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134SLOVIOSKI DICTIONARY now updated to version 1.07

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  • SteevenR
    Nov 18, 2009

      Since we launched the Slovioski Dictionary earlier this month, our team has been updating words and grammatical endings just about every day.  We are now on version 1.07.

      Originally, our plan was to leave many of the original "Slovio" adjectives and participles that ended in "-ju" as they were.  However, our team member, Andrej Moraczewski from Moscow, aptly noted that all Slavic dictionaries traditionally display their adjectives in their masculine forms.

      This is true; and so we will embark on making the necessary revisions to the Slovioski masculine ending of:  "-ij"

      This is not a simple "search and replace" effort unfortunately - because there are scores of both Slavic and English words which include the combination of "ju" which are not word endings.

      WE INVITE YOU TO REVIEW THE SLOVIOSKI DICTIONARY and try using it to create your own Slovioski sentences.
      You may access the SLOVIOSKI dictionary here:

      Current SLOVIOSKI grammar may be accessed here:

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