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SLOVIOSKI GRAMMAR - Update! - "TO BE" (corrected)

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  • steevenusx
    SLOVIOSKI VERB: to be BIT or BUT -TO BE PRESENT TENSE: Ja jes or jesem Ti jes or jesesx On jes
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 11 3:14 PM

      SLOVIOSKI VERB:  "to be"

      BIT or BUT                     -TO BE


      Ja          jes    or     jesem
      Ti           jes    or     jesesx
      On         jes    or     jese
      Mi         jes    or     jeseme
      Vi          jes    or     jesete
      Oni        jes     or    sou*       alternatives:        jesejut or jesut
      (this is the only irregular ending in Slovioski)

      * sou can be pronounced like:
        - Polish "sa" (with bottom accent on "a')
        - Slovak, Croatian/Serbian/Sorbain "su"
        - Slovene "so"

      UNIVERSAL Present Tense = "jes"


      Ja          budem
      Ti           budesx
      On         bude
      Mi         budeme
      Vi          budete
      Oni        budejut alternative:          budjut


      Ja         bil, bila
      Ti          bil, bila
      On        bil
      Ona      bila
      Ono      bilo
      To         bil
      Ta         bila

      Mi         bili
      Vi          bili
      Oni        bili


      Ja          bi bil, bi bila | bilbi, bilabi - I would be
      Ti           bi bil, bila |
      bilbi, bilabi - You (Thou) would be
      On         bi bil | bilbi - He would be
      Ona       bi bila | bilabi - She would be
      Ono       bi bilo | bilobi - It would be
      To          bi bil | bilbi - This, It would be
      Ta          bi bila | bilabi - That, It would be

      Mi          bi bili | bilibi - We would be
      Vi           bi bili
      | bilibi - You would be
      Oni         bi bili | bilibi - They would be

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