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History of International Federation of Yoga

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  • Brian
    History of International Yoga Federation The concept for the International Yoga Federation originated from the french yoga master Swami Asuri Kapila (Cesar
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      History of International Yoga Federation

      The concept for the International Yoga Federation originated from the french yoga master
      Swami Asuri Kapila (Cesar Della Rosa Bendio) 1901-1955. He was the founder of Ramana
      Ashram in Uruguay at 1934 and a direct disciple of Ramana Maharshi and with the support
      of his friend Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh.

      In 1935, Swami Asuri Kapila, introduced the general type of yoga in Uruguay, and a few
      years later traveled to Argentina and Brazil, bringing his style of yoga with him.

      The training course includes Hatha Yoga, Yoga, Shankya, Shivaism of Kashmir, Ayurveda
      and Buddhism. Swami Asuri Kapila is the founder at 1935 of the National Yoga School of
      Uruguay (after 1985 the Yoga Association of Uruguay), the Ramana Ashram (Purna Yoga
      Integral) and the Maha Bodhi Shanga.

      Swami Asuri Kapila studied yoga with his guru Ramana Maharshi, Swami Annamalai, the
      trika yoga with Swami Vidyadhar (Shivaism of Kashmir), Integral Yoga with Sri Aurobindo
      (in French India, Pondichery).

      It obtains the disha of Swami Vishwananda and the confirmation of Swami
      Chandrashekhara Bharati the Shankaracharya de Sringeri Peetham.

      Swami Asuri Kapila studied Buddhism with Anagarika Dharmapala (David Hewavitharana)
      and LAMA Lobsang Dorje (Tibet). He was a friend of Alexandra David-Néel, Felix Guyot,
      Lucien Ferrier and Swami Sevananda (Leo Alvarez Costet de Mascheville) president Suddha
      Dharma Mandalam International.

      In 1970 Krishna Kisore Dasji (Delhi) created the World Council of Yoga and in 1968
      Yogamaharishi Dr Swami Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj at Pondichery started the World
      Parliament of Yoga both in India.

      The Federation's members in Europe

      In 1948, Lucien Ferrier founded, in Paris, the Western of Yoga Academy. With the
      company's demise in 1964, it was Roger Clerc who succeeded him to continue his
      teaching in Hatha-Yoga. In addition, it occupies a long time the post of secretary general
      of the National Federation of France, and creates in 1978 the Academy of the Yoga of
      Energy. In 1972, in October, is founded the European Union of Yoga (UEY) by Claude
      Peltier, Roger Clerc, the Nile Hahoutoff, André Van Lysebeth and Hug which becomes the
      first secretary general. This Union organizes in 1973, under the impulse of Gerard Blitz
      his new secretary general, a first meet European in Zinal, Switzerland: 350 teachers
      coming from fifteen different countries took part in it. The topic was "the Occident vis-a-
      vis the heritage of yoga".

      On the American continent

      In 1982, Rama Vernon in the United States creates Unity In Yoga become Ad hoc National
      Yoga Alliance of the United States. In October 1985, the Latin-American Union of Yoga
      ULY is founded. Yogacharya Dr. Estevez Griego (swami Maitreyananda) friend of Gerard
      Blitz and successor of Swami Asuri Kapila, becomes the first president of Latin-American
      Yoga Union. Mataji Indra Devi is elected honorary president and Yogacharini Silvia Irigoyen
      (Swamini Dayananda My) secretary general.

      In 1988, the successor of Swami Asuri Kapila and Krishna Kisore Dasji: Yogacharya Dr.
      Estevez Griego (swami Maitreyananda) is elected president of International Yoga
      Federation, Krishna Kisore Dasji and Mataji Indra Devi are elected honorary presidents.

      The International Federation of Yoga gathers the whole of associations and federations of
      yoga in the world.


      After 25 years and more than 20 world yoga conferences, many continental organizations
      of yoga are members of the International Federation of Yoga in particular:

      the European Alliance of Yoga,
      the European Federation of Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda,
      the Council European of Yoga
      the World Council of Yoga
      the Asian Union of Yoga,
      the International Yoga Alliance
      the Asian Alliance of Yoga,
      the African Yoga Federation
      the Latin-American Union of Yoga,
      the Latin Americna Yoga Association
      the North-American Federation of Yoga,
      the French-speaking (Francophone) Federation of yoga,
      the Ibero-American Yoga Association,
      and regional, national federations and associations of Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and

      International assocaitionss of yoga, yoga therapy, professionals of yoga, professors of
      Integration with diversity is possible with tolerance, compassion, equanimity, harmony,
      affectionate kindness and goodwill (Swami Maitreyananda)


      In 2006 Swami Dayananda My was elected executive president of the International
      Federation of Yoga 2006 -2010
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