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Looping backward through Site Studio Static List

Hi All I have a static list, that is used to generate an accordion-style navigation menu. The hierarchy of the sections is determined by a value assigned in
May 21

Re: Adding email validation on User Profile

Why bother? Configure the user provider to pull back the email address from LDAP/AD/ to populate the value, and make the email
May 20

Re: Adding email validation on User Profile

I believe this would be a customization. Is this originally being sourced from LDAP? Does it need to be sync'd back to LDAP? Jonathan https://jonathanhult.com
May 20

Real Story Group would like your input for our Enterprise Content Ma

Please take the survey here http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2059909/ecmsurvey The Real Story Group (RSG) is a vendor-neutral advisory firm supporting BUYERS of
May 14

Associate New Physical Item Link using RIDC

How to associate new physical item link using ridc? ADD_RELATED_CONTENT Service is used to associate link between existing contents. Which service is used to
May 13

Adding email validation on User Profile

Hi, Does anyone know how to apply email validation in the User Profile? Thanks in advance. Kind Regards, Eli
May 13

IE11 and WebCenter Content PS5

WebCenter Content PS5 and IE11 functionality issues We are seeing problems with Check out and Open and having to run in "Enterprise Mode" for most of the other
May 12

Re: Retaining dID in target system

Thanks Derrick - yup found that option in 11g and it worked very well. Thanks everybody who contributed on this for your help!! ... Thanks Derrick - yup found
May 8

Re: Retaining dID in target system

I agree Chris. And that's why as part of this migration I'm going to force them to change that logic and query by dDocName instead - obviously before that I
May 6

Re: Retaining dID in target system

Just as warning to your client (and I’m sure you know), when you choose a file by dID, it’s a specific revision, and there’s a possibility that they may
Christopher Owens
May 6

Re: Retaining dID in target system

Archiver "general" tab has an Import Options section where you can select a checkbox "Import DID", which I have used successfully in the past. I hope this
Derrick Roberts
May 5

Retaining dID in target system

Thanks Dwayne, yeah that makes sense and I will give that a try. So it seems there is no way to force Archiver using value mapping to capture dID into some
May 5

Re: Retaining dID in target system

OK… that may not have been a perfectly clear answer. Let me try again. In the 10g system create a metadata field to hold the current dID. You can update
Dwayne Parkinson
May 5

Re: Retaining dID in target system

Easiest solution if you need to keep the dID is to create an “old-dID” metadata field and update it with the current dID number. Then when you migrate
Dwayne Parkinson
May 5

Re: Retaining dID in target system

Any particular reason you want to keep your dID? They really offer no value unless you need access to a specific revision of a content item. And even then
Christopher Owens
May 5
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