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364Keyword domination at last

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  • daveaball1975
    Apr 12, 2014
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      We all know content is king right?

      But not all content, only content that has been Optimized 

      But did you know optimizing your content for keywords can 
      now get you penalized?

      It's true and over 90% of webmasters make this mistake

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      The truth is optimizing your content for keywords can lead to
      an over optimization penalty, something that we all need to 

      Just imagine being able to cross reference the top 10 sites 
      that rank on Google and then being able to examine and identfy
      exactly why they rank so high and then be in a position to do 
      the same.

      Well thats exactly what Abbas Ravji's new product Keyword Genetics
      will do for you and a load more.

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