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  • steevenusx
    Aug 18, 2009
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      The SLOVIO(SKI) ONLINE DICTIONARY is now available at:


      which is hosted by www.SLOVIOSKI.com.

      Currently - as of the date of this message - the online dictionary is one and the same as the SLOVIO ONLINE DICTIONARY, which was created and is maintained by Milovan Gal of Osijek, Croatia
      (Thank You Mile!!).

      Eventually, as the Slovioski word dictionary grows, its vocabulary will be blended with the Slovio Dictionary to create a separate combined SLOVIO-SLOVIOSKI DICTIONARY - with the respective words of each language distinguished by either "SKI" - for "Slovioski" vocabulary words and "SLO" for "Slovio" vocabulary words (a possible later addition may include Slovianski words marked as "SVI").

      In addition to the dictionary, Slovioski.com is sponsoring the development of a full translation engine, which initially will translate between English and either Slovioski or Slovio, thereafter followed by the major Slavic languages.  Ultimately, the "Slovioski Translation Engine" will include Hungarian, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

      So, please "stay tuned."  And do watch for the grand opening of www.Slovioski.com, which will offer more details on these and other Slovioski related projects!

      Blagodarim vam!




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