, bounce houses, break dancing, singing, free BBQ, and more fun stuff than I have room to list.

      Do you represent a nonprofit that works with kids in any way, or has a math/science/engineering/art bent, or would be of interest to kids and/or their families in any way?  Join us for a (free) booth.  Also, know pilots?  Send them our way and we'll get them signed up to fly with us.


      Day on the Bay - South Beach Harbor, San Francisco, CA

      September ???, 2009
      Host: Numerous

      A new San Francisco event is on the drawing board, potentially involving dozens of nonprofit groups dealing with any aspect of health.  Accessible activities, extreme sports, AIDS health, cancer health, cardio-health, you name it, we're working on creating the healthiest Day on the Bay.

      Do you represent a nonprofit or government agency associated in any way with healthy living, accessible events, outdoor activities, or sports of any kind?  Let us know and we'll keep you posted on how to participate.  South Beach Harbor Park is right next to AT&T/Giant's Stadium, and is a perfect place to get active, and get healthy!

      Interested in joining us?  Let us know and we'll tell you more.


      Well, that's enuf for now.  Have a great year.  Hope to see you soon!

      Keep On Keepin On!
      Dean McCully
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