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Re: internationalyogafederation YOGA CONFERENCE of Canada

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  • Nina Priya Ma David
    Hari Om, This is Atmanandi, assistant to Nina Priya Ma David. As the office manager who sees the majority of email, I would like to recommend Ms. NIna Priya Ma
    Message 1 of 2 , May 11, 2010

      Hari Om,

      This is Atmanandi, assistant to Nina Priya Ma David. As the office manager who sees the majority of email, I would like to recommend Ms. NIna Priya Ma David to you for International Yoga Federation conferences. Here are the reasons I am writing this to you...

      Ms. David (aka Sree Priya Ma) taught Yoga for over 25 years. S he has world class training and mentoring with master teachers i.e. gurus from India and in the U.S. even before the time that Yoga has become so popular in the West.  Sri Swami Satchidananda, Swami Ramananda, Shri Paramahansa Mahayogi and Shri Param Eswaran are but a few.  She  has lived and trained in the Living Goddess Tradition at a Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu, South India. 

      Sree Priya Ma  has  been at the forefront of bringing Yoga to Yoga studios, schools, corporations, medical facilities. She has a special place in her heart and life work for  sick, suffering and under-served populations. She makes Yoga possible for For over 16 years she has been part of the Integral Yoga Institute team who trains Yoga teachers for certification She is a Senior teacher at iYI in NYC as well as at Satchidananda Ashram - and she presents at a variety of conferences geared for Yoga, Yoga Therapy and the healing arts. She is among the archives of the former Yoga Spirit (Deborah Rubin, curator). This is a Yogini who continues to be "in the trenches" bringing Yoga to everyone, from advanced level Yogis t those who cannot come to Yoga studios or conferences. She makes Yoga teaching jobs possible for others. She brings unique, extraordinary guest speakers on Vedic topics to this country. She brings Yoga where others do not feel comfortable going. And she has a unique pedagogy that is firmly rooted in the classical Yoga tradition that makes Yoga accessible, practical and incredibly enjoyable and inspiring for those who otherwise would not have the experience.  

      Sree  Priya Ma  lives according to the spiritual teachings to go only where and when  asked.  She does not know that I am writing this to you and she might not necessarily agree that I have taken the liberty to do so. And yet, as a part of this Creative Yoga Therapy studio and mission, I feel compelled to share with you about her since she would only add a very special dimension to your conferences. 

      Please note that Creative Yoga Therapy is involved with many organizations where Yoga is as well as where Yoga is not "therapy". Again, from the years I have spent working with this gifted and dedicated Yoga teacher it would only further grace your conferences if you were to have her as a presenter. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me.

      assistant to Nina Priya Ma David

      On May 10, 2010, at 11:11 PM, international yoga federation wrote:



      http://www.theyogac onference. com/vancouver201 0/index.php


      FOUR DAY CONFERENCE September 30 - October 3, 2010


      * Individual Class Prices range from $46 - $198

      * 36 Internationally Renowed Faculty

      * 130 Workshops, Faculty 2010   

      Lisa Black Avolio

      Lisa was featured as one of the up & coming yoga teachers in the United States in Yoga Journal magazine’s article “21 Under 40: Talented Teachers Shaping the Future of Yoga” (March 2008 issue). Lisa teaches yoga with clarity, confidence, and compassion. Her passion for yoga and enthusiasm for teaching are evident in her energetic, dynamic vinyasa style - linking poses together in powerful, balanced, flowing sequences. She creates a supportive, challenging, and light-hearted class environment where you are encouraged to explore your edge, discover your strength, and awaken your spirit. She empowers you to not only try new challenging postures but to think in a positive, new way. Be prepared to sweat, work hard, and have fun!

      Her primary teacher and mentor has been Baron Baptiste, but she has also been trained and influenced by Shiva Rea, Ana Forrest, and John Friend.

      Seane Corn

      As an inspired communicator, Seane’s classes are an eclectic fusion of various healing and Spiritual modalities making them intuitive, insightful and uplifting. Featured in commercials, magazines and named the “National Yoga Ambassador” for YouthAIDS, Seane utilizes her national platform to bring awareness to the HIV/AIDS crisis through her “Off the Mat, Into the World” campaign”. Her award winning DVD’s “Vinyasa Flow Yoga” are available through Gaiam and her MP3 downloadable classes on Iamplify.com.


      Nischala Devi

      NISCHALA JOY DEVI is a masterful teacher, internationally renowned since 1974. She studied Yoga with masters in US, India, and lived as a monk with Swami Satchidanandaji for 18 years. Her landmark research in adapting Yoga for heart disease and cancer culminated in Yoga of the Heart ® certification course for teachers and health professionals. Author of The Healing Path of Yoga and The Secret Power of Yoga, A Woman’s Guide to the Heart and Spirit of the Yoga Sutras. Nischala’s teachings reflect the compassionate heart perspective in spirituality and scripture.


      Maria Garre

      Maria E Garre, M.Ed, ERYT-500, is a Senior Teacher and Director for Shiva Rea’s Samudra School of Living Yoga offering Prana Flow, an energetic and transformational expression of Vinyasa Flow Yoga.  In addition to assisting and studying with Shiva Rea for over 9 years, Maria leads workshops, teacher training and retreats world-wide.  

      Maria attended the Kripalu School of Ayurveda and has accrued over 800-hours of hands-on training in Ayurveda. In addition, she is a Certified Power Pilates Instructor, has a Masters in Education, and is registered through Yoga Alliance as a 500 E-RYT.

      A Prana Flow teacher with over 15 years of study in Philosophy, Biological Sciences, Tantra, Ayurveda and Yoga, Maria offers a dynamic and liberating Yogic approach that embodies the alchemy of all these teachings. Maria is currently the Yoga Director for Ananda Shala in Frederick, Maryland and has taught at the Bali Spirit Festival , Toronto and Vancouver Yoga Conference and Show.  


      Susi Hately Aldous

      Susi Hately Aldous is the facilitator of the Anatomy and Asana workshop series taught around western Canada and the United States. She is also the author of the globally read Anatomy and Asana ezine, a monthly e-Iesson that explains concepts of anatomy as they relate to yoga asanas. Her background in kinesiology, yoga, and physical rehabilitation provide a functional and common sense approach to her teaching. Her students say that her style is engaging, empowering, and loads of fun.

      Susi lives in Calgary, Alberta, where she owns and operates Functional Synergy, a yoga therapy studio that specializes in designing custom yoga programs for people with injury or illness

      Anodea Judith

      Anodea Judith, Ph.D. has been writing and teaching about the chakras for over 30 years – long enough that she should have the word tattooed to her third eye. She is author of many books on the chakras, including Wheels of Life, and Eastern Body,Western Mind, and producer of the award-winning film, The Illuminated Chakras. She brings the combined skills of yoga teacher, psychotherapist, ritualist, and philosopher to a playful experience of divine Shakti breezing through your inner world. If you want that world rocked, the chakras are the wheels that will take you there.


      Martin Kirk

      Martin Kirk is a Certified Anusara Yoga® Instructor who travels abroad offering excellent and inspiring workshops, Immersions, Anatomy, Therapy and Teacher Trainings. With a Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering, Martin has a special gift for anatomy and therapeutics. He is the author of the highly successful book, Hatha Yoga Illustrated and is co-writing (along with Ellen Saltonstall and Jordan Kirk) Anusara Yoga Manual of Anatomy and Kinesiology. Martin lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife and son


      Devinder Kaur

      Devinder Kaur's journey into sound and music began at age 5 with classical piano lessons with the Royal Conservatory of Music. After graduation from University, Devinder started a business career.

      Her approach to teaching is to use her knowledge, experience, and positive attitude in a safe and fun style to help people reach their individual goals and to empower themselves through Yoga. Devinder's daily Yoga and Meditation practice is in the Kundalini Yoga tradition. She also appears as a regular guest leading Yoga classes on television programs and at Women's Conferences


      Mark Laham

      Mark Laham, innovative yoga instructor and seminar leader, teaches the ancient wisdoms of the East combined with modern principles of the West to individuals from all arenas of life. Through yoga classes, workshops, Teacher Training programs and corporate leadership seminars, he motivates his students to succeed in all aspects of their lives. Mark has the ability to deliver complex subjects in a manner that everyone can comprehend and incorporate into their day to day lives. His ability to share wisdom, practices, experiences and life lessons while at the same time, inspiring and entertaining his audience make him a truly unique speaker and teacher.


      Cyndi Lee

      Cyndi Lee is the founder of OM yoga. A practitioner of both yoga and Tibetan Buddhism, Cyndi regularly writes for Yoga Journal and the Shambhala Sun and is the author of Yoga Body, Buddha Mind; OM yoga A Guide to Daily Practice; OM yoga in a box, and OM yoga and meditation DVD/CD. Cyndi is a student of Gelek Rimpoche. Her dynamic and contemplative classes, workshops and trainings offer a non-competitive, no-baloney, fun and inspiring method for learning and practicing yoga and meditation


      Lou Lynn

      Lou is a RYT and studied with Prana College of Yoga, Vancouver. She also trained with the ‘YogaKids’ Teacher Training Programme, which is an extensive 310 hour children’s specialism and is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor and a prenatal yoga teacher. She went on to become a YogaKids Trainer and runs workshops for parents, teachers, yoga teachers or anyone that wants to get ideas on how to help the kids in their life have fun with moving with their bodies. She also teaches prenatal, mom and baby, family and kids yoga classes all over Vancouver


      Blake Martin

      Blake Martin is a senior teacher with Lotus Palm and a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner. With degrees in Dance and Education, he is also a longtime martial artist and runner. Blake is currently a PhD student in Kinesiology at York University, investigating the role of attention in limb position sense.


      Margot McKinnon

      Margot McKinnon is an internationally recognized and respected leader in Pilates training and instruction. Running two successful studios in Toronto, Margot’ desire is to make Pilates accessible to everyone. She is responsible for training the next generation of Pilates teachers with the highest quality of standards and research. Her studios, Body Harmonics, offers Pilates for general health, wellbeing, post-rehabilitative exercise, and performance enhancements for athletes, dancers and the public at large. They offer over 40 innovative and specialized, state of the art courses to new and experienced students and teachers alike from everything you need to know about Mat training to individual pieces of equipment. Body Harmonics is one of the most celebrated facilities of its kind in Canada and beyond.


      Jill Miller

      Jill Miller is the creator of the Yoga Tune Up® format, she has been featured in Yoga Journal, Self, Marie Claire, Fit Yoga, Women’s Running, Breathe Magazine, and on NPR; the LA Times calls her “kinetically arresting,” and LA Yoga Magazine declares her work “genius.” Jill’s DVD series include the Yoga Tune Up® “At Home” Series, the Pranamaya produced Yoga Link Series and Gaiam’s Yoga for Weight Loss Workout. She is a “Contributing Expert” at Gaiam.com. 

      Jill brings more than 23 years of expertise including the moving arts of Modern Dance, Pilates, Bodywork, Shiatsu, and Butoh. Her teaching playfully integrates the nuts and bolts of human movement coupled with profound yogic philosophy. Jill teaches workshops and retreats internationally as a Yoga Alliance ERYT-200, is a longtime faculty member of the Omega Institute and Kripalu, and has traveled nationally choreographing programs for the Discovery Health Channel.


      Sadie Nardini

      Sadie Nardini is the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and was called a "rising star" by Yoga Journal for her ability to transform any body, using dynamic real-world wisdom, new alignment and creative sequencing. She travels internationally, training teachers and students alike to move and live from deep center. Sadie is the co-founder of The Fierce Club in New York City, creator of bestselling yoga DVDs and author of the Road Trip Guide to the Soul [Wiley].

      Sadie is the weekly "Core Strength" columnist for GaiamLife.com.

      Insiya Rasiwala-Finn

      Insiya Rasiwala-Finn is a yogini, Ayurvedic Educator and a writer who grew up in Bombay, India with the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda informing her life at an early age.

      A certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher currently living between Vancouver and Ucluelet, Canada, Insiya brings her unique East-West perspective to the practice, a passion to seeking out the balancing principles in Yoga and Ayurveda and in life… and a love of communicating yogic ideas, while keeping the lightness, spirit and mystery of yoga deeply alive. She has taught in Japan, Indonesia, China, Mexico and Canada and is inspired by the aliveness of the global yoga community. Insiya also has been an instrumental part of Vancouver’s annual Yogathon + Blissfest for Camp Moomba and continues to connect Yoga with activism and social change.


      Natasha Rizopoulos

      Natasha is a Senior Teacher at Yoga Works, where she has taught since 1997.  She is the featured teacher in Yoga Journal’s “Step-by-Step” Home Practice DVD series, and has appeared in magazines and on television, as well as in the photo essay “Yoga: A Yoga Journal Book.”  She is a contributing editor and columnist for Yoga Journal, and writes the on-line column “Ask the Beginner’s Expert”.  In addition to her classes in Boston, Natasha travels extensively, teaching at conferences and leading workshops and teacher trainings around the world.


      Michael Stone

      Michael Stone is a renowned yoga teacher, psychotherapist and author. He is based in Toronto where he leads Centre of Gravity, a diverse community of Yoga and Buddhist practitioners interested in the integration of committed practice, daily life and social action. In addition to his yoga teaching he trains doctors and therapists internationally in mindfulness meditation and Buddhist psychology. He is the author of "The Inner Tradition of Yoga," and "Yoga For A World Out Of Balance: Teachings on Ethics and Social Action," and a forthcoming collection on Yoga and Buddhism, all published by Shambhala Press. Michael's teaching revolves around integrating the many limbs of yoga including postures, meditation, ethics and psychology so that one's practice integrates the emotional, physical, cultural and relational aspects of contemporary life. He in known for going beyond the physical alignment of yoga and into the workings of mind and habit in order to find true ease in one's body and heart and relationships.


      Brad Waitess

      Brad Waites is a Vancouver-based teacher of asana, therapeutics, philosophy and meditation. A former litigation attorney, he holds a 2000 hour teaching certificate from the Purna School of Yoga, as well as a Professional Level Certification from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. His teaching emphasizes precise alignment of the body, surrender of the mind, and openness of the heart.


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