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686Australia Welcome to International Yoga Federation

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  • james
    Jul 5, 2008
      Dear IYF,


      James E. Bryan E.R.Y.T. 500 Program Director and Senior Teacher

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      From: internationalyogafederation@yahoogroups.com

      The International Yoga Federation (IYF) was founded in Montevideo, Uruguay,
      1987. The International Yoga Federation (IYF) was originally founded under
      name "International Professional Yoga Teachers Federation" and the name was
      changed in 2003.

      The main purpose of the International Yoga Federation (IYF) is to serve as
      international "umbrella" organisation concerned with the promotion and
      dissemination of yoga.

      International Yoga Federation is a non-profit tax-exempt organization
      in1987, celebrates the authentic yoga teachings of all traditions, the
      diversity, harmony and integrity of yoga practices throughout the world.
      1987, the emphasis has been on mutual tolerance, respect, friendship,
      sensitivity and support of different approaches to yoga and an equal voice
      every member of the Global Yoga Community. International Yoga Federation is
      largest yoga organization in the world and is open to all yogis and yoga
      organizations.. IYF supports the minimum international standards for yoga
      teachers from 1987.

      In 2006 International Yoga Federation (IYF) change the Statutes and Bye-Laws
      constitution and the internal structure in may 2006.

      The HQ of International Yoga Federation (IYF) are in Montevideo City,
      under the rules of non-profit tax-exempt organization with the Number 10.968
      with the legal status of Educational and Cultural Ministery of Uruguay.

      International Yoga Federation (IYF)
      Scoseria 2739, Pocitos. Montevideo, Uruguay.
      Phone: 005982-7124628

      The President 2006-2010 is: Swamini Dayananda Ma
      http://www.internat <http://www.internationalyogafederation.net/>

      IYF is legally registered Organization in Montevideo.

      The Executive Office is located in the home city of the President (currently
      Montevideo City, Uruguay).

      Structure of International Yoga Federation (IYF)

      A) The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the International Yoga
      Federation (IYF) and consists of all IYF's full members yoga organisations
      right to vote. The General Assembly meets every year at april.

      B) The Executive Board is elected by the General Assembly for a 4 year
      and meets every month. It consists of a President, Vice-president, General
      Secretary, Treasurer and the Executive Director.

      C) The Exeuctive office is under the General Secretary's Committee or
      International Secretariat of IYF with 16 honorary secretary members, 8
      Coordinators, the director of Public Relations, the director and secretary
      Communications and honorary ambassadors.

      D) Advisory Council is the World Council of Yoga of IYF http://www.worldyogacouncil.net

      International Yoga Federation (IYF) admits members in 3 categories which
      the General Assembly:

      1) yoga organisations working in the field of yoga as full member

      2) yoga organisations working in the field of yoga as associate member

      3) registered yoga centres and yoga teachers who working in the field of yoga as
      honorary member.

      ** Only the delagate of the IYF's full members have right to vote in General

      For be full member of IYF the future organization must send the annual fee
      the the Statutes and Bye-Laws or constitution and structure to: nternational
      Yoga Federation (IYF), Scoseria 2739, Pocitos. Montevideo City, Uruguay

      International Yoga Registry

      In November 1987, International Yoga Federation established a International
      Teachers' Registry to recognize and promote yoga teachers with training that
      meets our international minimum training standards. Teachers who meet these
      standards are eligible to register as "IRYT"s (International Registered Yoga
      Teachers). In 2005, in conjunction with enhanced revised standards for
      registration, we began recognizing and registering Master degree for
      with significant teaching experience in addition to training ( International
      Registered for Master Yoga Teachers, or "IRMYT"s).

      International Yoga Federation also maintains the first International
      Registry of
      Yoga Organizations to recognize yoga teacher training programs of at least
      or 500 hours. A yoga organziations whose curriculum satisfies or exceeds our
      international minimum training standards may apply to register as a "IRYO"
      (Registered Yoga Organization). Once a school is registered, all graduates
      of a
      IRYO are automatically eligible to register with us as IRYTs.

      Registered yoga organziations and centres are authorized to use the logo,
      flag of IYF ( after their names, and receive certificates of registration .

      INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION registers both individual yoga teachers and
      teacher training programs (schools, centres, studios, ashrams, societies,
      asssociations, etc.) who have complied with international minimum
      standards established by the IYF.

      > Members of International Yoga Federation
      > International Yoga Organizations
      > European Yoga Alliance
      > Latin American Union of Yoga
      > Asian Union of Yoga
      > Asian Yoga Teachers Alliance
      > North American Council Yoga
      > African Yoga Federation
      > International Federation of Yoga "Yoga Sports"
      > Yoga Alliance International
      > International Association of Yogatherapy, Yoga and Ayurveda
      > Francophone Yoga Federation
      > Iberic American Yoga Association
      > World Council of Yoga
      > National Organizations by Continent
      > Asia
      > Bangladesh
      > Bangladesh Yoga Association
      > China
      > Beijing Yoga Centre and Association
      > Asian Yoga Teachers Alliance
      > Swami Sivananda Research Center in China (Sivanandam)
      > India
      > Central Council for Reasearch of Yoga and Naturopathy
      > Yoga Federation of India
      > Noth Indian Yoga Federation
      > Swami Sivananda Yoga Research Centre
      > Yoga Alliance India
      > School of Santhi of Kerala
      > Yogagradha Centre TAMIL NADU of India
      > Institute of Indian Yoga Therapy
      > Maruthi Yoga Training Centre
      > Prajana Institute of yoga & Allied Sciences
      > Yoga and Meditation Association of India
      > Indian Yoga and Meditation Centre
      > All India Yoga Ressearch Federation
      > Ananda Yoga School "Parahamsa Yogananda" India
      > International Academy of Ayurveda (India)
      > International Centre for Yoga Education and Research of India
      > World Vaishnava Association India
      > States Associations, India
      > Rajasthan State Yoga Association
      > Gurajat State Yoga Association
      > Goa Yoga Association
      > Maharashtra Yoga Association
      > Tamil Nadu State Yoga Association
      > Tamilnadu State Yoga Sport Association
      > Delhi Yoga Association
      > Pondicherry Yogasana Asocciation of India
      > Ashrams
      > Shrimad Prayag Peeth (Shankaracharya of Prayg Peeth)
      > Sri Vishwa Yogashram (International Yoga Academy)
      > Arunachala Shiva Society
      > Yoga Niketan Trust Ashram of Rishikesh
      > Acharya Sushil Muni Ashram
      > Swami Chidanandaji Parmarth.Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh, India
      > Iran
      > Nava Scientific Yoga of Iran
      > Yoga Association of Iran
      > Israel
      > Yoga Information Centre of Israel
      > Yoga Circle of Israel
      > Temple of Love Ishitva
      > Pessi Feig Yoga Centre of Israel
      > Japan
      > Japan Yoga Fitness Association
      > Jordan
      > Yogi Nasser Centre
      > Korea
      > Yoga Centre of Korea
      > Kuwait
      > Hessa Yoga Centre of Kuwait
      > Hong Kong
      > Hong Kong Yoga Association
      > Sri Ma School of Yoga of China
      > Malasya
      > Yoga Centre of Malasya Periama Sivaperumal
      > Nepal
      > Nepal Sapta Yoga Internacional Association (Nepal)
      > Pakistan
      > Yoga Federation of Pakistan
      > Pakistan Yoga Federation
      > Philipines
      > The Yoga Foundation of the Philippines
      > Thailand
      > Fitness Innovations Thailand Limited
      > Agama Yoga
      > Turkey
      > Yogahan- Yoga Centre of Ferhan Yuksel
      > Turkish Kaivala Yoga Ashram Centre
      > Saudi Arabia
      > Saudi Arabia Yoa and Fitness Centre
      > Singapure
      > True Yoga Center
      > Sri Lanka
      > Organization of Yoga and Meditation Associations (OYAMA) Sri Lanka
      > Europe
      > Bulgary
      > Yoga Federation of Bulgary
      > Scorpion Yoga Centre
      > Viara Yoga Centre
      > Croatia
      > Gaia Yoga Association of Croatia
      > Shanga Yoga Centre of Croatia
      > Nava Power Yoga Assoc. of Croatia
      > Czech Republic
      > Czech Yoga Association
      > Yoga Centre of Czech Republic
      > Denmark
      > MEGA Yoga Centre
      > England
      > Sun Power Yoga Centre of England
      > Sohan Jalaiai.Centre of U.K
      > France
      > Institut International de Yoga (France)
      > Ecole Yogakshemam France
      > Dr Auriol Yogatherapy, France
      > Francophone Yoga Federation
      > Traditional Yoga Federation of France
      > Durga Sadhini Centre De France
      > Europe Yoga Centre
      > Centre de Yoga et Vedanta de France
      > Yoga Tantra and Devic Centre Nawajyoti of France
      > Germany
      > International Yoga Integral School of Germany
      > Maitreyananda Yoga School of Germany
      > Ganapati Yoga School
      > Prana Yoga School of Germany Anna Troekes
      > European College of Yoga and Therapy
      > Yoga Samvit.Centre of Germany
      > Gitananda Yoga Society of Germany
      > Gilbraltar
      > Integral Yoga Centre of Gibraltar
      > Greece
      > Yoga Arts Centre Association of Greece
      > Ey Zein Yoga Centre of Greece
      > Holland
      > Raja Yoga Institute of Holland
      > Raja Yoga Fed. of Holland -Vereniging Raja Yoga Nederland
      > Yoga Centre
      > Hungary
      > Ashram of Yoga and Meditation of Budapest
      > Rishikesh-International Cultural and Health Foundation(Hungary-
      European Union)
      > Iceland
      > Yoga Centre of Iceland
      > Ireland
      > Yoga Federation of Ireland
      > Yoga Therapy of Ireland
      > Yoga Therapy and Training Centre of Ireland
      > Italy
      > Italian Yoga Schools Federation
      > Intenational Yoga School Ananta Ashram of Italy
      > SuryaChandra School of Italy
      > Savitri Yoa School of Italy
      > Yoga Association Centro Yoga Sacchi of Italy
      > YogaYoga LalroEmisfero of Italy
      > Associazione Orizzonte di Modena of Italy
      > Ananda Yoga School of Italy
      > Yogasattva Tessearch Institute of Italy
      > International Ayurveda College (Italy)
      > Jewish Community
      > YOGA MOSAIC An association of Jewish yoga teachers
      > Macedonia
      > Yoga Federation of Macedonia
      > Monaco
      > Sunshine Yoga Centre of Monaco
      > Moldava
      > Association Ashtanga Yoga Centre " Shakti Chalana of Moldava
      > Northern Ireland
      > Yoga Fellowship of Northern Ireland
      > Latvia
      > Baltic Yoga Federation
      > Dipika Yoga School
      > Poland
      > Universal Vinyasa Yoga of Poland
      > Portugal
      > Integral Yoga Association of Portugal
      > Buddhist Union of Portugal
      > Portuguese Yogatherapy and Disciplines Associated Association
      > Brahma Kumaris of Portugal
      > Yoga Association of Portugal
      > Yoga Studies Association
      > Yoga Ashram, Sattva Space Portugal
      > Tenchi International.Embassy
      > Ayur Centre of Portugal
      > Hindu Community of Portugal
      > Leira Yoga Association
      > Satchidananda Ashram de Portugal
      > Iskon Portugal Sociedade Internacional de la Consciencia de Krishna
      > Federacao Lusa de Yoga (Portuguese Federation of Yoga)
      > Associacao Lusa de Yoga
      > Romania
      > Yoga Federation of Romania
      > Yoga Club of Romania
      > Mandala Toga Centre
      > Kamala Yoga Centre
      > Russia
      > Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Moscow Russia
      > Ashtanga Yoga Centre of St Petesburg Russia
      > Neo Yoga Association of Russia
      > Spain
      > Yoga Association of SpainVasudeva
      > Escuela de Yoga Alba -Alicante
      > Centro de Yoga Dinamico Mandiram
      > Centro de Yoga Integral Ganesha
      > Yoga Vedanta Association of Valencia Spain
      > Hindu Temple of Valencia
      > Asociacion Yoga Para la Paz
      > International Classical Yoga Federation
      > Tantra Yoga School of Spain
      > National Yoga Shool of Spain
      > Yoga Ashram Catalonia
      > Maitri School of Yoga of Spain
      > Las Palmas Yoga Centre of Canarias Islands
      > Scotland
      > Union Yoga of Scotland
      > Serbia
      > Yoga Center of Serbia
      > Slovenia
      > SuryaSakti Yoga Center.of Slovenia
      > Sweden
      > Yoga for All of Sweden
      > Switzerland
      > IAVEL Integral Yoga Centre of Zurich-European Yoga Alliance
      > Sapta Yoga Association of Switzerland
      > Turkey
      > Yogahan- Yoga Centre of Ferhan Yuksel
      > Turkish Kaivala Yoga Ashram Centre
      > United Kingdom
      > Yoga Alliance U.K.
      > British Yoga Teachers Association
      > Ukraine
      > Vasudeva Yoga Association of Ukraine
      > Ashtanga Yoga Club of Ukraine
      > Wales
      > Wales Yoga Centre
      > America
      > Argentina
      > Yoga Federation of Argentina
      > Yoga Confederation of Argentina
      > International Yoga Integral School
      > Aurobindo Sivananda Ashram
      > Barbados
      > Yoga Centre
      > Brazil
      > National Yoga Confederation of Brazil
      > Associação Cearense de Estudos e Pesquisas de Yoga
      > Federação Cearense de Profissionais de Yoga
      > Instituto de Yoga Neusa Verissimo Ceara, Brazil
      > Instituto de Cultura Yoga Shimada
      > Associacao de Yoga de Rondonia
      > Yoga, Ayurveda and Reiki Association of Brazil
      > Patanjali Yoga Centre of Brazil
      > Sarva Swamis Brotherhoodof Brazil
      > Instituto Sarva Dharma de Brasilia
      > Associacao Brasileira de Ayurveda
      > Suddha Dharma Mandalam -SP
      > Sarva Mangalamn Ashram Brazil
      > Naradeva Chala Centre of Brazil
      > Yoga Terapia Hormonal Centre
      > Association Monastica Yoguini of Brazil
      > Instituto Indiano de Yoga "Vivekananda"
      > CECRAM Instituto de Yoga de Fortaleza
      > Centro de Yoga Santa do Livramento
      > Centro de Yoga de Marlene Franco (Bahia-Salvador)
      > Associacao de Profesores de Yoga de Espirito Santo
      > Bolivia
      > Centro de Yoga de Bolivia
      > Canada
      > Canadian Yoga Alliance
      > Francophone Yoga Federation of Canada
      > Namaste Yoga British Coumbia
      > Prana Yoga College of Canada
      > Kunda Yoga College of Canada
      > Suddha Dharma Mandalam of Canada
      > Yoga Satyam School of Quebec
      > Institut of Integral Yoga of Quebec
      > Yoga Centre of Quebec
      > Chile
      > Classical Yoga School of Chile
      > Permanent Integral Yoga Assembly for Chile
      > Centro de Yoga y Reflexoterapia Chile
      > Yoga Andino School of Chile
      > Yoga Academy of Chile
      > Colombia
      > Yoga School of Colombia
      > Costa Rica
      > Yoga Society of Costa Rica
      > Cuba
      > Yoga Association of Cuba
      > Jamaica
      > Negril Yoga Centre of Jamaica
      > Mexico
      > Yoga Alliance of Mexico
      > Dharma Yoga Association of Mexico
      > Purnoham Yoga Centre Mexico
      > Patanjali Yoga Centre
      > Panama
      > Panama Yoga School
      > Paraguay
      > Yoga School of Paraguay
      > Peru
      > Yoga School of Peru
      > Latin America Yoga Association Deva Om
      > Trinidad & Tobago
      > Bliss Yoga Centre of Trinidad Tobago
      > United States
      > International Yoga College of USA
      > American Yoga Foundation of USA
      > Institute of Holistic Yoga, of USA
      > International Yogatherapy Conferences
      > International Gurukulam.Yogabhavan of USA
      > Yogsadhna Centre of U.S.A.
      > Traditional Yoga Academy of U.S
      > Central Yoga Association
      > Florida Vedic College of USA
      > Art of Zen Yoga Centre
      > Sat Yoga Centres of San Francisco
      > Uruguay
      > Yoga Association of Uruguay
      > Venezuela
      > Yoga Center of Venezuela
      > Africa
      > Egypt
      > Yoga Arts School of Egypt
      > Kenia
      > Yoga In Kenia
      > Marroc
      > Yoga Associacion of Marroc
      > Mauritius
      > Traditional and Scientific Yoga Federation of La Reunion and
      > Yoga Instructors Association of Mauritius
      > Namibia
      > Maya Yoga Association of Namibia
      > Tunis
      > Yoga Tunisia Centre
      > Senegal
      > International Yoga Institute of Senegal
      > South Africa
      > Yoga Teachers Fellowship of South Africa
      > Yoga & Nia Studio Van Wyk
      > Ananda Sanga Educational Institute
      > Divine Life of South Africa
      > Sivaya Yoga Studio of South Africa
      > Oceania
      > Yoga Teachers Association of Australia
      > Integral Yoga Academy of Australasia (New Zeland)
      > Gitananda Yoga Association of Australia
      > Shiva Ashram of Australia
      > Rishi Yoga Centre of Sydney, Australia


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