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Vacancies at Samvada, Baduku Community College

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  • anita ratnam
    *Training Centre Manager Cum Warden* Baduku community college conducts courses and workshops with varying durations ranging from 4 day workshops to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2012
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      Training Centre Manager Cum  Warden
      Baduku  community  college  conducts courses and workshops  with varying durations  ranging from  4  day  workshops  to  6  month courses.  Each of these  has   about  25   participants /students  who  reside   in the Training Centre.  The training  centre  comprises   5  dormitories, a  computer  lab,  a  recreation  room, kitchen  and  dining area  which are  housed   within the   same  building  where  Samvada  Coordination  office  and  Youth  Resource Centre  are also located. This  is in 2nd Block  Jaynagar,Bangalore.  
       The key  role  of  the  Training Centre Manager  Cum Warden is  to  ensure that students/participants &  resource persons  are  accommodated safely and comfortably, are provided  with  proper  food   and  stay  together  in a cordial  atmosphere.  In  addition, Samvada  staff   are  also  provided  lunch on all working days .
       The  Training Centre   team  will comprise   a  Cook,  a Kitchen Assistant and  a  House  Keeper. Specific  Responsibilities  of  the Centre Manager  Cum Warden   will  be
      • To  ensure  that  students follow the rules  and  regulations  of the training centre,  keeping their  safety and  welfare  in  mind. This will include maintenance of student movement registers and attending to emergencies and any health related issues.
      • To plan menus in consultation  with the respective course convenor in accordance with  the budgets and guidelines provided by them.
      • Supervise the  work  of the Cook and  Kitchen Assistant  so  that  food preparation is  healthy, hygienic and  served  on time.
      • To purchase groceries, vegetables, provisions, cooking fuel/gas and ensure  maintenance of food stock, kitchen equipment, vessels and  cleanliness  of the kitchen.
      • To supervise the work of the House Keeper to ensure cleanliness of the dormitories, classrooms,  Lab, washrooms, recreation room and  & maintenance /upkeep  of  all furniture, fixtures, furnishing and linen, plants, equipment and  recreation  facilities.
      • Overall  administration and  maintenance  of   accounts  for the training  centre
      This  is  a residential  post  and  the candidate is expected to stay on the premises. A room  with attached  bath will be provided. Food will be  provided  during  training  programmes and  on  days  when   courses  are  not being  conducted, kitchen may be  used  to  cook  at  own cost.
      Preference  will  be given to    women  who are  single  who  possess  the following  competencies and qualifications
      • Bachelors Degree in any discipline
      • Above  35 years old
      • At least 2-3 years experience in Hotel Industry or in Hostel  with  basic   knowledge of  taking  
                  care of  kitchen  equipment, stores, housekeeping
      • Abilities in English  &  in Kannada  - speaking, reading and  writing
      • Supervisory Skills
      • Ability to relate to students in a friendly and cordial manner while ensuring discipline and safety
      Salary will be in the range of Rs.12000 to Rs 14000 per month depending on experience.
      Please apply before December  10th with a covering letter, CV and references to: hradmin@...  
      Kitchen Assistant
      • Assist the cook in Cutting Vegetables, & food preparation as per the menu planned
      • Assist in purchasing groceries, Vegetables
      • Cook food for a large group as per the menu planned, in the absence of the cook
      • Washing  vessels and cleaning  kitchen
      • Any other tasks that may be assigned from time to time  in  connection  with   the  kitchen
      A minimum of 1 year of experience as assistant cook
      Salary   will  be  Rs  6000/- per  month  plus  benefits
      Please apply before December  10th with a covering letter, CV and references to: hradmin@...  
      House  Keeper
      • Clean building floors and walls by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming them.
      • Change bedding and make beds as directed.
      • Stock  food supplies (coffee, tea, sugar, etc.) as needed.
      • Replenish supplies such as drinking glasses, linens, and bathroom items.
      • Gather and empty trash.
      • Clean windows, glass partitions, and mirrors,
      • Dust furniture, walls, machines/Computer
      • Move and arrange furniture, Curtain  and turn mattresses.
      • Clean/Wash Curtains, bed sheets
      • Qualifications:
      • A minimum of 6 months of housekeeping experience.
      • Must be able to communicate clearly
      Salary   will  be  Rs  6000/- per  month  plus  benefits
      Please apply before December  10th with a covering letter, CV and references to: hradmin@...  
      Executive Director
      Samvada Youth Resource Centres & Baduku College,
       2nd Floor "Siddha Enclave"
      No.4, Nehru Nagar Main Road
      BENGALOORU - 560 020
      Ph : +9180-23468113/14
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