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Season's Greetings from Rama Jyoti Vernon

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    Dear Ones,   The end of one cycle is the beginning of the next.    On 12/12/12 my pregnant daughter, Andrea and I were in a store where the clerk excitedly
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      Rama 2011Dear Ones,
      The end of one cycle is the beginning of the next. 
      On 12/12/12 my pregnant daughter, Andrea and I were in a store where the clerk excitedly remarked, "Oh, today is such an auspicious date! 12/12/12 only happens once in a hundred years." Then she went into a monologue of December 21st 2012 as the end of the Mayan Calendar and the possible end of the world. Andrea and I later marveled at the contagion of people feeling the advent of change in one way or another. The store clerk gazed at my daughter's well rounded belly and enthusiastically asked, "When is the baby due?" When Andrea casually replied, "either the 20th or 21st of December," the clerk was ecstatic, exclaiming, "It's a sign of hope! A baby expected at the time predicted as the end of the world." With all of these numbers of 12 and 21 floating around, I didn't dare tell her that this child would be my 12th grandchild! 
      The end of the Mayan calendar can mean for some, the end of the world...our own peril. For others it can be seen as a good omen of transcendent evolutionary change. Do we dismiss or heed the prophecies? In just a few hours, our future will be upon us: the end of life, or the dawning of a new civilization in a new world.
      Though not probable, the final collapse of a star with its gamma ray bursts of the light of a million suns could end civilization as we know it. Radioactive particles pouring forth from the center of the Milky Way can threaten humanity by the shut-down of our technological dependence....a testimony of humans giving up their power to machines. It is these machines that now control economics, communications, media and electrical and water systems that could be shut down by particles emitted by our galaxy. I've heard of a Russian scientist who believes that these same particles that can affect functioning of technology can also illumine the human brain, bringing people into a more forgiving, peaceful, loving and compassionate civilization.
      There are those who fear nuclear eruptions and eruptions of underground super volcanoes. Others fear a collision with asteroids from outer space which can be as small as a grain of sand or as large as the state of Texas.
      Manmade or natural disasters...are these apocalyptic prophecies or superstition? Acclaimed theoretical physicist, Steven Hawkings once commented in an interview, "Earth is in more danger of human action than of a natural disaster."
      We hear that climate change caused by humans can escalate into the greatest global catastrophe the world has ever known. Experts now say it is not a debate but a fact. Due to greenhouse gases that trap the sun's heat and do not allow it to escape, our planet's rapidly melting glaciers are raising sea levels, which could ultimately, over millennia, cause major cities to be abandoned.
      War, famine and drought are all in the biblical predictions of Armageddon. However, are these catastrophic events to occur in one day...or are they occurring everyday in different corners of the world? To those in New York, New Jersey and surrounding areas, their lives as they knew it ended with hurricane and storms. Hurricane Katrina ended and forever changed lives. For some, this was the end of the world. Tsunamis in Japan, Thailand, and India have changed people's lives overnight and in turn, changed all of us throughout the world forever.

      The imprints of the recent school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut are an indication that when a butterfly flutters its wings, we feel the affect throughout the world. As one disaster after another hits various parts of the globe through earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tornados, as well as disease and starvation, we are no longer living in an isolated bubble. We are personally impacted through the lives of others, giving us a glimpse of feeling a connection and greater compassion with others than ever before. 
      The beautiful angelic children killed in Newtown have been memorialized by their community and communities far and wide. People throughout the world have expressed their condolences. This unthinkable tragedy can motivate positive action and evolutionary change that will prevent or lessen future incidences of violence.  
      Through Yoga, it is possible to maintain inner peace regardless of conditions around us. Even though some are drawn to Yoga for a better body and health fitness, to find inner peace, the ultimate essence in Yoga is to transcend consciousness of polarities and separation to know the oneness with all living beings. If we can't find this within our own deep inner reflection and meditation, perhaps we can find it by observing what is already happening around us. We don't need Mayan or biblical doomsday prophecies, to allow ourselves to feel the pain and joys of others.

      This holiday season, as every season, is a wonderful reminder to hold all those suffering in our hearts, in our prayers and our meditations as we affirm joy, peace, health and plenty in our lives and in our world. As we hold all Beings in our consciousness, we help usher in the transcendence of light that is already in existence like the sun that somewhere on the earth, casts its light and shines above the clouds.
      "The World is Painful to the Wise," is expressed in the Yoga texts for thousands of years. Yes, change is inevitable. It is a continuous process that seems at times to have no beginning and no end. The practice of asana, prepares us to transcend our fear of change as we transition from one variation to another learning flexibility and grace in the midst of change. Loss of economic security, property, loved ones, a marriage or family, one's health and youthfulness are all the changes we move through in life. As in asana, can we adapt mentally, emotionally and physically to ride the tides of change. We cannot bathe in the same waters twice. We cannot recapture the way it once was. We find this in the practice of asana. When we try to recapture a wonderful experience of the past, we are not being present to what is happening in the moment.
      The universe around us can be found in the universe within us. Heartbreak can be transformed into Heart openings and Breakthroughs. When the Tsunamis and hurricanes of life impact us and our brothers and sisters of humanity, our hearts can open to embrace the "Oneness" with all of creation.
      Today as we view the world around us, the apocalyptic code seems to theoretically converge with ancient prophecies and current events. Perhaps the anticipated winter solstice of December 21st this year is not just a day...but a continual wave of unfolding events for the evolution of humankind. When we feel we cannot change something, it is a marvelous practice to transcend our own fears and explore how we can reach out, and even in our own consciousness, make a difference. Whenever we see people or situations in our life in need, it helps to remember that everyone has a broken heart and, we have a voice...why not sing out! 
      OM (ng)
      Shanti - May we affirm Peace within ourselves in every aspect of our Being.
      Shanti - May we affirm the Peace within every portal of our life, with friends, family, coworkers, colleagues and all who cross the path of our life, especially with those where there has been discord of the past
      Shanti - May we affirm Peace beyond all borders and boundaries of belief, race, religions, ideologies and cultures that have ever separated nations, states and people.
      Peace throughout our world. 
      Love to you all this holiday and every day throughout this season and for all seasons.
      With Love & Light,
      Rama Jyoti Vernon
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