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2332RE: internationalyogafederation Fw: خبرنامه سایت کیمی اگران - Performing yoga Asanas i n the National event of Family J ogging in 2011 ,Guilan, Iran [1 Attachment]

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  • Tracey
    Feb 6, 2012
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      What is involved in attending the festival?


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      Subject: Re: internationalyogafederation Fw: خبرنامه سایت کیمیاگران - Performing yoga Asanas in the National event of Family Jogging in 2011 ,Guilan, Iran [1 Attachment]



      [Attachment(s) from Angela Pashayan included below]

      We are hosting the First Annual Yoga Festival in Dubai - Dec. 2012. We are taking information for potential Teachers all around the world and Performers - limited positions available. Information attached.


      Angela R. Pashayan

      Dubai YF Letterhead.jpg

      On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 3:23 AM, semiramiss dehnadi <msemiramiss@...> wrote:





       Semiramis Dehnadi Moghdam

      Hon. Secretary of International Yoga Federation

      Vice-president of International Yoga Foundation

      Iran  Yoga National Team Head Coach

      Head of Yoga sport Committee of Iran Yoga Association

      Research & Education head of Guilan Sport For All Board , Iran

      Founder & Manageger of Kimiagaran Body & Mind Health Institute ,Iran 





      Performing yoga Asanas in the National event of Family Jogging in 2011 ,Guilan, Iran

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      آخرین اخبار

      Last News

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      Error! Filename not specified. Guilan’s yoga team won the first position in Tehran’s competitions for choosing Iran Yoga national team members 2011
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      Error! Filename not specified. Amir Majd Ara, the president of Sport For All Federation in Guilan
      Error! Filename not specified. The First provincial girls’ yoga competitions in Guilan ,2011
      Error! Filename not specified. Honoring the Yoga Champions by Governer of Guilan province
      Error! Filename not specified. Rasht Mayor & Guilan Governer honored Guilan Yoga Champions

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      This event was held on November 18th in Melat Park in Rasht. Dr. Majdara, the president of Iran sport for all Federation, Guilan governor and some other officials were there too. Guilan young boys performed yoga in this event which was lively broadcasting on channel 3 IRIB.

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      Dr. Ali Majdara stated that this event showed that people care more about sport and that no reason such as bad weather or no rewards can’t stop them doing it. He also mentioned that fortunately the city of Rasht has the three factors of health which are : healthy food, continuous and scheduled physical exercising and clean air

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      Despite the cold and rainy weather, Amirhossein Nadimi, Hamed Khavari, Mersad Ahadpoor and Ali Valipoor, four members of Kimiagaran Body and health Institute, performed 80 yoga asanas in less than 5 minutes. Ms Semiramiss Dehnadi Moghadam coached the team.


      Angela R. Pashayan
      Yoga of Devotion & TFW Children's Fund - 501(c)(3)
      Non-profit - Serving the Human Spirit
      One Embarcadero Center, Suite #500
      San Francisco, CA 94111  /  415.623.2088 office
      www.yogaofdevotion.org - site



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