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  • steevenusx
    Aug 10, 2009


      We now have a Slovioski flag, which is displayed on the Home page.
      The flag consists of:

      A WHITE background.

      THREE BLUE STARS in the upper left-hand corner, which represent the three branches of the Slavic languages:

      Eastern Slavic
      Western Slavic
      Southern Slavic

      The "LIPA TREE" in red, which is to the right and centered vertically.

      The Lipa Tree, which is also known as the "Linden" "Lime" and "Basswood" tree, has been a sacred tree for centuries in Slavic mythology, and today is the national emblem of Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and of the Sorbs.  Its name was also used to give name to the Croatian month of June - "lipanj" - and the Polish month of July - "liepiec"

      The Lipa Tree is displayed with its spreading roots, which may be regarded as representing the roots and connections of all of the Slavic Langauges.

      The SLOVIOSKI FLAG was a collaborated design by the members of the Slavic Unity Forum