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25292Candle light vigil against child sexual abuse on Christmas day at 6PM @Town Hall, Bangalore

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  • Praja Rajakiya Vedike Bangalore
    Dec 24, 2013
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      Dear friends,

      Today is ​
      Christmas day. The day that the world celebrates the birth of Christ;
      the symbol of love and light.

      On Christmas day, December 25th, we from women's and human rights organisations across the city invite you to come stand with us on the steps of Town Hall, Bangalore from 6PM to 7PM.

      We will stand with candles remembering not only the child Christ
      but all those children who live on the streets; off the streets; children who suffer endless abuse, physical, economic, psychological, sexual abuse; children who live for today; with little memory of yesterday and no thought of tomorrow.

      We will stand specially also for a little girl who the medical records say was subjected to chronic sexual abuse by her father. At the age of three and a half!

      The father a foreign national, a French consulate employee who is now publicly seeking diplomatic immunity against the law of the land despite the French government stating that he is not entitled to it. Who takes public support and sympathy on the grounds that he is the father even though he has forfeited his right to be called so.

      The Indian mother is facing systematic character assassination  by the powerful and privileged French husband and his friends. She is targeted for protecting her children by keeping him and his family away from the child who is still traumatized by the abuse. Targeted for speaking out. Speaking the unspeakable. The truth. Let
      s support this brave mother who is seeking justice for her daughter against all odds.

      Come! Join us! Bring your friends and family members and stand with us; holding a candle for justice.

      A press release will be handed out on the occasion. If your organisation would like to endorse it please send us the name before 4 p.m
      by email to prajarajakiya@... or by phone to 96322 23460/94839 50202.

      In Solidarity

      Madhu Bhushan (Vimochana)
      Evangeline Anderson (Praja Rajakiya Vedike)