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California Closing 220 State Parks, need your Action !

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  • Avery Horzewski
    Sorry if this email isn’t appropriate for this list (it’s not Evergreen specific), but I thought others might want to know as it can impact any of us if
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2009

      Sorry if this email isn’t appropriate for this list (it’s not Evergreen specific), but I thought others might want to know as it can impact any of us if you visit state parks. A :-)

      This is urgent, I hope you will take a moment, at least do #2, it's
      fast & easy. help save our parks from closure!

      Dear Friends,

      The governor has proposed closing 220 of 279 State Parks and Beaches
      in California , including each and every one in Santa Cruz County !

      Big Basin Redwoods State Park (SP), Castle Rock State Park, Castro
      Adobe State Historic Park (SHP), Coast Dairies State Park, Henry
      Cowell Redwoods State Park, Lighthouse Field State Beach (SB), Manresa
      SB, Manresa Uplands SP, Natural Bridges SB, New Brighton SB, Palm SB,
      Rio Del Mar SB, Santa Cruz Mission SHP, Seabright SB, Seacliff SB,
      Sunset SB,The Forest of Nisene Marks, Twin Lakes SB, Wilder Ranch SP

      This is not a drill. All the intelligence out of Sacramento says this
      is a serious proposal. We must unleash a tsunami of opposition to
      defeat this proposal within the next week!


      1. COME TO THE RALLY - Monday, June 1, 5:30 PM, at Natural Bridges
      State Beach , in the parking lot before the entrance station. Rally
      participants will be able to use a mobile computing station, supported
      by a beach-area wi-fi hotspot, to send messages to Governor
      Schwarzenegger and legislators. We hope for good media coverage, so
      please come and bri ng your friends and family. Express your love for
      the parks by bringing signs, wearing your favorite park t-shirt or

      2. SEND A MESSAGE TO THE GOVERNOR & LEGISLATURE - Visit www.ThatsMyPark. org
      , click on "Take Action" and follow the steps to automatically fax the
      Governor and your Legislators.

      3. COME WITH US TO SACRAMENTO - Let your voice be heard at the ONLY
      PUBLIC HEARING on this proposal before the Legislative Budget
      Conference Committee. Tuesday, June 2, 9:30 AM, in the State Capitol,
      Room 4203. We have hired a bus, so please save your spot by calling
      429-1840, ext 103, orPeg@ThatsMyPark. org if you'd like to join us.

      4. GET INVOLVED & GET THE WORD OUT - Go to www.ThatsMyPark. org to stay
      involved in the campaign, contribute and become a Fan of Friends of
      Santa Cruz State Parks on Facebook. And please help get the word out
      to your networks about this campaign to Save Our State Parks & Beaches.

      We are deeply alarmed and distressed with his draconian proposal to
      shut down every state park and beach in Santa Cruz County . This plan
      is the greatest threat to California park system in its history and
      amounts to a direct dismantling of a system that has taken more than
      150 years to build. Santa Cruz County 's parks and beaches are top
      destinations not only for locals,20but also for visitors from across
      the nation and around the world. In fact, Big Basin was the first
      state park in California . And Natural Bridges, home of the monarch
      butterflies, was recently named by AOL Travel as one of the top ten
      beaches in America . In the depths of the Great Depression, voters
      approved the bonds that were used for the purchase of Natural Bridges ,
      as well as New Brighton and Sunset State Beaches . As we suffer through
      the worst economy since the 1930s, now is the time to come together in
      defense of our state parks.

      The entire statewide closure list is pasted in below for your

      Thanks for your help. Together we can defeat this draconian, short-
      sighted plan!


      Bonny Hawley, Executive Director

      Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks

      144 School Street

      Santa Cruz , CA 95060

      (Located in the Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park)

      Phone: (831) 429-1840

      Fax: (831) 429-6748

      Email: bonny@thatsmypark. org

      Website: www.thatsmypark. org

      State Park System Units To Be Placed in "Caretaker Status"

      DistrictName UnitName
      (The list is way longer than this. I've only included Santa Cruz .)

      Santa Cruz District Año Nuevo SNR

      Santa Cruz District Año Nuevo SP

      Santa Cruz District Bean Hollow SB

      Santa Cruz District Big Basin Redwoods SP

      Santa Cruz District Burleigh H. Murray Ranch

      Santa Cruz District Butano SP

      Santa Cruz District Castle Rock SP

      Santa Cruz District Castro Adobe (Rancho San Andres)

      Santa Cruz District Gray Whale Cove SB

      Santa Cruz District Half Moon Bay SB

      Santa Cruz District Henry Cowell Redwoods SP

      Santa Cruz District Lighthouse Field SB

      Santa Cruz District Manresa SB

      Santa Cruz District Montara SB

      Santa Cruz District Natural Bridges SB

      Santa Cruz District New Brighton SB

      Santa Cruz District Pescadero SB

      Santa Cruz District Point Montara Light Station

      Santa Cruz District Pomponio SB

      Santa Cruz District Portola Redwoods SP

      Santa Cruz District San Gregorio SB

      Santa Cruz District C2 Santa Cruz Mission SHP

      Santa Cruz District Seacliff SB

      Santa Cruz District Sunset SB

      Santa Cruz District The Forest of Nisene Marks SP

      Santa Cruz District Thornton SB

      Santa Cruz District Twin Lakes SB

      Santa Cruz District Wilder Ranch SP

      Count = 220

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