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  • SteevenR
    Oct 7 11:41 PM
      Greetings Everyone!

      Currently, several of the members of the Slovioski and other Slavic ConLang groups are participating in a "Translation Relay Game."

      Basically, it is a game of "telephone" - but in this instance it is a written "text" approximately three paragraphs long that is emailed in an initial Slavic ConLang to a participant who then translates that text into his or her own selected (different) Slavic ConLang.  In turn, it is passed on to the next "translator" and so on i tak dali until the last person receives it and the resulting text is ultimately revealed to all.

      Andrej Moraczewski apparently took an initial text and translated it into his ConLang of choice - Slovianski. He, in turn, forward that to me - Steeven Radzikowski - and I translated the Slovianski text into Slovioski. I passed it on to Jack Raven for his translation into Slovio...and so on.

      A schedule of the relays and the "Players" invovled can be found at:

      Ultimately, Andrej Moraczewski will complete the circle, receiving text written in Slovioski by Michal Borvicka, for Andrej to again translate into Slovianski. 

      On or about 18 October 2009, Andrej will publish the final text of the "telephone" game.
      I will copy it and publish here in this forum.

      It should be most interesting to see how the initial text "morphed" over the ensuing relays.

      Stay tuned!!

      Blagodarijm Vse! - Thank You All!

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