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Never To Be Trampled Underfoot

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  • Nicholas Ruiz III
    NRIII 2012! *//* Never To Be Trampled Underfoot NRIII NBC clip
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2012
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      NRIII 2012!

      Never To Be Trampled Underfoot

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      My dearest friends and allies,

      You are liberal and progressive lions, and today they hear you roar. Never let them forget it.

      We were defeated by our primary opponent. We came up short, exactly 4,719 votes, out of over 20,000 votes cast.

      Whomever occupies this federal seat of the remaining candidates, shall willingly serve some of the most undemocratic, regressive and negative interests in American history. Therefore, I cannot support either of them. I imagine, that for the same reasons, you will also feel that your support should be withheld from them.

      For now, I ask you to consider three commitments to our future, because I promise you - we are just getting started.

      In 2014, I will again run for Congress. With much space and time to build on the progressive gains we have made in the Central Florida community - next time, we will win. I will be working incrementally on the 2014 campaign, as if it were tomorrow. So, you will hear from me, in that regard, from time to time, as it gets closer.

      I will also be working with two liberal and progressive, Democratic organizations: The Progressive Leadership Council (PLC) and the Florida Forum for Social Justice (FFSJ).

      The PLC is an advocacy organization, that works to promote liberal and progressive values, like equality, social justice and economic fairness.

      FFSJ is a leadership PAC. It exists to recruit, promote and elect candidates at the federal level, that will advocate for the creation and legislation of liberal/progressive policy.

      Too many organizations and individuals claim to do these things, but in truth and practice, do not. Instead, they practice what might best be described as progressive Democratic cronyism, which by avoiding the true battles, compounds the problems we all face, rather than helping to make the world a better place. Consider, for a moment, all of the 'progressive' groups that did not help us to win. We asked. They refused. Clearly, if these other groups had helped, we could have communicated our progressive message far more widely, garnering the additional 4,917 votes, plus one, and won for us all. Which brings me to my last point.

      There is one group, whose performance should be ranked as stellar, in its efforts to do all of the things progressives want done: Blue America. They have stood behind our campaign every step of the way. I know many of you already support Blue America, but for those that have yet to get to know them, please do.

      For we are never to be trampled underfoot.

      trampled underfoot


      Many thanks for your support!


      Nicholas Ruiz III, Ph.D
      Nicholas Ruiz III for Congress (FL-7)
      PO Box 1372
      New Smyrna Beach, FL
      USA 32170
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