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FW: Truth Speaks, by Yoga Siddha Sivavakkiyar: a new Ebook publication from Babaji's Kriya Yoga

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  • Satchidananda
    [X] (New) Truth Speaks , by Yoga Siddha Sivavakkiyar - Ebook Translation and Commentary by Dr. Geetha Anand Ph D. and Dr. T.N. Ganapathy Ph D. “Who am I?
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2013
      (New) "Truth Speaks", by Yoga Siddha Sivavakkiyar - Ebook
      Translation and Commentary by Dr. Geetha Anand Ph D. and Dr. T.N. Ganapathy Ph D.
      “Who am I? Why am I here? How did I get here?” These are some of the questions that have been plaguing mankind since time immemorial.  Various attempts to answer these questions have led to the evolution of the religions and philosophies of the world.  The Tamil Siddhas or mystical saints from South India have answered these questions in the form of poems in vernacular that are popularly called Siddar Pādalgal or Songs of the Siddhas.  These songs are famous for their non-conforming and revolutionary ideas besides their bluntness and forthright directness.  One of the Tamil Siddhas, Sivavakkiyar is a well-known “pious rebel” who composed Truth Speaks (Civavākkiyam), a collection of around 530 verses on topics ranging from kundalini yoga to social issues.  The forceful clarity and absolute sincerity of these songs jolt people out of their intellectual rut and conventional thinking.  These songs criticize mindless worship rituals, ceremonies, pilgrimages and recitation of scriptures besides condemning social injustices such as discrimination based on caste and creed.   They explain the ultimate goal of life and teach us how to achieve it.  They also give practical instructions on kundalini yoga, mantra japa, the cakras and vāsi yoga.  The songs explain the nature of the body, the soul, how a soul adorns the body and how the mantra namacivaya correlates with everything in the manifested universe.  These songs show us that the philosophy of the Tamil Siddhas is a Philosophy of the Spirit which is not confined to any notion or nation, religion or community.  It is for the betterment of the entire human race.
      We now present to you a complete translation of Civavākkiyam along with expert commentary on each of the verses.  We have posted a sampler of select verses from Civavākkiyam to give you a feel for the verses and the topics. To view this sample go to: http://www.babajiskriyayoga.net/english/flexpaper/Civavakkiyar-9781895383850-lib.htm
      Truth Speaks” (Civavakkiyam) includes original Tamil verses, English translation and commentary. It may be ordered from Babaji's Kriya Yoga and Publications. In USA and overseas: USD$10, In Canada: CAD$10.50 (inc gst). Number of color photographs- approximately 150 (total images 198), 350 page Ebook.
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