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Proposed Evergreen College Grocery Store Development limitation

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  • rose_herrera23
    San Jose City Council will hear a proposal as part of update of a development policy to allow 500 additional residential units development in Evergreen-East
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 10, 2007

      San Jose City Council will hear a proposal as part of update of a development policy to allow 500 additional  residential units development in Evergreen-East Hills and limit the size of any new grocery store in Southeast Evergreen to 20,000 Sq. Feet.  We need to support the limitation of  because doing so insures that Evergreen Village Square can secure a new grocery store tenant and that Shapell will complete the development of Evergreen Village Square.

      City council staff memo supportive of  limiting any new grocery store at the EVC site to no more then 20,000 SQ Feet. Part of Evergreen-East Hills Development Policy update. The update includes creation of a pool of 500 residential units for development projects with no more than 35 residential units unless the development incorporates affordable housing, historic preservation or mixed use components. This could effect the Mirrasou site. The community needs to pay attention to this issue.

      Proposal will be reviewed Oct 10, tonight at the Planning dept meeting at City Hall 4-5:30PM 3rd fl #334 

      The issue will come before the City Council on October 16,   meeting starts at 7:30PM. Plan to attend if you can.

      Assuming approval will be heard as part of the General Planning process in December.

      You can read more about this on the San Jose City Planning dept web site Evergreen - East Hills Development.

      Public is welcome at both of these meetings. I will be attending. Please come if you can. You can also send emails to your city council representatives.

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