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2644Sunday 23rd of February, from 11AM-1PM will be our next WORLD YOGA DAY

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  • international yoga federation
    Nov 21, 2013
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      To all the wonderful Yogis out there!
      Sunday 23rd of February, from 11AM-1PM will be our next WORLD YOGA DAY.
      We are excited to get together again!!  We also want to thank you for your great effort and achievement this year.
      457 yoga schools from 52 countries raised 35.850 Euro/52.6530 $. ABSOLUTE RECORD!
      This is unbelievable and means a lot to many people in need. FIAN send a thank you letter around which you´ll find attached.
      In 2014 we will dedicate our efforts to OXFAM to help refugees from Syria.

      Oxfam is aiming to reach up to 650,000 refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and inside Syria. Oxfam helps to afford safe housing, food and basic goods. The organization is improving the water, sanitation and hygiene conditions in various locations to ensure people who are living in refugee camps or temporary settlements have access to safe water and sanitation facilities. You will find more infos on our website.

      You may have noticed that news on Syrian people have almost vanished - but the disaster continues and Syrians need our help.
      So please spread the word and JOIN US today on www.world-yoga-day.net to be part of our wonderful event.
      Looking forward to hear from you,

      WYD Team
      Samira Radsi 
      Brückenstr. 4
      10179 Berlin