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Alternate Energy Conference at Evergreen Valley College

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  • Mike Alvarado
    The Ever green Community of San Jose , California Evergreen is a community that embraces change, values diversity, and creates tomorrow by its actions today.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2008
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      The Evergreen Community of San Jose , California

      Evergreen is a community that embraces change, values diversity, and creates tomorrow by its actions today. It provides a vibrant, inclusive future for its residents, businesses, and public institutions and is the most attractive region for all segments innovating green, clean technology.  Evergreen is a forward thinking community where green, clean technology is the most widely adopted of any community in the Greater Bay Area. To further enable realization of this vision the Evergreen Community formed a ‘Going Evergreen ‘group. As a community, we have worked to unify our purchasing power, heighten awareness of alternative energy systems, and welcome product and service vendors to the community; both as a place to conduct a profitable business as well as to locate. The next phase of this process is to support Evergreen Valley College with an exciting endeavor scheduled for Spring 2009.

      Alternate Energy Conference

      Evergreen community, in conjunction with leaders from the San Jose/Evergreen Community College, is pushing forward to more fully realize our green potential. It is the College's intention to host a one-day multi-dimensional educational conference in Spring 2009 to be held at Evergreen Valley Community.

      The goal of this conference is threefold. First, to explore the best strategies and approaches to create the workforce best able to explore and exploit the opportunities alternate energy generation has for the community, business, government, and the region. Second, to develop greater competence, knowledge and awareness of how to create greater adoption of alternate energy solutions. This includes conservation, use of renewables, solar, thermal, wind, energy storage, hybrids, and other possibilities. Third, explore the right partnerships and investment strategies to create more businesses, organizations, co-operatives, and associations using and generating alternate energy. This would include developing the right educational resources on how to commercialize products, conduct efficient and effective product and technology research and development, engage in manufacturing and production operations, and service the users and suppliers of alternate energy products and services. During the conference, a Technology and Product Showcase will be held, which will enable the general public to learn about currently available products and technologies. We have heard from the community that a direct hands-on experience with product and technologies has great value.

      Organizing for Action

      The College invites you to participate in a conference planning session, at which time a more detailed presentation of the Conference will be provided. This will also afford business, industry, and government the opportunity to learn how they can get involved either as a sponsor, a participant, or as an educational content provider. Please R.S.V.P. your intention to attend a planning meeting to Jessie Bhargavan , Associate Director, Workforce Institute, San Jose/Evergreen Community College District, 600 S Bascom Ave Ste A, San Jose, CA. Ph: 408-283-3635. You can also reach Jessie at jessie.bhargavan@...

      Thank you.

      Mike Alvarado, Evergreen resident.

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