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16mar[d] International Scholars Program

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  • Edwin
    In accordance with its policy on international relations and university exchange programs, the ENS has organized an International Scholars Program exclusively
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      In accordance with its policy on international relations and university exchange programs, the ENS has organized an International Scholars Program exclusively reserved for foreign participants. In the Humanities, this scholarship is aimed at the most promising students currently enrolled in their final year of undergraduate studies. In the Sciences, it is aimed at the most promising students who are currently enrolled in their second or third year of university studies. Upon acceptance, students become ENS-International Division Scholars and receive a monthly stipend of 1,000 euros throughout their three-year participation.

      ENS, a history of excellence
      Located in the heart of Paris in the Latin Quarter, the École normale supérieure is an institution of higher learning that was created during the French Revolution (1794). For over two centuries the ENS has been educating many of France's most prominent scientific and literary figures: Louis Pasteur, Jean-Paul Sartre, Michel Foucault, Henri Bergson, Emile Durkheim, Raymond Aron, Evariste Galois, Jean Jaurès, Jules Romains, Jean Giraudoux, Romain Rolland, and Alain, are all alumni.

      Many Nobel Laureates have been members of the ENS community including Alfred Kastler, Louis Néel, Pierre-Gilles de Gennes and Claude Cohen-Tannoudji. In mathematics, many normaliens (students of the ENS) have received the prestigious Fields Medal: Laurent Schwartz, Jean-Louis Pasteur, Jean-Pierre Serre, René Thom, Alain Connes, Pierre-Louis Lions , Jean-Christophe Yoccoz and more recently Laurent Lafforgue.

      Study in an exceptional environment
      The ENS provides an exceptional environment for students in the fields of the Humanities and the Sciences and encourages the study of multidisciplinary curricula. Students are free to choose their specialized subjects and each year they devise a study program with the help of their tutors. In addition to the high-quality courses and seminars, which students are invited to attend in conjunction with their university courses, students have at their disposal outstanding libraries as well as access to the most technologically advanced resources. They are encouraged to attend numerous conferences held by both French and foreign scholars. When using the research laboratories they are in daily contact with the same eminent researchers and professors who tutor them

      Living in the heart of the Parisian Latin Quarter
      Students are housed at the Ecole. They can take advantage of the numerous cinemas, theatres, museums and brasseries of the Latin Quarter, as well as the charm of the Luxembourg Gardens or Montsouris Park. On campus, students may join sport and fitness centers and the cinema club, as well as practice drama or music at a professional level.

      Your future : the freedom to choose
      After graduating from the ENS, or during their final year, most students begin their doctoral thesis. If completed in France, this thesis may be financed by a research grant awarded by the French Ministry of National Education. For any thesis pursued outside France, there are bilateral and European agreements managed by the ENS in close collaboration with other foreign universities (co-sponsored thesis).

      After having completed the doctoral thesis, most ENS students choose a career in the field of research or higher education. Other career prospects are also available to them, with or without a thesis: careers in public or private business, administration, diplomacy, politics and journalism.

      http://www.ens fr/international /UK/index. htm

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