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International Yoga Therapy Conference

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  • Antonio Sausys
    Much of what is presented about Yoga in our society represents the fitness-oriented media image of this ancient practice. What is less well known to the
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      Much of what is presented about Yoga in our society represents the fitness-oriented media image of this ancient practice.  What is less well known to the public is the idea of Yoga as a complimentary component of an overall health care regimen.  When practiced with a specific therapeutic intention - Yoga Therapy - it can help prevent and aid in the recovery from a variety of mental and physical ailments.


      From June 5-7, 2009, NYC will be the epicenter for the burgeoning field of yoga therapy, as it hosts “Yoga for Health” – the 4th Annual International Yoga Therapy Conference at Pure Yoga. The conference presents internationally recognized yoga masters and other experts who in the course of three days will guide classes, workshops and lectures specifically intended to address the therapeutic applications of Yoga. The unique event is designed to make their knowledge of "Yoga for Health" accessible to both the general public, healthcare professionals and current yoga therapists & practitioners. Included in this year’s edition are: Rama Jyoti Vernon, Mukunda Stiles, Sonia Sumar, Sherri Baptiste, Nina Priya David, Ellen Saltonstall, Leslie Kaminoff , Deborah Quilter, Alison West, Rita Trieger and Antonio Sausys. 



      The conference promises to be one of the most informative yoga events of the year.  Topics will address issues from minor ailments to chronic illness, ranging from the common cold and back pain to the secondary effects of cancer treatment, as well as depression and many other conditions.  Included in the list of presenters is Rama Jyoti Vernon, co-founder of the Yoga Journal and founder and  president of the International Yoga College,  Mukunda Stiles, Yoga Therapy Center Director & author of Structural Yoga Therapy, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali & Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy and Sherri Baptiste, founder of Baptiste Power of Yoga and the author of ‘Yoga with Weights for Dummies’ Also included are Leslie Kaminoff, Ellen Saltonstall, Deborah Quilter, Nina Priya David, Alison West, Rita Trieger and Antonio Sausys.


      The 2009 International Yoga Therapy conference emphasizes the synchronicity of ancient yoga therapy and revolutionary modern-day science.   Please visit www.yogatherapyconference.com for complete conference details and to register. 


      We look forward to seeing you there!   

      Antonio Sausys
      P.O. Box 64, Fairfax, CA 94960
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