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  • tkray
    NEWS FROM PHOENIX VALLEY POETIC REFLECTIONS DURING THE 2007 HOLIDAY SEASON Christmas Eve Dr. Tushar K. Ray www.centralyoga.org Behold our all-loving silent
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2007
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      Christmas Eve


      Dr. Tushar K. Ray



      Behold our all-loving silent Mother Earth

      At the dawn of this brilliant Xmas Eve

      Awakened in Christ consciousness

      In the playful heart of all young ones

      Bubbling out of their youthful soul

      With a vision of looming Santa Claus

      In spontaneous endless joy!

      From the blissful boundless sky

      Way up high!

      Flowing down ceaselessly across!


      December 24




      Christmas Day


       The legendary Santa lives in all parent’s heart

      Taking care of children since they are born

      And in the image of Santa as epithet of love

      Kids get their pet toys on each Christmas season


       So people breathe love on every Christmas time

      Since the thought of giving saturates the air

      And no matter how closed a heart could have been

      Gets unlocked by love by its miraculous care


       Christmas arrived again with a spirit of giving

      In all valley homes amid adorning trees

      Selected fondly by the parent-kids alike

      To renew their fun during this Year-end game


       Selfless love as essence of man dwells in each heart

      Where parent-child-duet is the traditional mold

      While Jesus in the cross revealed love as his end Reality

      Being a part of this totality we must do our own part


      December 25, 2007





      On New Year Eve

       Hey, what’s so new about the upcoming New Year?

      Only returning of the same seasons over again

      One after another until another New Year

      Thus run the cycles of seasons forever

      Renewing everything in Nature

      Replacing the old patterns with the new ones

      Creating beauty and diversity all at once

      And that is the lesson Nature wants us to learn  


      Nature’s beauty rests in the unity in diversity

      Where diversity is the noticeable key

      Making new life, new twigs and new flowers

      From time immemorial, year after year

      Looking closely similar but hardly ever identical

      Like us, the humanity, everyone is different

      Even though we are outwardly similar

      But that is the key to the beauty in Nature!


      Our aim in this yearend should be to travel within

      To know own true Self in the Years ahead

      While realizing inward those outer natures around

      And find at last our own common ground

      That doesn’t change ever through out our life

      And that is our mystical eternal Self, indeed

      Knowing this man becomes fearless ever since

      So realization of self should be our motto in this eve


      December 29, 2007




      On New Year’s Resolution


       It is pointless to wait for a brand-new year

      To discipline own unruly mind if that’s ones goal

      Since habit mind perpetuates by its own odd nature

      So deferring for another time just defeats a soul  


      A New Year opens up many newer possibilities

      To avail such things one must be mentally ready

      By removing wrong thoughts coming on the way

      Since bad habits act often by limiting own abilities  


      One must be aware of the power of the soul

      That is transcendental and deathless by nature

      Knowing this one becomes fearless in action

      And pursue things steadily until reaching the goal


      So New Year resolution must be to know oneself

      Then all else will be solved along the process

      That involves dedicated yoga to steady own mind

      And clarify it carefully for knowing Spirit Self  


      Permanent happiness can be earned only this way

      Anything short of that would bring transient fun

      So the duty of a human is to know his Spirit Self

      Raising own life above any earthly pleasure and pain


      December 30, 2007






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