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International yoga federation is the world wide governing body of the global yoga community with more than 350 millons of Followers.

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  • international yoga federation
    International yoga federation is the world wide governing body of the global yoga community with more than 350 millons of Followers. The INTERNATIONAL YOGA
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 13, 2013
      International yoga federation is the world wide governing body of the global yoga community with more than 350 millons of Followers.

      The INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION IYF is the only fully democratic yoga organization in the World, with real representation of delegates, from all nonsectarian continental yoga organizations of EUROPE, AMERICA and ASIA (Asian Yoga Federation, European Union of Yoga Associations, European Yoga Alliance, European Yoga Association, Latin America Union of Yoga, Asian Yoga Teachers Alliance and Yoga Alliance International of Australia and New Zeland and national yoga federation and associations from all over the world. Also regional organisations, foundations, societies, ashrams, schools, centres, inc. etc are member of INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION IYF.

      Most of the member institutions of INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION IYF are not democratic institutions, whose members elected every two, three of four years the new executive board. This is because many yoga institutions are only centers with owners, commercial companies, corporation incorporated, limited company, private limited company, trust, or foundation (also a charitable foundation). 

      Therefore continental and national federations strictly controlled all the DEMOCRATIC members, because they guide the INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION IYF.

      The president, vicepresident, director, general secretary and tresaure must be democratic leadres, come from DEMOCRATIC YOGA ORGANISATIONS with the support of national and continental yoga federations or associations.

      Since the founding of the INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION IYF in 1987, only the democratic organizations have total control of IYF by the general assembly.

      The no lucratif national yoga federations or association in Europe, nonprofit organization (US and UK),[1] or not-for-profit organization (UK and others), often called an NPO or simply a nonprofit, also non-commercial organization (Russia and CIS) have the control of the general assembly.

      The Nonsectarian and democratic continental and national yoga associations movement are the heart of IYF

      Since its foundation, INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION IYF, has maintained a balance, and harmony, between democratic decisions of the national federations of yoga, and and most the yoga centers, schools or any commercial companies with ashrams and foundations. 

      This is because the major yoga lineages, have representation outside the general assembly in the World Council of Yoga. The council was Founded in 1965 in India by Avatar Krishna Kisore Das (Amsavatara or Minor incarnation of Vishnu and Krishna) who was also president of INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION IYF from 1992 to 1996. The World Council of Yoga become member and after one council of IYF in 1987.

      From 1965 to 1996 the council have presidenship of YogAvatar Krishna Kisore Das, naming as his successor: Dharmachari Swami Maitreyananda, who was confirmed by a vote of all lineages in 1999. Every 3 years Maitreyanandaji meet the leaders of the majors lineages. Hho come together to vote the chairman of the council. 

      The president of the INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION IYF representing the democratic continental and national yoga organizations, meet the chariman of World Council of Yoga who have the representation of lineages - sampradayas and the yoga tradition.

      Both have the difficult karma yoga to find the balance and harmony at the global yoga community, between national yoga federations led by simple yoga teachers, centers and commercial companies led by professional yoga teachers, vocational teachers and practitioners, with traditional yoga master and grand yoga masters, traditional ashrams and traditional millenarian sampradayas. 

      THE EXECUTIVE BOARD of INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION IYF elected by general assembly, and teh general asembly of IYF. Always listen and ask for advice of the great or grand yoga masters and lineages represented on the world yoga council.

      The Executive Board function is administrative and executive. The function of general assembly is the legislativea and the function of world yoga council is exclusively educational and pedagogical.

      The function of the General Secretary with the international secretariat is bureaucratic, and the national hon. secretaries are seva and karma yogis who must help the national yoga communities.

      All the full member organizations of INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION IYF have permanent representatives in Uruguay, and occasionally send an official delegates for the general assembly every year in march. General Assemblies are always personal, and all resolutions are voted by majority.

      The General Assembly delegate for one year to the Executive Board the responsibility to implement its resolutions.

      The educational and pedagogical resolutions of World Yoga Council are taken by the direct representatives of each traditional lineages - sampradaya and exclusively by the grand masters of yoga at the council with the direct successors of traditional grand yoga masters.

      Also at the world yoga council are simple representatives of yoga organizations or countries, and honorary life members who can be called for consultation.

      The 3 principal secretaries of IYF are in America, Europe and India.
      They receive thousands of submissions per day by phone call, e-mail, facebook, twiter, skype, sms and messenger. It is therefore important to understand for not send continuously communications about matters or comments that are not important.
      They must answer thousands of communication which takes a long time. For that reason there are meetings.

      Al the communications phone call, e-mail, facebook, twiter, skype, sms and messenger to any secretary, member of executive boar or another bodies of IYF, are recorded and archived for later studied. Also personal conversations with board members. The recordings are always available to the general secretary, the executive board and lawyers of IYF. The bank account is controlled not only by the bank is also controlled with the annual balance by the General Assembly. 

      Democratic systems of an international federation are very difficult to understand and apply, not only for yoga teachers of former communist countries, former fascist military dictatorships, absolutist monarchies, theocratic countries, communist any dictatorships, but also are difficult to understand for the capitalist owner of any yoga business, any owner of simple yoga center or who are at the head of an ashram or foundation.

      For that reason the INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION IYF does not accept any form of authoritarianism, from any person who believes, he is the only represents of any national continental, regional o international federation, confederation, associations or community. 
      All representatives or delegates can not ever talk with their ego, on behalf of all yoga teachers in their organization without consulting them.

      Knowing that the others world, glogal or international yoga organizations, there are NOT truly international, federative and are never democratic. 

      The INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION IYF assumes the representation of the World Wide Yoga Community, with dignity and responsibility. Defending human rights, the tolerance, freedom and democracy. The Integration in diversity to all forms of yoga.

      OM shanti



      Electronic mailing list of the International Secretariat
      Secretary of Communications -International Secretariat

      Hon. Secretary of Communications IYF
      Executive Board of European Union of Yoga Associations
      S. Prema Anandi 
      Morgane Le Goff 


      French, English, Spanish and Portugues
      IYF International 
      Master of Yoga
      Hon. International Secretary of IYF
      Diplomatic Affairs

      Ashok Kumar Aggarwal (India)
      G. Secretary of Asian Yoga Federation
      G.Secretary of Yoga Federation of India
      English, Hindi, Punjabi 
      IYF Registered International
      Yoga Teacher

      General Secretary of IYF
      Administrative Matters 

      Swamini Asurikapilananda(Uruguay)
      member of Latin America Union of Yoga

      IYF International 


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