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News from CED, March 06

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    NEWS FROM CED: MARCH 2006 ... 10 BEST ASSIGNMENTS ... Students are invited to submit projects on social issues that they have prepared in the past year.
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      Students are invited to submit projects on social issues that they have prepared in the past year. Assignments will be judged for their understanding of development and rights issues as well as analysis of trends.
      The Awards carry
      - Cash prize Rs.5000/-
      - Free long term membership of CED worth Rs.1200/-
      - CED books, computer usgae and CED services of Rs. 5000/-
      - Publications of the studentsÂ’ assignemnts in DOCPRINTS

      Submit your assignments by *30 April 2006.* For more information please contact jacintha@...


      We were very honoured to have Thomas Greco, founder director of Community Information Resource Centre(CIRC), Arizona, USA on March 14 for a presentation on 'Community Economics as a Local- Markets led antidote to Globalisation: The case of Money' - A very stimulating discussion but poorly attended. If you had missed do not despair you can get a copy his presentation on CD. For more information, please contact jacintha@...

      Please note that his books Money Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender and Money and Debt: A Solution to the Global Crisis are both available in our library (please see the list of new books in the library).


      CED is bringing out a backgrounder on the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act and its importance in Tsunami rehabilitation.

      The Act is implemented in three tsunami affected districts of Tamil Nadu and the works done in these areas are mainly related to post-tsunami reconstruction. So it has a wider impact on the rehabilitation and reconstruction process happening after the tsunami.

      We are also looking out for materials on the same, if you have any information regarding the Act and implementation please pass it on to us.


      Duration 58'18" - Produced by CED

      Vernacular Values is all about threading the cross section journeys into the other paradigm in architecture and examines the values and underlying commonsense of the vernacular in shaping our built environment. In this film the philosopher in R L Kumar, a trained accountant reflects on his attempts to build houses differently with a passion for the earth and the people he is working with. This exploration has made Kumar an architect, builder, comrade to his workers and philosopher to some of his NGO friends and chief haranguer to others.

      Do write to us for a copy of the film.


      We have completed one year in bringing out Docpost of Legal Rights. The main objective of these DPs is that you can have your own documentation. For the convenience of specialized organizations we have made specialized classification system for that sector and are coding each clipping. All you have to do is file the individual clippings under the classification number provided. This saves you a lot of time and effort to go through and classify each clipping.

      We will soon be putting together the best articles on certain issues from Critical Concerns.

      And don't forget our other DP collections on Habitat & Disasters, very useful and relevant collections for the individual user and institution alike, please contact jacintha@... for information and subscriptions on these.


      The "CONVENTION ON CHILDREN'S RIGHT TO FOOD" will be held in Hyderabad from 7th to 9th April, 2006. This is a follow-up to the second National Convention on the Right to Food and Work, held in Kolkata on 18-20 November 2005. The main focus of this convention will be on ICDS, mid-day meals and other means of protecting children's right to food, including maternity entitlements. Special attention will be given to "universalisation with quality" as the core demand of a united campaign on ICDS.

      For further details please contact: Secretariat, Right to Food Campaign (Correspondence Address): 257, D.D.A. flats (RPS),
      Mansarovar Park , Shahdara, Delhi -110032 (E-mail righttofood@... Tel: 09350530150 or Dipa Sinha (dipasinha@...)


      The books special this month are
      1. International Human Rights Standards on Post-Disaster Resettlement and Rehabilitation compiled by HIC-HLRN & PDHRE, Books for Change, Rs.100/-
      2. Capabilities, Freedom and Equality: Amartya Sen's Work from a Gender Perspective ed. by Bina Agarwal and others, OUP, Rs.795/-

      We are passing on our full discount of 25% to our members.

      If you would like to get this book please write to nalini@... but HURRY this is for a limited period only!!!


      We have lots of new and interesting books and reports in the library this month as well as a good selection of CDs. So please come and see what we have and dont forget the new selection of books that have come from the Bangalore library.. all waiting to be read!!

      Check for the full list of additions to the libraries in Mumbai and Bangalore.

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