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Kashmir Shaivism - Guidance for seekers

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  • Virendra Qazi
    Dear all, It is my privilege to share my interaction regarding the mystic philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism. This is wonderful and practical guidance for seekers
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      Dear all,
      It is my privilege to share my interaction regarding the mystic philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism.
      This is wonderful and practical guidance for seekers on spiritual path.
      Lord Shiva is the Doer;
      Lord Shiva is the Enjoyer.
      Our problem is we are travelling in train - but carring the load on our head. We are oblivious that the train is carrying the load.
      Therefore we have movements of pain and pleasure as we identify with it our material / physical personality - totally ignoring the Divine origin.
      Humble regards,
      Kashmir Shaivism is a universal spiritual philosophy based on the supreme unity of the individual self with the God. It accepts all the aspects of life in totality and teaches the path of realization through Divine Grace.

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