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  • Bobby Kunhu
    Dear Max I am surprised at the uncanny ability of indiadisasters.org to partner with fundamentalist groups. If I remember right in the initial days of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2005
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      Dear Max

      I am surprised at the uncanny ability of indiadisasters.org to partner
      with fundamentalist groups. If I remember right in the initial days of the
      tsunami rehabilitation I had come across a link in the website that led to
      the Sewa Bharati relief work - and this while groups across the world were
      trying to make sure that funding to hate groups are stopped. I remember
      having pointed this out at the Cuddalore childrens consultation

      Once again - we come a full circle - It is a well known fact that the
      Amritananda Mayee foundation and the Art of Lving foundation have tied up
      with tsunami relief and rehabilitation processes in Tamil Nadu at least. I
      just thought that I should register my protest on any event that is
      organised with the support or in collobaration with these groups.
      Incidentally, if you did not know, Amrita TV is a television channel run
      by Amritananda Mayee Ashram

      Warm regards

      Bobby Kunhu
      Nagarbhavi, Bangalore - 560 072
      Ph: +91-80-23160533
      Mobile: +91-9886165091

      On Thu, 29 Sep 2005 Max Martin wrote :
      >Deconstructing Disasters
      >A travelling film festival calls for a reality check
      >indiadisasters.org, the humanitarian website, is organising a film
      festival from October 1 to 30 across five south Indian cities, with a
      focus on natural disasters and the response they evoke. The travelling
      festival, "Deconstructing Disasters", featuring 10 films, will be
      inaugurated on the seashore of Keechankuppam in Nagapattinam, one of the
      villages worst hit by the tsunami.
      >Screenings will be done in collaboration with partner groups in and
      around Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai and Kanyakumari, followed
      by discussions with filmmakers at select venues.
      >Half the films in the festival are on the tsunami, and the other half
      deal with issues as diverse as recurring floods in Bihar, drought in
      Orissa and earthquake in Gujarat. While daytime city screenings cover the
      whole range of films, the village and beach shows will focus more on
      tsunami rehabilitation.
      >The festival films feature stories of people coping with disasters even
      after their lives are torn apart. They address the economics, politics
      and ecology of disasters. And they show humanitarian agencies' response
      to disasters and probe their efficacy and the challenges they face. In
      short, the stress will be on disaster preparedness, rehabilitation,
      rights and standards.
      >The festival aims to increase public awareness on natural disasters and
      rehabilitation, focusing on aspects of preparedness, rights and standards
      - the core concerns of indiadisasters.org. The website is a venture by a
      small team of independent professionals from media, humanitarian work and
      software industry who brought out The India Disasters Report (OUP: 2000).
      Their latest initiative is the Tsunami Response Watch, a website, and
      includes a weekly e-newsletter and media inserts in Tamil.
      >The films for Deconstructing Disasters were selected by a jury comprising
      filmmakers and journalists, chaired by the national award-winning
      director Rajeev Nath on September 21 at Thiruvananthapuram Press Club.
      The selected films are From Chaos to Creativity, Voices from a Disaster,
      Living on the Edge, Our Life, Our Film, River Taming Mantras, Waves after
      Waves, Tsunami, Harvest of Hunger, Children of Tsunami and Outside Mercy.
      See schedule for screening details.
      >The partners include: Sneha - Nagapattinam, Human Rights Forum for Dalit
      Liberation, Bangalore University Department of Adult and Continuing
      Education, Indian Social Institute - Bangalore, Kerala Independent
      Fishworkers Federation, Kairali TV, Amrita TV, Chennai NGO Coordination
      Council, Loyola College - Thiruvananthapuram, Kanyakumari Rehabilitation
      Resource Centre, Rural Uplift Centre (RUC), Society for Education and
      Development (SED), and Books for Change.
      >Films at the festival:
      >Chaos to Creativity ( 15 min)
      >Women rebuild after disasters in developing countries.
      >By Groots International
      >Voices from a Disaster (28 min)
      >People's tribunal hearing on Gujarat earthquake.
      >By K. P. Sasi
      >Children of Tsunami (23 min)
      >Mala, 11, and Selvam, 13, describe what the tsunami meant for them.
      Episodes from a TVE television series.
      >By Satya Sivaraman
      >Living on the Edge (11 min)
      >An expose of bad temporary shelters near Chennai.
      >By Magimai Prakasam
      >Outside Mercy (27 min)
      >Farmers and saltpan workers of Nagapattinam demand better relief after
      the tsunami.
      >By R Revathi, Deepu, Clifton
      >River Taming Mantras (31 min)
      >A panoramic view of recurring floods in Bihar; causes consequences,
      >By Sanjay Barnela and Vasant Saberval
      >Our Life, Our Film (31 min)
      >Story of a group of women in Kutch struggling to rebuild their lives
      after the 2001 Gujarat earthquake.
      >By a group of village women
      >Tsunami, Landslide, Earthquake
      >An educational film about disasters
      >By State Institute of Educational Technology, Thiruvananthapuram
      >Harvest of Hunger (60 min)
      >Marginal farmers from western Orissa Fleeing from drought and hunger.
      >By Rupashree Nanda
      >Waves after Waves (45 min)
      >Song and dance rejuvenate the lives of children affected by the tsunami
      in Tamil Nadu.
      >By Leena Manimekalai
      >Oct 1 Nagapattinam
      >Keechankuppam beach 5:30PM
      >Oct 2 Nagapattinam
      >Kollidam, Tharkasu 5:30PM
      >Oct 8-9 Bangalore
      >Indian Social Institute 24 - Benson Road, Benson Town 5:30PM
      >Oct 15 Thiruvananthapuram
      >Press Club 10:00AM
      >Oct 15-16 Thiruvananthapuram
      >Shangumugham Beach 5:30PM
      >Oct 22 Chennai
      >Deepika, Citadel Campus, Behind Ega Cinema, Langton's Road 10:00AM
      >Oct 22 Chennai
      >Srinivasapuram Football ground, Pattinapakkam 5:30PM
      >Oct 23 Chennai
      >Kannaki Nagar temporary shelters, Thuraipakkam 5:30PM
      >Oct 29 Kanyakumari
      >Hotel Vijayetha, WCC Road, Nagercoil 2PM
      >Oct 30 Kanyakumari
      >School campus, Keezhemanakkudi, and Playground near RC School, Puthur
      >Central contact:
      >Coordinator, Deconstructing Disasters
      >Email: docufest2005@...
      >Mobile : +91 98472 84898
      >For local/ media queries:
      >Nagapattinam: Revathi Radhakrishnan
      >(Filmmaker, +91 9444030032)
      >Bangalore: Max Martin
      >(Editor, indiadisasters.org: +91 98451 46718)
      >Thiruvananthapuram: L Ajith
      >(Coordinator, Deconstructing Disasters: +91 98472 84898)
      >Chennai: Satya Sivaraman
      >(Editor - Regional, indiadisasters.org:+91 98402 82680)
      >Kanyakumari: Johnson Raj
      >(Director, Kanyakumari Rehabilitation Resource Centre, +91 9443747038)
      >Max Martin
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