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    Jun 8, 2008

      YogaNet the International Yoga Directory

      Contact: fiy@...

      International Yoga Federation
      Founded 1987

      Providing support, standards and international recognition for the Yoga Professional. Yoga Masters "Yogacharyas", Formateurs, Yoga Teachers and Yogatherapists

      Futures International Yoga Day -
      Patanjali Jayanti

      October 26, 2008 , October 15, 2009, November 3, 2010  , October 24, 2011, November 11, 2012, November 1, 2013 , October 21. 2014, November 9, 2015 , October 28, 2016, October 17, 2017, November 5, 2018
      International Day of Yoga
      World Wide Yoga Day

      International Yoga Federation
      Goverment of Body of
      World-wide Yoga Community with
      400.000.000 of followers at the World

      the Flag of International Yoga Federation

      Swami Buaji (India)
      Patron of International Yoga Federation

      Swami Gurupriyananda (Italy)
      (Dr. Pietro Bonvini)
      International Ambassador of World Yoga Parliament and World Yoga Council of International Yoga Federation (World Yoga Community)

      Swami Shivadevananda (Mexico)
      Director of Yoga News and Communications of IYF
      World Yoga Council of IYF Headquarters (HQ):
      New Delhi, India
      World Yoga Parliament of IYF Headquarters (HQ): Madrid, Spain, Europe

      New HQ. at Scoseria 2739, Pocitos Beach, Montevideo City, Uruguay.

      Official name: International Yoga Federation - Federacion Internacional de Yoga
      non-profit tax-exempt organization Number 10.968. MEC, Uruguay.
      HQ. Scoseria 2739, Pocitos. Montevideo, Uruguay.
      Phone: 005982-7124628
      President 2006-2010: Swamini Dayananda Ma
      International Yoga Federation is a non-profit tax-exempt organization founded in1987, celebrates the authentic yoga teachings of all traditions, the diversity, harmony and integrity of yoga practices throughout the world. From 1987, the emphasis has been on mutual tolerance, respect, friendship, sensitivity and support of different approaches to yoga and an equal voice for every member of the Global Yoga Community. International Yoga Federation is the largest yoga organization in the world and is open to all yogis and yoga organizations.. IYF supports the minimum international standards for yoga teachers from 1987.
      Our mission is to lead the global yoga community (world-wdie yoga community), set standards, foster integrity, provide resources, and uphold the teachings of yoga
      International Yoga Registry
      In November 1987, International Yoga Federation established a International Yoga Teachers' Registry to recognize and promote yoga teachers with training that meets our international minimum training standards. Teachers who meet these standards are eligible to register as "IRYT"s (International Registered Yoga Teachers). In 2005, in conjunction with enhanced revised standards for registration, we began recognizing and registering Master degree for teachers with significant teaching experience in addition to training ( International Registered for Master Yoga Teachers, or "IRMYT"s).
      International Yoga Federation also maintains the first International Registry of Yoga Organizations to recognize yoga teacher training programs of at least 200 or 500 hours. A yoga organziations whose curriculum satisfies or exceeds our international minimum training standards may apply to register as a "IRYO" (Registered Yoga Organization). Once a school is registered, all graduates of a IRYO are automatically eligible to register with us as IRYTs.
      Registered yoga organziations and centres are authorized to use the logo, the flag of IYF ( after their names, and receive certificates of registration .
      INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION registers both individual yoga teachers and yoga teacher training programs (schools, centres, studios, ashrams, societies, asssociations, etc.) who have complied with international minimum educational standards established by the IYF.
      International Yoga Teachers Training Course
      15 day, 100 hour Sepecialization-Level Yoga Teachers Training Course in S. America: US$500/= or 350 Euro (excluding accomodation and food)
      30 day, 200 hour Instructor Level Yoga Teachers Training Course in S. America: US$800/= or 550 Euro
      (excluding accomodation and food)
      60 day, 500 hour Master-level Yoga Teachers Training Course in S. America: US$1200/= or 850 Euro (excluding accomodation and food)
      One year -1 year - Master degree in Yoga for Yoga Teachers for only US$ 90 for 12 months (one year) and one retreat or US$1200 (excluding accomodation and food)
      All participants who complete the course will be eligible for Diploma and Certicates from International Yoga Federation

      International Yoga Federation's Flag

      International Yoga Registry
      for Individual Yoga Teachers, Studios, Centres and Schools !!!!
      Swamini Dayananda Ma
      President of International Yoga Federation
      Guruma Swamini Dayananda is the world-wide President of International Yoga Federation (2006-2010).
      She study yoga in Sivananda Ashram and Swami Asuri Kapila Yoga School.
      Mataji is the director of Purna Yoga IntegralĀ® Ashram (Ramana Ashram) founded in 1934 by Swami Asuri Kapila. She was founder member of International Yoga Federation in 1987. Mataji was directly disciple of Swami Maitreyananda (Swami Asuri Kapila Lineage) and Swami Vishnudevananda (Sivananda Lineage).

      Yogacharya Carlos Miguel Perez (Spain)
      president of World Yoga Council and World Yoga Parliament
      of International Yoga Federation
      Yogacharya Carlos Miguel Perez (Spain-Europe) is the president of World Yoga Council and president of World Yoga Parliament of International Yoga Federation, he is president of European Yoga Alliance and Iberoamerican Yoga Associatin. Director of Vasudeva Yoga Association of Spain and vicepresident of Spanish Yoga Federation. Carlos is from Sivananda Lineage (Divine Life, Sivananda Ashram, India)

      Yogshiromani Dr. Gopal Ji (India)
      Excutive Director of World Yoga Council
      of International Yoga Federation
      Yogshiromani Dr. Gopal Ji (India) is the Executive Director of World Yoga Council of International Yoga Federation. He is the President of Asian Union of Yoga, advisory baord of International Yoga Alliance and Hony. Director of Sadhana Niketan Yogashram. Dr. Gopal Ji is a renowned Yoga exponent who started practicing Yoga at a tender age of 4 years. Being the son of a great renowned yogi of India, he has practiced Yoga in Traditional manner under the guidance of his great father late Yogi Raj Dhyan Dhar. Dr.Gopalji was the former president of International Federation of Yoga Sports 2000 -2007 and former president of Yoga Confederation of India. He has been given honour of Yog Ā­ Shiromani by his Excellency the President of India in 1986 during firts World Wide Yoga Conference at New Delhi.

      Dharmacharini Swamini Taraji (Portugal)
      (Beatriz Portugues)
      Director of International Relations of International Yoga Federation
      (president of Integral Yoga Association of Portugal)

      Swamini Gauri

      Tresaure - Administrator of International Yoga Federation 2006-2010
      President of International Association of Yogatherapy, Ayurveda and Yoga
      President of Latin America Union of Yoga

      International Yoga Federation Headquarters (HQ): Scoseria 2739, Pocitos - Montevideo, Uruguay

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