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The general assembly of IYF is finish

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  • international yoga federation
    The general assembly of IYF is finish. 30 new yoga organizations become member of IYF. The general secretary send the new secretaries of each country, region
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2013

      The general assembly of IYF is finish.
      30 new yoga organizations become member of IYF.
      The general secretary send the new secretaries of each country, region and continent.

      The continentales organizations in assembly with the single exception of Australia met the national and regional yoga associations, and traditional yoga ashrams, foundation, centres and schools.

      European Union of Yoga Associations
      European Yoga Alliance
      European Yoga Association
      Latin American Union of Yoga
      Asia Yoga Teachers Alliance
      Asian Yoga Federation
      International Federation of Yoga Sports
      World Council of Yoga
      International Yoga Registry

      1) Continental and national associations of EUROPE have proposed a world wide training program of 3 years.

      2) The national and continental yoga alliances proposed to have a yoga stantards, and only requires hours and not years

      3) The World Council of yoga, not support training for years with a program, or another with a standars for hours. For them only a true master of yoga with lineage can give the yoga training course. The sampradayas and traditional yoga masters and lineages. Do not believe in the programs for yoga training of any yoga associations or yoga standars for yoga teachers, from yoga alliances.

      The general meeting resolved to approve the three yoga teachers training systems.

      For true traditional yoga masters: the yoga teachers training programs of three years in EUROPE given by Seniors Yoga Teachers, Tainers of Yoga Teachers or Foramateurs are training for teachers of yoga techniques, but not yoga teachers. Because yoga need guru with lineage. Neither approve standadrs system like in United States. Because that just lets you know some yoga techniques. The people who create these standars are simple yoga teachers who are not Traditional Yoga Master or Gurus and no lineage has recognized them.

      The general assembly resolved to suggest to the continental and national associations of yoga, and to continental and national alliances of yoga. To give the teacher certified in yoga techniques, means yoga techniques teacher in .......... and only the sampradayas can give yoga teachers certificate.

      The general assembly resolved to the level of true yogacharya or yogamasters, should be completed yogacharya course in a lineage, no honorary degrees are recognizing.

      The degree of master of yoga education always lower than yogamaster or yogacharya.

      The General Assembly confirmed: historically teh yoga have traditional methods, not styles.
      The methods has different styles. There METHODS have also modality and specializations.

      The INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION only recognizes the degrees, certificate, card and diplomas awarded by the INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION but not for continental, national, regional o sampradaya organizations.

      If a teacher or master of yoga has a certificate or diploma from IYF´s member organization. This certificate is only valid to apply for certificate, card and diplomas awarded by the INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION. If them not apply to IYF don´t have recognition.

      All the yoga teachers and yoga master are in the INTERNATIONAL YOGA REGISTRY http://www.internationalyogaregistry.org/
      If they are not there is not internationally recognized.

      Member organizations to provide the true international certificate and diploma can apply for give together with the teacher training course in each country.

      About the confrontation of Yoga Alliance of USA with European Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance of UK, Asian Yoga Alliance, Canadian Yoga Alliance, World Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Alliance and Indian Yoga Alliance members of IYF, ask to the board for have future meeting.

      Electronic mailing list of the International Secretariat
      Secretary of Communications -International Secretariat

      Hon. Secretary of Communications IYF
      Executive Board of European Union of Yoga Associations
      S. Prema Anandi
      Morgane Le Goff


      French, English, Spanish and Portugues
      IYF International
      Master of Yoga
      Hon. International Secretary of IYF
      Diplomatic Affairs

      Ashok Kumar Aggarwal (India)
      G. Secretary of Asian Yoga Federation
      G.Secretary of Yoga Federation of India
      English, Hindi, Punjabi
      IYF Registered International
      Yoga Teacher

      General Secretary of IYF
      Administrative Matters

      Swamini Asurikapilananda(Uruguay)
      member of Latin America Union of Yoga

      IYF International


      Mailinglist of WORLD YOGA COUNCIL and INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION http://www.worldyogacouncil.net/ http://www.internationalyogafederationl.net/

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